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Water in Driver Head

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14 hours ago, dumbgolfer said:

Hi all, I stupidly submerged my driver head when cleaning it and now there is water stuck inside sloshing around. Any suggestions on how to get this out??


Most drivers now have a weight or other type of screw in the head. If your has this, you can either get the tool to remove the weight or bring it to a shop and they will do it.

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Hopefully you can do what @boogielicious suggested.

If no weight/screw ports are availablele and water is sloshing around inside the head, then abviously there's  an open pathway for it have got in there in the first place. A weak connection point maybe?

I'm thinking lean it head up against a wall, next to heater vent, or use a hair dryer on low to help it evaporate out. This might be a quicker, free fix. Just dont over heat the head, which could cause the epixy connection to fail. 

Then again since the head is not sealed, take it to a pro shop for a repair, and have them check for a cracked head casing. If no cracks are found, remove the head, drain the water, and reseal/install the head back on the shaft. 

I got water in one of my drivers once. The water enterd through a small area where the shaft and hosel were glued. A bad glue job was the problem. Eventually, that area void of any glue could of caused the head to loosen up, and come off. 

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