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Anyone here use a Senior flex with a not so senior ss?

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elsito99    0
Hi guys,

I was recently considering changing my driver flex from stiff to regular. I am not sure of my swing speed, but I drive the ball around 230 with the stiff shaft. Anyways I am not happy with it, it feels dead and boardy so I am sure it is too stiff for my swing. Recently I went to visit my father and had to play with his driver. An R7 460 with a Prolaunch blue 55 A (senior) flex. My father is no senior (54) but chose the flex because he could control it and gained distance.

Well guess what, I also could control it and gained about 35-40 yards per drive.

I was amazed and it immediately got me thinking about the saying, use the lowest flex you can control.

So anyway, any of you guys hit senior flex for increased distance?? I am almost positive I will buy the same shaft for my driver, but want to hear some opinions. Senior or regular??

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Awsi Dooger    11
I've tried it many times while playing with my dad, who is 75. Driver is the most erratic club in the bag so I'll grab his driver and he'll try mine. He has a Cobra offset driver with A flex. Generally it's the same pattern. My first shot with his driver will be fantastic, a long draw. Then it gets progressively worse, winding up with low pulls.

One thing is certain: Too soft feels much better than too stiff. And the mind does play tricks with you. On eBay a few months ago I purchased an Adams Ovation 7 wood that was advertised with regular flex. I hit it beautifully for several rounds, some of my best shots in recent memory from 200-215 range. Then I took a look at the shaft when I was regripping the club. The darn thing is senior flex. It has an Adams Aldila 65 gram High Launch Low Kick shaft. I checked the specs online and that's senior flex. From that point forward every shot was awful and I benched the club.

One thing I should point out: Prolaunch Blue is known to play stiffer than stated flex. So that senior might be closer to regular, or in between. In that same eBay auction with the Ovation 7 wood I acquired an Adams RPM Low Profile 5 wood with Prolaunch Blue regular. It definitely seems more stiff than typical for an R flex.

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glebert    2
I got a Tommy Armour Ayrtime with an A flex shaft from a swap shop deal. The price was right, so I figured I would just reshaft (my SS is 100-103ish). I ended up hitting the ball really well with it, but as the other poster said as the round wore on I started hitting bigger and bigger draws with it. I never did reshaft it, I ended up getting a new one with stock stiff shaft for $50. I'm hitting that one really well.

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elsito99    0
Thanks for the responses.

I guess it would be worth a try, I think this should help me with my tempo as I think the stiff shaft is forcing me to swing harder not faster.

I will update you guys on how it goes, but definitely I agree that the mind plays tricks on you. I am really hoping that too soft is better than too stiff. Too soft at least you can slow down a bit and hit it a ton.

One more thing I would like to comment. Eventhough the prolaunch blue A flex is supposed to be soft, I also tried a TM burner regular flex and found it to be very soft, hitting very high pull/draw.

So I am thinking maybe the prolaunch line of shafts is stiffer than most, as I've heard many people saying the 65R feels way too stiff.

I will get my shaft tomorrow and report on Monday. I really feel what is keeping my handicap above 20 is the distance with the driver, as I lose chances to use short irons to the green.

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    • I play steel in my 4 and 6 hybrids (dont play a 5 at the moment). The 4 is TM burner with a OEM steel shaft but the 6 is one i built on the cheap as an experiment. Its an Acer XDS, fitted with an Appollo steel shaft. Its the cheapest one they do and its spot on. You can get the Appollo Shadow lite are Acculite for decent prices through Nordica golf 
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