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I gained 3 pounds over the weekend.  I hate good pizza, I ate a half a pizza on Halloween (two slices before trick or treating and two slices when we got home from our friends house) and then drank several calorie dense craft beers and finished it off with helpings of candy and popcorn.  Will need to spend a little extra time at the gym and in the lap pool tonight.  Ha-ha.  


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That's a calorie intake of an athlete in training, and "burn" of a couch potato.   Reverse the graph and you will get there.


Thanksgiving & Christmas are coming.   ;-)

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Just now, rkim291968 said:

That's a calorie intake of an athlete in training, and "burn" of a couch potato.   Reverse the graph and you will get there.

"The University of Missouri estimates that male athletes generally need more than 22.7 calories per pound of body weight each day, or more than 3,800 calories per day for a 170-pound man."

Lets say in between ;) 

Yep I plan on reducing it back to where I want it. It was only 4 days, so not a killer. 

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Mmmmm.... turkey...

Actually, it's not the turkey that is bad. It's the stuffing, potatoes, the casserole part of green bean casserole, pumpkin pie, etc.

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    • I've been Playing Golf for: about 5 years
      My current handicap index or average score is: handicap 15, trending downwards lately
      My typical ball flight is: straight and very high
      The shot I hate or the "miss" I'm trying to reduce/eliminate is: This has been changing somewhat, typically it's a hook, but lately misses have rather been slices or even the occasional open face hit  Additional background: I've only taken very few lessons (including some on evolvr a few years ago around key 1), but try to figure out how to work on my swing based on what I read online (mainly here). I've been progressing quite steadily on my own, but last year over the entire season I only managed to drop my handicap by ~2 points. This year, I aim to do better and want to work on improving my swing. From looking at my own swing on video, there are two things that strike me: 1) Overswinging: my left arm breaks down at the top of the backswing, even when I try to 'feel' a shorter backswing
      2) Early release: I release the golfclub way to early on the downswing. I still get a decent contact, and am not lacking for distance (7 iron goes 145-150 meter) but my ballflight is way too high and unplayable in windy circumstances Despite trying to work on these, I just can't seem to get these right. Maybe I need to practice more/better, or maybe I'm doing things in my swing to which the natural reaction is the errors I see. Especially for the early release, I can keep the lag in practice swings, but as soon as there is a ball I go back to the early release. Would love to get some insight from everyone on here on what to work on (and ideally how). In the below videos, I've included a practice swing and a real one right after that. Thanks in advance everyone for your help! Videos:     
    • We have a nesting pair of Red-Tailed hawks at my course. They have a big nest to the right of the 15th fairway. When they have eggs or chicks you don't want to slice it under their tree because they will fly down and thump you on the head. It's never happened to me but one of them knocked my dad's straw hat off before. Scared the living shit out of him!
    • Changing is not really Tortorella's forte. Still can't believe the Blackhawks traded him for Saad and a backup goalie.
    • It goes to who do you give the benefit of the doubt to?

      Tiger, or Stevie? And why?
    • Here's a 7i DTL from Saturday before last: I thought it looked like my lead wrist was breaking down a little at the top, so I tried to strengthen my grip a bit.  This is from this most recent Saturday: Wrist set looked a little late in the more recent video, but I was focusing more on adjusting to the stronger grip. Sorry for the higher angle in the top video, my cameraman needs coaching, too!   Kyle
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