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Update: Running In The Rain



It has been a really hectic last few weeks. I've been getting steady work, and haven't had much time to do anything. Most days I'm up by eight and don't go t bed till two. I missed one full week of the gym because I had work-related issues, and as I was preparing to go back this past week, I injured my knee. There's no damage, but it's been sore and a little finicky, so I haven't pushed it. 

Here's a tip: when it's raining outside, and you are barefooted, don't run back into the garage to get out of the rain, because you will slip and your leg will get caught behind you and also you will fall flat on your ass and it will hurt a lot. Learn from me, friends. Learn from me. 

Today I decided to try and play golf, to see how it felt, and it feels fine. It's a little sore right now, but it help up well. I also scored well, marking down a +6 41 that included an incredible quadruple bogey on the second hole. The driver did not come out of my bag for the rest of the round, and I was much better for it.

The driver has been a mess lately. Whatever I was doing to hit up on it in Phoenix has totally disappeared. I'm trying too hard now, and I can't even make contact with the damn thing anymore. Every other club has been really good, except the driver. If it would stop raining here, I would get out on the range and get some practice in but where I live in Georgia has been essentially underwater for two weeks. 

Tomorrow I have to cover a high school football game at 730 pm, so weather depending I'll try and get some practice in tomorrow morning and afternoon. 


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LOL!  Nice.  Sounds like something I would do.  Take more time than you think you need for a knee, go easy on it for a while so it can properly heal (sure you know this already).

Have you talked nice to your driver lately?  Told it how great it is and how you just couldn't do without it?  Polished it and gave it a nice rub down and bought it a fancy new hat?  Maybe it just feels neglected and needs some TLC.

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I agree with @Gator Hazard give your knee time to heal.  I was a bit reckless with my knees (football, racquetball, long distance running) and ended up tearing both the medial and lateral menisci which made running long distances difficult and painful.  I haven't opted for surgery yet but it's unavoidable if I want to ever run marathons again. 

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I recommend that you try to find a Flightscope/Trackman to see where you are with hitting up. I found that in the beginning I needed to keep a very close eye on it in the beginning because I would slip back into bad habits.

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    • Last year I made an excel that can easily measure with my own SG data the average score for each club of the tee. Even the difference in score if you aim more left or right with the same club. I like it because it can be tweaked to account for different kind of rough, trees, hazards, greens etc.     As an example, On Par 5's that you have fescue on both sides were you can count them as a water hazard (penalty or punch out sideways), unless 3 wood or hybrid lands in a wider area between the fescue you should always hit driver. With a shorter club you are going to hit a couple less balls in the fescue than driver but you are not going to offset the fact that 100% of the shots are going to be played 30 or more yards longer. Here is a 560 par 5. Driver distance 280 yards total, 3 wood 250, hybrid 220. Distance between fescue is 30 yards (pretty tight). Dispersion for Driver is 62 yards. 56 for 3 wood and 49 for hybrid. Aiming of course at the middle of the fairway (20 yards wide) with driver you are going to hit 34% of balls on the fescue (17% left/17% right). 48% to the fairway and the rest to the rough.  The average score is going to be around 5.14. Looking at the result with 3 wood and hybrid you are going to hit less balls in the fescue but because of having longer 2nd shots you are going to score slightly worst. 5.17 and 5.25 respectively.    Things changes when the fescue is taller and you are probably going to loose the ball so changing the penalty of hitting there playing a 3 wood or hybrid gives a better score in the hole.  Off course 30 yards between penalty hazards is way to small. You normally have 60 or more, in that cases the score is going to be more close to 5 and been the Driver the weapon of choice.  The point is to see that no matter how tight the hole is, depending on the hole sometimes Driver is the play and sometimes 6 irons is the play. Is easy to see that on easy holes, but holes like this:  you need to crunch the numbers to find the best strategy.     
    • Very much so. I think the intimidation factor that a lot of people feel playing against someone who's actually very good is significant. I know that Winged Foot pride themselves on the strength of the club. I think they have something like 40-50 players who are plus something. Club championships there are pretty competitive. Can't imagine Oakmont isn't similar. The more I think about this, the more likely it seems that this club is legit. Winning also breeds confidence and I'm sure the other clubs when they play this one are expecting to lose - that can easily become a self-fulfilling prophecy.
    • Ah ok I misunderstood. But you did bring to light an oversight on my part.
    • I was agreeing with you/jumping off from there.
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