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"Air Flex 3D" Hitting Mat

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Has anyone seen or used a mat like this one? (see picture)

I'm looking for a hitting mat to use at home. It will go onto a concrete floor in my garage so I want something with some amount of cushioning. These are sold here in the UK as "Air Flex 3D" mats and they have an extra squashy middle layer. Total height of the mat is 35mm (<1.5 inches). I know that Truestrike mats have a layer of gel in the middle, but I don't want to pay that kind of money!

Any thoughts, good or bad? If I get one, I'll report back here.


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I can only recommend the TrueStrike mats. I have no experience with that mat, and I'd be worried it'd break down somewhat quickly after repeated strikes.

 You often get what you pay for, and this seems to be the case here with the TrueStrike.

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The mats @iacas recommend are excellent. Most indoor golf centers around me use them. I have two Real Feel mats for outdoor use. The turf is much thicker than the one you show in the OP. They have held up well. I’ve had others that were cheaper and wore out fast.

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I got impatient (blame the new lockdown in England) and bought the mat a day or two before seeing your comments!

The middle layer is firmer than I expected but the feel is actually pretty good, at least as good as the better range mats I've encountered. However the plastic turf isn't quite deep enough to hold a tee. I'll need to drill some holes through to the middle layer.

I'm sure a TrueStrike would be better but they're more than twice the price. Maybe one day I'll upgrade, depending how this one works out...

Thanks for the input guys.


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