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Hugh Jars

Course Management Strategies to Break 90

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2 hours ago, Cantankerish said:

I appreciate this perspective.  I do not debate any of the empiricism that underpins these dictates, and to be sure I spend most of my practice time working out my full swings. I just do not see why one can't do both.  It's not like I can be swinging a club while on this forum.

I think you'll understand a bit more of where many of us are coming from when you read the third section of LSW. I'm not trying to stump for it, or anything like that. You've already got your copy. I think, though, you'll see what we mean by "it's a solved problem" and so on. Truly.

That doesn't mean that it's 100% solved all the time for everyone, and it doesn't mean that if you choose to hit a 3W and go for it that you wouldn't, in that ONE specific case, have been better laying up. But again, I think you'll see what we mean by "solved problem."

You can also just skip ahead and read that section. 🙂

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23 hours ago, ncates00 said:

If funds/space/etc aren't an issue, I'd seriously look at getting a launch monitor of some kind.  You don't want to have to rebuild every year; it's better to stay with it to SOME degree year round.  Check out the mevo and some of the lower end ones. 

In my opinion, if you can accurately measure ball speed, launch angle, start line, draw/fade, and back spin, that's all you need.  You don't even necessarily need a LM to tell you the carry necessarily since it is calculated and not measured (unless you get a radar LM).  Carry only comes into play for gapping, but for practice, the above metrics are musts.

Well, I don't have a garage or space to practice indoors that's not at a facility so I don't think that getting a MEVO would be a wise investment. I figure I can do mirror practice over the winter. 

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On 9/3/2019 at 10:28 PM, Hugh Jars said:

I strongly disagree with you. Rather be 180m straight down the fairway than 240m in the bushes.

Do you mean every 240 goes into the bushes? 240 will be in the fairway often enough to more than make up for the ones that go into the bushes. And a 60m gap, even from the bushes, is still a huge advantage.

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