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Partners Who Cheat on Scorecards

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5 minutes ago, Elmer said:

In my league we concede or give putts all the time. It is up to player and to maintain a pace of play (some guys are super slow causing 3 hour to play 9. I am the one behind those players).

Yeah, I get that. Many leagues and all match play conceding a putt to your opponent is totally kosher. But I've never seen A PARTNER concede a putt. That's just plain wrong. 

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56 minutes ago, Elmer said:

Giving a putt is at your opponents discretion.

You're right, but in the post you quoted, it was one partner conceding the other partner's putt, not an opponent.  I'm not sure what the format of the competition was, but it doesn't sound like normal match play procedure.

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I've been contemplating how I would handle this.  I would hate to recount 17 of 18 holes per round.  I think next time he were to say "That's a 5" when I know it is 7 or 8 I would just say "B---S---, you're missing a few strokes".  And if he tries to brag after the round "Quit trying to blow smoke up my a--, we all know know you do not count all of your shots, drops & foot wedges like we do. You're not fooling anyone but yourself."  Basically, just be rudely blunt to him that he is not fooling anyone.

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