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Your 2009 Personal (Golf) Goals

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I havent read all 3 million posts, but I see where people put a lower handicap as their goal. I suppose a lower handicap is a good terminal goal, but I'm going to list my enabling goals. If I fulfill these, the handicap takes care of itself!

In order of importance...

1. Three letters...G I R.
2. Drives are consistently 15 yards longer (plays directly into number 1).
3. Make putts inside 6-8 feet routine.
4. Get pitch and chip distances under control. My ballstriking is good here, but I'm like a blind dude when it comes to distance.
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My goals

To become familiar with my LW, SW, and PW. I want to be comfortable hitting different types of shots from different lies and distances with all 3 clubs
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My goals:

1. Play well in the tournements I enter. (Playing in one in about a month)
2. Get the award in league for low gross.
3. No scores in the 90s.
4. Shoot my career best (75 is currently)
5. Play consistantly well. Be able to put together entire rounds without having the 3-4 holes were I just totally lose it.
6. Be able to consistantly hit 8-9 greens a round.

How am I going to do this?

Not sure. I have a family, a job, a wife. I have to practice at least once a week, play 1-2 times a week (including my 9 hole league) Maybe some golf instruction. I miss too many greens and my short game saves me. I need 5-7 good looks at birdie a round.
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back with a new set
. qualifie for ian leggat junior tour events
. break par once even from blue tee's not black's
.handicap to a 3.5 or lower
. 60% of fairways
. 50% of gir
.30 or under putts per round i am not the greatest putter
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1. Stop buying new clubs and start using the ones I already have more proficiently (that said, already bought 3 new clubs and the season hasn't even started yet).
2. Stop worrying about my poor driver distance (220) and work on an area where it is easier to cut strokes (short game).
3. Enjoy being outdoors, being with my friends, and not worry about score.
4. Still struggling with consistency using 3 wood and 2 and 3 hybriid so let's just leave those clubs at home.
5. Would love to hit 79 just once (personal low is 80)
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First time i have properly practiced in 8 years today and i haven't lost a great amount of consistancy. Im striking the ball 90% of the time but the odd shot i hit about 20 yards off target to the right. All shots are flying straight and really high.

. I aim to Practice my short game and 3 irons every day for the next 6 months.
. Win the Club Championship
. Play in some non-pro events.
. Then try to Turn Professional by this time next year.
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Shoot in the low 80's consistently
Practice Short Game
Increase my swing speed
Win more matches than I lose in my golf league
Improve something every outing
Enjoy every outing, Period!

Have my son play his first official round of golf with me! He's dad's best buddy, as he say's to my wife when he knows the weather is going to be good. "Mom, can we go golfing this weekend, PLEASE!" I crack up because I don't even have to ask him to bug her about it he just does it and he's only 5. Thank the lord for little boys that have their mother right where they want them. She has a hard time saying "No" to him which saves me from hearing the word.

Wife's having our 3rd child so time may be limited at the course. Boy or Girl we'll have two golfing kids. I figure I get them to love all sports I'll get to enjoy my time with them much more and I'll get to golf a lot more.
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My goals for 2009:

1. Stay positive with myself on the course- I play 12-15x per year, basically from April-Sept so I shouldn't expect so much of myself

2. Play smarter golf - lay up to comfortable distances rather than just ripping it as far as possible

3. Hit more GIRs on par 3s

4. Average 96 for the year (last 2 years were 100.38 & 101.58 last year)

5. Average 35 putts/round - (last 2 years were 38.6 & 37.1)

Play 20x this spring/summer
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1) Shoot 76 (shot 81 earlier with a 7 on a par 4 and a 5 on a par 3).
2) Go an entire round without blading or chunking a ball. (or several rounds)
3) Increase distance with my irons (and hit flush long irons)
4) pull my average wedge shot inside of 25 ft. (might be more of a long term goal)
5) 5 birdies in one round.
6) an eagle?!?!
7) watch Tiger Woods and Anthony Kim hit a shot in real life. (or as many as possible) (this one is going to happen at the President's Cup!!!)
8) play pebble beach, poppy hills, and spanish bay

To facilitate these:
1) at least one of my range sessions a week is devoted only to long irons
2) another is devoted only to wedges at particular targets (range buckets)
3) I acquired a 3 wood that i LOVE to help with 6 (super confident with this club)
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1.) 2009 goal is to average in the 80's.
2.) 3 birdies in one round
3.) no more shanks or topped balls.
4.) build confidence in putting.
5.) increase iron distances.
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Since I'm more or less just starting out golf this year, goals are hard to say since I haven't actually golfed since grade 9 (about 6 years ago).

1) Average scores of mid-low 90s
2) Get a birdie
3) No more slicing (though I may have sorted this out in the two times I've been to the range this year)
4) Increase distance while hitting straight
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Note: This thread is 4303 days old. We appreciate that you found this thread instead of starting a new one, but if you plan to post here please make sure it's still relevant. If not, please start a new topic. Thank you!

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    • Sounds like he may have originated from my neck of the woods,   ‘Awayanbileyerheid’ is a fairly humorous response to someone ,  sort of like ,get lost your talking drivel (nonsense) If you want to get an insight of the meaning , Google ‘ Parliamo Glasgow’ -;))
    • I don’t think there is anything wrong with watching YouTube golf instruction videos, if and only if you stick to one or two instructors. I personally like Matt Fisher and Danny Maude myself.    Funny story: I played golf with three guys I haven’t seen in person since about 2003 today. Anyway one of the guys I played with, reminded me of a video I watched on posture recently, with Danny Maude. Me as a low single figure handicap my arms look like / at address down the line. You want them like | or \ slightly on the latter. My posture sucks… and I shot 1 under on the back today.
    • Can you share some information about your computer, such as OS?
    • There used to be a joke about the instructional articles in Golf Digest.  It might still be there, I haven't subscribed in years.  Anyway, every odd-numbered month, the lesson would be "fix your slice," but what they wouldn't tell you is that it'd cost you 10 yards.  In even numbered months, they'd tell you how to gain 10 yards on your tee shot, but not tell you that it'd cause you to slice. YouTube instruction is a bit like that.  You'll get conflicting information that may or may not cancel out.  Find someone reputable and get lessons for you not for some generic you. If you need someone online to give you something to work on, and don't feel like spending the money for something quality like Evolvr (hey, money was tight when I took up golf, I understand), at least make a "My Swing" thread and try what ends up being suggested for you.  The first time I did this, I was shocked at how someone could watch a few swings on video and give me good advice of what to practice that resulted in some improvement.
    • No. At best you’re going to get conflicting advice that may or may not work with other things you’re trying to do in your swing. 
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