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Lots of new stuff the past month, new bag, new irons, new wedges, new putter. Funny story with the putter, it's not mine. Buddy lent it to me in Scottsdale when I couldn't get my bags out of airport s

My current set Driver 10’ and 3W 15’ Callaway XR Pro  2H Cobra Baffie 18’ 4H Benross 22’ 5-PW Mizuno JPX 919 Forged Wedges 50’ 56’ 62’ Mizuno S18 Ping Sigma Tyne H B

The first completely new set of clubs I’ve had (all purchased at the same time) in 35 years.  I didn’t set out to necessarily end up with everything from the same brand, but that’s how it worked out,

Posted Images

Here's what I'm lugging around right now for my battle sticks. Looks like its a pretty popular bag!!!

I have a family picture hanging on the side of the bag and also a little card with some stats on it.

The white tiger cover is on my hybrid. I didnt want to copy Tiger Woods too closely, but those are my initials and we do share the same last name

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I love the Titleist/Sun Mountain bags. But I'm addicted to the Ogio Woode club organizer. If Titleist came out with something similar, I would buy one in a heartbeat.

I love those little mini-walls they have inside the bag that splits your clubs up near the club heads.

I need a bag or im gonna wreck my new S58's, every time i put my stand down it doesn't go wide enough so the bag falls over.
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I love those little mini-walls they have inside the bag that splits your clubs up near the club heads.

Check out the Titleist X86 or the Sun Mountain Superlight 3.5. They are the exact same bag but one says Titleist and the other says Sun Mountain. When I ordered my Titleist X86 it shipped from the Sun Mountain HQ

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Driver- titleist 907D2 8.5 With a Flo'ed Diamana WhiteBoard x5ct X Flex.
3Wood- Taylormade tour Launch 14.5 With a Matrix Ozik F7M2 Proto X flex
Hybrid- Adams Idea Pro 20 With Matrix Ozik Altus Hybrid X flex
Irons- Mizuno MP-32 3-PW
Wedges- Mizuno MP Series 56/14 60/6
Putter- Scotty Cameron Newport.

Now for the pics...


3 wood-





In the line up for future use..

Big oaks T'Ville and a scotty TeI3 Long Kneck

cally x forged 50.

Spined Project X (thats what the tape is for, to point out hte Natural Bend Point)

Mizzy MP-32 2 iron

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Yeah, I did 3 irons today, lol. Took to long and I got bored. I was thinking about not filling the numbers, but I thought it would be hard to see what club I was pulling out. It'll probably end up wearing out though. I really like my putter, but I was looking at this

website (golfwrx member), if I could put a BeCu insert to replace the regular insert, I would have a great gamer.
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Thanks all for the pics!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Love looking at everyones clubs and their bag set-up.

I'll try to get some pics up later

LBlack14- Love the P2's you have, they are awesome clubs!!!!1

Anxious to get the 655 TM Black wedges

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I really respect the effort it takes to take and post the photos, and don't criticize anyone at all for doing that.

But, it's really not like pictures of dogs or cars, and if the clubs aren't custom painted, what is the message? We, and I include myself in "we", can be a somewhat sorry lot.

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    • Day 373 - January 16, 2021 Mach 3 stuff to demonstrate, not for me (I’ll do mine tomorrow), then in the few minutes I had between juniors and a group of five adults, hit about 15 balls. Less exaggerated than the previous time(s).
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