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What Do You Do for a Living?


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haha i probably have to be reading ur freaking textbook right now at school! im at chico..and a communication design major/tv, radio broadcasting. and im definitely in a broadcasting class right now..haha thanks for making life easier hahaha im jk

Television news reporter in San Francisco.

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I am a Principal Consultant at a firm which specializes in consulting for government transportation agencies and their customers. About half of my work is in the area of requirements gathering and high-level design for new computer systems, the rest of it includes business development, chipping in on some policy projects, and mentoring junior project managers in quality control and relationship management.
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I work in the IT world. I started building computers in my garage, sold computer [outside sales] for small retail computer outlets. Got into networking [anyone remember Novel 2.11?] and began contracting my services. [ what we will do to feed our golf habit!] Ended up in Tucson, Az. for 2 1/2 years on a 90 day contract...I must say if you ever get a chance to do a 90 day contact in Tucson, do it! Winters found me skiing in the mornings and getting my golf fix in the afternoons. Due to health issues, I havn't done much as far as full time, for the last couple of years, but the best gig I have is with the Southern Texas P.G.A. I keep thier network and desktops running for green fees!! Haven't paid a green fee for over 5 years and I have golf all the best courses in Southern Texas...
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    • That's tons of space. I would definitely use one area for a full swing bay. Get a good mat and a net. You should have enough room for a Mevo+ to get good readings.  I would then set up a short game area in the other spot. You could buy or make a pretty large putting green. If you get another mat, you can do some chips and pitches in that area in addition to putting.
    • I have not heard of any reviews. I started comparing the features with the Mevo+ and for the price and amount of use it would get at my house, I opted to get my refund. I just couldn't justify the cost when the Mevo would do everything I need.
    • I couple years ago, I built a 48x36 shop at my house and it has a pitched roof that is 12ft at the walls (I think) and runs up to 16ft in the middle. Over that time period, I have used it to do an engine swap on a truck that I had and we have one area where we wash cars. I have finished the swap on my truck and I am debating on using a large area (if not the majority) of the shop as a practice area and I wanted to get input from everyone here on the best setup. From the picture I have attached (it was a quick rendering, so don't be me up too bad on it...haha) I have shown how the shop is setup. To make it somewhat easier to discuss, I broke it up into 4 quadrants. A is where I worked on the truck so that is where my tools and tool box and things stay. B is pretty much open and just houses the golf cart when it's home or whatever needs to just sit. C currently has a friend's race car sitting there but it will be leaving before long. I was just housing it for him. D has a drain in the floor and is where we normally wash cars. I have a television already hanging on the wall in quadrant C.  The original plan was to install a 4 post lift in A, but I think I am leaning more towards using that money for a simulator to install somewhere.  So what do you guys think?  How should I set the shop up for practice? Lets assume I want to have section A available for working on cars and section D available for washing cars. By available, I mean, any practice equipment that is in those areas could be easily moved to accommodate those requests. Nothing is definite really, so just throw whatever thoughts you have out there, please. Shop Drawing.pdf
    • I was playing earlier this week with a neighbor. He and I were paired up with a couple of other guys. They were perfectly nice guys. One of them, lost a ball on the first hole. Oddly, we all thought he striped it down the middle of the fairway, but we couldn't find it anywhere. Anyway, he went back to the tee, hit a drive into the rough, hit an approach into the bunker, blasted out, 2 putted for a triple bogey. He parred the next 3 holes. Made a birdie on the toughest hole on the course (hole number 5). Then par, par, par. Before making another triple on hole 9. He finished the front 9 with a 5 over 41. Which he said was disappointing. I could see why. The triple on the first was bummer (a lost ball we all thought was down the middle.) The triple on the last was one of those hit it into trouble, tried to make the heroic save, got in more trouble, kind-of-deals.  The back nine, all of us parred hole 10, a par 5. (I was disappointed on this one as I reached the green in 2.) 3 putts suck! He topped his drive on 11. He saved bogie. Topped another drive on 12, saved par. 13 is a longish (188 yards) par 3. He topped another tee-shot this time with an iron. Then he hit into the bunker, knocked it out, 2 putted to a double bogey.  Then he took his bag off the cart and walked back to the club-house. He told his partner, he was losing his game and knew it wouldn't come back. So he just left.  His buddy told me and my neighbor that he plays with this guy all the time and that he can't remember how many times this guy has just given up mid-round and walked off. I guess it happens all the time.  We all spent the final 5 holes discussing whether it was better to just "walk off" the course when you don't feel you are playing well. Or to stick it out and try to recover. What do you all think?
    • So there's a booster for Moderna now? I thought they were saying the Moderna efficacy didn't drop like the prize one did? Like Pfizer dropped to 70 something but Moderna stayed in the 90s after 6 months?
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