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Best irons for a senior with a slow swing speed?

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When Golf Galaxy opens back up, if it hasn't already to walk in customers where you are at, I would recommend to go and hit some clubs to get a feel for what you are looking for and talk to the folks working there.  It's hard to say if each store is good, but talking to them will give you an idea if that person knows what they are talking about.  If they don't, at least you'll have an opportunity to hit different clubs and shafts.

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I bought a new set of Tour Edge HL 3s (last year's model) for $ 235 at Rock Bottom Golf. Wasn't going to buy irons, but I love T.E. stuff and couldn't resist. They are iron-woods similar to the Cleveland, etc. I love them! Incredible- easiest to hit ever.  Try those and thank me later.

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On 6/10/2020 at 4:29 PM, redhotchlypeppr said:

Any suggestions on where to get fitted? There is a Golf Galaxy about an hour from us. Has anyone used Golf Galaxy?

I don't think he needs to be fitted. I'd recommend the HB or HB Turbos. I have one of the originals HB3 and still love them. They are easy to hit. If there's any fault, they are a bit hook biased. You can't really screw up any shots. But, it doesn't feel like cheating either. I've demo'd the Turbos and they are longer than the HB3. 


Demo days are a lot of fun and a great way to check out these clubs.



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I'm crowding 71 years old, and have what's considered a slow swing speed. 

If I had to pick a new set of clubs (irons) for myself, I'd look at the Tour Edge line of Ironwoods. I think they still have these hybrids available. 

I have an older set of Ironwoods, which I hit higher than my current regular gamers. 

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    • I think about 130, I have good hand eye coordination so improved quite quickly as I was a good Hockey player. 
    • Shot an 80 Saturday. This upcoming Wednesday would make a month since playing last. New job and change in the routine and golf has taken a back seat. I was streaky. Had some really good stretches and a couple mental breaks. Short game wasn’t good which is expected.   opened up double at one and a bogey at 2. No surprise there. 3 i blistered one off the tee and hit my wedge to 6 inches for a tap in. At 4 I blister another and hit another pretty good approach to 6 feet. Tried to Kevin Na the putt since I did think I made it. Stayed out on the high side tho. Still after a 2 putt par at 5 I’m 2 over after that awful start. Heard some really mediocre cursing while I was addressing my tee shot at 6. Was laughable that some guy yelled Jesus Christmas or something like that and I should have backed off. Ended up worm burning a short drive and hybrid layup to awkward yardage led to double at 6 then another double at 8 hurt. Ho hum par at 8 and 9 for a 6 over front: 3 doubles. I usually don’t make doubles. Seldom 3 in 9. Back was nothing spectacular: pars at 10-11. Bogeys at 12-13. Par at 14. 15-16 I was tired and could feel it. Still doesn’t excuse a 3 putt and then a bogey from a tee shot that left me 70 in. Pars at 17-18. There is some positive things to take from that round given the layoff I guess/
    • Day 49: Worked on priority piece, mostly slow rehearsals, and hit 6 balls with 7-iron. Also did short game COVID-19 day 6/7 drills. 
    • Things I learned on my first 18... If there's a group playing behind you and you feel like your rushing because of it, it's better to let them play through.  [After I did that, I landed my next 3 tee shots on the green (3 chances for birdie and 3 chances at par... missed all six shots 🤪). I need to work on my putting and chipping.  This is where I can really lower my score.
    • Got a lucky chip in on 14 - that's a new birdie! 😄👍 Four left. Of those, two are very gettable - 11 (390yd par 4) and 15 (160yd par-3).  The other two... hole 6 is a 420yd par-4 that finishes uphill and hole 13 is a 210yd par 3 that is wide (L-to-R) but thin (front-to-back). I usually struggle to hit the green on that one.
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