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The Worst Person With Whom You've Ever Been Paired…


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7 hours ago, David L Yskes said:

I can actually admit that today i was pair with two guys who I will refer to as Douche-poodle 1 and 2 aka DP1 and 2 

So while my playing partner does try, i can't remember the last time he actually kept score of his rounds lol...  I keep score of my rounds for sanity and to see my progress..   

Well today we are playing a course we've never played before and we get paired up with these two guys...  so first off, I notice DP1 has basketball shorts on, not that i care... but his ass was out the whole day.   and to say he sucked at golf was an understatement... I realize we all are far from great, but this guy could barely hit the ball off the Tee Box... and when he did, he'd always be like ohhhhh damn i dont know why i'm not playing good today or something like he just missed that one.      And not going to lie, i wasn't sure if the guy was drunk or on something.   And DP2  was slightly better, and could actually get the ball off the tee box.    

Now the course we played was actually really decent, the carts had screens with hole locations and yardage and radio and weather updates.     it also showed if you was keeping up the pace of play..  and by the end of the day we was 30 minutes behind the pace of play, with nobody in front of us.     

The final straw and thankfully i didn't completely lose my shit, we are on the 16th hole and DP2  has his ball near mine, and shanks one into the water lol... I get out of the cart to walk over to my ball and my playing partner yells "watch out!!!! "  and DP 2 had dropped another ball and hit the ball literally at me... it was so close it grazed my arm...    and you'd think DP2 would apologize.... but nope not a damn thing.    



I would tell them to take up Pickle Ball so as not to be a danger to themselves and others.

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