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What a compliment!

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You must be new to the internet. Sarcasm is indicated by a ':P' emote. That is translated to

here. This has been a standard for a long time in this interconnected world. It's sort of universally known and it is expected from others using this tool to understand the vernacular. l2emote, n00b.
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I thought your sarcasm was funny and I think the OP took it the right way.

To the OP. It does feel good to have your game complimented...it should be a blast hanging with the low handicaps for the day.
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Enjoy the round.

It is nice to have your game noticed.

Get plenty of practice with both your driver and putter. You could really contribute to the scramble a great deal.

These events really do come down to driving and putting.

Don't let the negative comments posted prior bother you. I'm sure the guy understands your scoring ability. He's not asked you to come onboard and carry the team.....but to enhance it. There is a lot of ebb and flow to these things.

Enjoy yourself and drop some bombs.
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No worries guys, I'm not the type to stress about anything, especially a little razzing on an internet board.

That's the perfect attitude, IMO. It enables you to play well, and not have a lot of pressure riding on you. I played a scramble just recently. Played horrendously with my irons. Team did not use a single iron shot of mine, including any of my wedge shots(which are normally stellar as well). Was just having difficulties with new irons, and it affected my whole game. But.. I did spank out a couple really solid drives that the team used because of accuracy over distance(our big hitter won the long drive), and my putting was on fire! So regardless of how frustrated I was overall with my game, those few really good shots enabled me to go home with my head held high.
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I was approached today in a restaurant by a club member asking me to play in a scramble with him. I've never spoken to the guy, just seen him around the course and around town. I know from the posted handicaps that he's around a 4, as is the rest of the team. He introduced himself, and asked me if I was the guy playing on tuesday,wearing a black shirt. I verified that I was, and he then told me he'd like to have me on the team for my driver and putter. I made sure he knew that my iron play left alot to be desired, and was told not to worry about that, the rest of the team are excellent at the midgame.

That's great, whetstone! Awesome.

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No worries guys, I'm not the type to stress about anything, especially a little razzing on an internet board.

My thoughts exactly. If these guys are playing off four, I'm sure their drivers and putters aren't too shabby. It says a lot that they would want you on their team, not only about your game, but also about what type of person and competitor they perceive you to be. There's nothing like having the respect of your peers. If anything, you should be even more relaxed playing on a good team that's likely to score well, and I'm sure you will be able to contribute. Good luck and have fun.
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Don't be fooled these guys want you for your driving, putting and HANDICAP. You sound like the perfect scramble player, if you drive and putt like 8 capper and still have an 18 cap, you'll make the perfect ringer.

Very cool to plucked out of obscurity to join a scramble team!
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Don't be fooled these guys want you for your driving, putting and

Nothing wrong with that - did the same with a 36hcper a couple days ago. When i screwed up she cleaned up with bogey/double bogey - combine that with a couple birdies and you go and hit that thing out of the park

. Our combined 26 hcp shot a 9 over - LOL... So go out there and have fun, and dont be too nervous about it...
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I used to be a professional Captain's choice player. I got asked to play in a lot of tournaments for the very same reason. Helped me ruin my game. It used to take me several rounds to get my game back afterwards. Usually because I'm out there swinging for the fences and charging putts. I learned my lesson.
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I hear you. I HAVE to play in aroun 15 of these a year for work. I hate it as it screws with your game. When ever I can, we get a good bunch of players together for a charity scramble (that all need to play in) and just play our own ball and bet against each other and turn in a DQ'd score card.
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Note: This thread is 4332 days old. We appreciate that you found this thread instead of starting a new one, but if you plan to post here please make sure it's still relevant. If not, please start a new topic. Thank you!

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    • My home course closes its range for maintenance Monday mornings or Tuesday if a holiday falls on the Monday. The sign indicates they re-open by 1 p.m.  That makes sense for them. It's always a busy course, but evening leagues are really big business.  Closing at 3 p.m. seems a bit odd to me, but if that suits the course's clientele, that's what they'll do. I hate mats.  We usually get stuck with the damn things after October. It is a much better thing that the course close the range for a brief period of time once a week and keep the turf up to snuff.    
    • Replace the grip if you want, but a new putter won't matter (unless it makes you practice more).  There's some great putting and short game drills in chapter 9 of Every Shot Counts by Mark Broadie. His drills are also games, with scoring that measures objective skill level.   Also recommend The Putting Bible by Dave Pelz. 
    • A strange round of golf yesterday. I played from the red tees (plays just 5350 yards).  My ballstriking is not very crisp these days, but hopefully I can sort that out soon. It was a round of two halves, as usual. Front 9:  Could not hit fairways or greens at all on the front, 2/9 greens and 2/6 fairways, but still shot +2 on the front. That includes 2 shots in the bunker on hole 4, a horrible misshit that lead to a double on hole 7, topped my driver 80 yards twice and the only 2 fairways I hit were with short irons in hand. 11 putts on the front 9 says a lot about that tretch of holes.  Birdie on both par 5s on the front is allways nice.  37 shots, par 35 Back 9:  A little better ballstriking even though I hit 2 shots OB, leading to a tripple and a double, 4/7 fairway and 4/9 greens. The short game was more off here and I left a couple of chips a bit short. 17 putts is not as good as I'd like it to be. 1 threeputt, but I think I would threeputt from there more often than not, as it was a 60 foot downhill putt with a lot of break where I gave it a little to much speed. Birdie on hole 15 (short par 3) and on hole 17 was nice, and I missed a short birdieputt on, the tough par 3, 11. Had 165 yards in after a decent drive on the par 5 18, but managed the top the approach and miss the green from 90 yards after that and walk off with a bogey after also missing the 5 foot par save. 44 shots, par 37.  81 shots is not bad, but I make to many misstakes from tee, making golf a lot harder than it needs to be. I hit driver on 8 holes: 1 fairway hit (265 yards), 1 OB, hit short and low slices mostly except from the two topped 80 yard ones, avg. 240 yards today. My drives are usually 270-320 yards depending on wind and course, so my driving is not where it should be. My short game is not perfect, but it's certainly better than my hcp right now.  Playing a round at an away course today. There is a curse hanging over that course that needs to be lifted. Good luck me 😉  
    • Our range closes early on Sunday to do a “clean pick”, and reopens at 11:30 on Monday. It is mowed early Monday. The course is closed until noon on Monday’s.
    • If you do get a new putter, get fit first. Try a bunch out at a golf store and see what kinds you like first. Then find a good fitter to get your numbers down, length, lie, loft and overall weight. Heavier putters can help with distance control for some folks. Also, a different grip size may help even if n your current putter. For distance control, having a consistent rhythm helps. In my visit to Erie, Erik had me work on increasing my rhythm a bit because I was a bit too slow and it varied. I have a tempo app on my phone and set my rhythm to 2/4 time at 72 bpm. When I practice putting, I first work on my rhythm for short, medium and long putts. Then I work on read and start line. This drill can help too.  
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