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What Do You Do for a Living?


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I am the Lead Front End/CSS developer for the Design Depart at www.nytimes.com and recently oversaw our recent redesign.

Please direct your darts and laurals (if you have them) elsewhere lol


bridgestone j33r 460 V2 75 Stiff
HiBore Fairway 15 V2 75 Stiff
hybrid HiBore19 S300
bridgestone j33b 3-PW S300
Vokey 52 GP Vokey 58 LWyes sophia Putter 33Titleist v1x - bridgestone B330Home Course: Bethpage

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I Work As A Golf Assistant At My Local Store, Im 18 And Im playing Off 8, I Hope To Turn Pro And Move To America Soon, So These Next Few Years Are Going To Be Hard Work But I Look Forward To It. My Inspiration In Golf Is Tiger, He Got Me Started On This Beautiful Game, And I Am A Massive Fan, He Is Great To Watch And It Is A Pleasure To Learn From The Great Man Himself!
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Hi everyone. I just found this forum and joined. I am an Air Force instructor pilot in Del Rio, TX.

In The Bag:
R7 425 10.5 Fujikara ReAx stiff
3,5 Wood Aldila NV 75s
Rescue Dual 16 deg 3i hyb
R7 XD steel/stiff 52deg and 56deg TP White Hot XG 2 ballHome Course: River Crossing

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I am a social worker for the State. Live with a mountain of paperwork and try to assist approximatly 250 households. Many federal deadlines. Many of my clients expectations are not realistic and we make safe targets to take there frustrations out on. Lots of verbal abuse, on rare occasions physical incidents. Unfortunately very little real social work gets practiced. I will reach early retirement age in 5 years and probably switch to private practice. Flexible work schedule allows me to take computer breaks and make up the time, golf talk is a great stress reducer.

1W Cleveland LauncherComp 10.5, 3W Touredge Exotics 15 deg.,FY Wilson 19.5 degree
4 and 5H, 6I-GW Callaway Razr, SW, LW Cleveland Cg-14, Putter Taylor Made Suzuka, Ball, Srixon XV Yellow

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Thought i would add to this thread. Right now im a student with a part time job at the golf course. I'm sort of the B***h of the course lol if you know what I mean. I am studying business marketing as my major and I hope to one day make it out on tour. Going to q school in a few years after tons of practice and such.
What's In The Bag?

Driver - Rapture 10.5 Epic 68g X-Pure - Balance Certified
Fairway Metal - Titleist PT 18°
Irons - Mizuno MP-67 3-PW Project X 6.0 Wedges - Mizunos R Series Chrome 52°, 56°, 58° Project X 6.0 Putter - Yes! C-Groove Callie-f - Balance Certified Bag - Ping Freestyle...
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.......... Just wanted to introduce myself and say "hi" to all of the other golf nuts (I mean members) ... I just retired at a younger age (depends on your viewpoint ) and now I spend my time golfing at different courses up and down the East Coast ...

..."I think" I'm getting the hang of this golf thing ....

whats in the bag.??

Driver: Tour Edge Jmax 460 Carbon with the Fuji Vista Pro 50 shaft.
Woods: only one left after switching to hybrids - Adams ST #7 22*.
Hybrids: Tour Edge 21*, 24*, 30*, 41* and the 50* Attack Wedge with the Fuji graphite R shafts.
Wedges: Warrior 56*, 60*, 64* with the Harrison Shafts.
Putter: Ping Anser 2F.
Balls: Dunlop Super Loco, Maxfli Noodles - or any "good" ball when it goes on sale ...

Home course: Grey Hawk.
travel course: Tobacco Road (Pinehurst).

Whats in the bag.?

Driver: Tour Edge 10* Jmax 460 Carbon with the Fuji Vista Pro 50 shaft/and, the Burrows 10.5* MAC 421cc with the Grafalloy Pro Launch 55 shaft.
Woods: only one left after switching to hybrids - Adams ST #7 22*.
Hybrids: Tour Edge 20*, 24*, 30*, 36*, 41* and the 50* Attack Wedge...
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I'm the National Sales Director for a large provider of real estate information products to the mortgage lending industry.

the good - travel around the country and get the opportunity to play a decent amount.

the bad - normally working 7-7 Monday - Friday and the "honey do's" on the weekend don't allow for as much play time as I'd like...but that's life.
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I'm a college student with just one more year left. I've played tennis my whole life but think once I'm done with college tennis I'll play golf full time.

I work as a Off Site Sales man on the boardwalk for Gold Key Resorts helping tourists at the beach with free stuff if they come preview our resorts.
My Bag
Driver: Dunlop Invicta 10.5˚ (Graphite Shaft)
3&5 wood: Lancer Oversize (Graphite)
Irons: Titleist 990 (Steel)
Wedge: Ram FX 57˚(Graphite)Putter: Ram Accubar AB-2Ball: Nike Juice
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Realized I never added to this part of the forum. I am a safety consultant for an insurance company. I work from my home (HQ on west coast) and cover ND, SD, MN, WI, UP MI, NE. I consult with our clients on their business risks and help out with establishing safety programs as well as regulatory compliance. Even working from home and traveling 30-40% of the time doesn't get me out as much as I would like (and those pesky CPCU tests are currently taking into my golf time as well).

Alan Olson

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Awards, Achievements, and Accolades

Currently I am a senior in high school at a school in Northeastern Wisconsin. But for a job I work as a cleaner for my school district during the summer. Yeah I know, I'm a youngin'.
My Clubs
Driver: HiBore XL 10.5*
3-Wood: SS-01
Hybrid: 503H 22*
Irons: Deep Red II TourSand Wedge: CG10 56*Lob Wedge: CG10 60*Putter: V Foil GT M6.4KBall: ProV1
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Ive been on this site for over 2 years now and havent answered this question. Im a police officer. We work around the clock so when im working midnites or 4-12's I get to play golf during the day.
Driver-Taylor Made R7 460cc 10.5* Fujikara REAX Stiff
Fairway Wood-Taylor Made R7 Draw 15* Fujikara REAX Stiff
Hybrid Taylor Made 19* Rescue Mid Steel Stiff
4-PW-Golfsmith G40 TT Lite XL Stiff
GW-Ben Hogan Riviera 8* Bounce 50*SW-Ben Hogan Riviera Medium Bounce 56*LW-Cleveland 60* 588 ChromePutter-Taylo...
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mooch off my parents , but this summer i'm working in the pro shop at my golf course

In My Bag:
9.5 degree Mizuno MX-500
15 degree Titliest 904F
Mizuno MP-32 3-PW
Cleveland CG10 Black Pearl 52 degree
Vokey Spin-Milled 56.14
Ping i5 Anser

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  • Moderator
Hi all! I'm in marketing communications primarily ... as well as anything else deemed to fall under the marketing/PR hat (or anywhere near it really).

Outside of a dog, a book is man's best friend.
Inside of a dog, it's too dark to read.
--Groucho Marx

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Awards, Achievements, and Accolades

I dont know if you would call it a living but it gets me by during the summers when im out of college but I work at a golf course. Then in the winters I work part time at a ski resort since Im in college.

In the Bag:

Wilson Fat Boy Driver
Callaway Steelhead 3 & 5 Wood (Steel Shaft)
3 & 5-SW Callaway X-1452 degree WedgeAdams Golf 60 Degree WedgePing B60 PutterOther Optional Clubs:Callaway Steelhead 1 WoodCleveland 60 degree wedgeAdams Golf 56 Degree WedgesWilson Blackjack PutterBall: ...

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