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I gained 3 pounds over the weekend.  I hate good pizza, I ate a half a pizza on Halloween (two slices before trick or treating and two slices when we got home from our friends house) and then drank several calorie dense craft beers and finished it off with helpings of candy and popcorn.  Will need to spend a little extra time at the gym and in the lap pool tonight.  Ha-ha.  


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That's a calorie intake of an athlete in training, and "burn" of a couch potato.   Reverse the graph and you will get there.


Thanksgiving & Christmas are coming.   ;-)

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Just now, rkim291968 said:

That's a calorie intake of an athlete in training, and "burn" of a couch potato.   Reverse the graph and you will get there.

"The University of Missouri estimates that male athletes generally need more than 22.7 calories per pound of body weight each day, or more than 3,800 calories per day for a 170-pound man."

Lets say in between ;) 

Yep I plan on reducing it back to where I want it. It was only 4 days, so not a killer. 

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Mmmmm.... turkey...

Actually, it's not the turkey that is bad. It's the stuffing, potatoes, the casserole part of green bean casserole, pumpkin pie, etc.

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    • Appreciate it. And yeah, I broke par, I been playing about 4 times a week this summer,y handicap has dropped from a 17 to an 11 this summer. I won't take all ur time telling u the whole story but I've played since I was 9, in high school was en route, and being scouted by OU for a golf scholarship. Got into it with the coach so.he sidelined me and kept me out of the top tournaments so I got mad and quit the Team. Dumb teenager. After that I moved and quit playing for bout 6 years, got into a wreck that nearly killed me, well did.kill me. Ended up in a coma. Got out of it, rehabbed it, ended up with severe PTSD and anxiety problems. Enter: my beloved sport. Got back into it. On the course is the only time I feel okay, not freaking out. No anxiety. Just clear headed. So I play as much as possible now. I'm working my Handicap back down to single digits. I.understand if u dont believe I broke par cuz I'm.an 11. You dont have to. I was there. I know I did. But thank you for the achievement medals. Sincerely
    • All set. Good luck with the clubs, both conforming and non-conforming!
    • Okay, I gave you those (and removed the 80 one). An 11 index broke par, eh?
    • Trust me, it happens and not due to abuse. I broke a brand new macGregor 3 iron on the very first swing at the driving range after pops bought me the clubs. On my downswing, the head flew off as soon as the ball was hit.The ball bounded about ten feet to the right, the head about 10 yards to the left. The driver I posted above was about 15 years old and never abused. It was my all time favorite club so it was well cared for and I am too cheap to bust clubs out of childish fits of rage. The club also hadn't been used in a decade, then maybe 20 strikes this summer, just as the OP said, head dangling off strands of graphite. The guy who is repairing it has had a hell of a time extracting the shaft from the hosel, too.
    • Just want to get the word out on a relatively new golf ball company, that seemingly makes a great product.  Similar to my Cut Golf topic. Sphera Golf is a new company (debuted in March I believe) that currently offers two different types of golf balls.  The Pro Threes, and the Pro Fours.  The Pro Threes are a 3 piece urethane cover ball that appears to be trying to play the role of ProV1 in their line up.  Their ProV1 X is the Pro Fours, it is a 4 piece urethane cover ball.  I've been playing the Pro Fours off and on this week and for me they seem to perform every bit as well as any other 4 piece urethane cover golf ball. Prices for the Pro Fours start off at $24.99 a dozen while the Fours go for $30 a dozen.  I hope to update this thread with further impressions as I have more time with the ball, but early returns is that it is good ball for the price.
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