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Here comes another 16 yr old.

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Depends on his family’s financial situation…a white kid from a country club…probably not an issue but who knows. The hypocrisy is universities make millions on these kids but if he takes a hamburger from a booster the NCAA goes beserko. Amateur status is just a convenient gimmick to keep the money in house. Why can a law student intern for money, an accounting major work summers at a PA, an environmental major get paid to clean up the oil spill, a journalism student gofer at a TV station?

He was wearing a Titleist hat during Saturday's round.

Looks like he is playing the St. Jude in Memphis

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Had he been a pro, he would have made $94,250 for his T16. Another respectable finish and he would be able to pay for college to fall back on. College will always be there...

If he was a pro he wouldn't have been playing in the tournament. He got the sponsors exemption because he was a 16 year old amateur.

16 year old kid T7 for the championship on saturday. gents, i think we might be looking at the next tiger woods.

Or the next Ty Tryon

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Awards, Achievements, and Accolades

true, but why pay for college when you can get a free ride?.......and he could always play in some tour events and then eventually turn pro.....it's apples and oranges (as I can see a agrument for both sides)

Scholarships are renewable on a yearly basis…one douche bag coach has enormous control over the student athlete.

I don’t have a problem with an amateur not getting the $90K prize money as he is not a tour member nor a pro, my beef is on the promo side…Notice Justin had a HP logo on his shirt and another poster mentioned he was wearing a titlest hat..and no way he could make a penny. Why? Easy the NCAA wants that promo dollar for themselves not some poor kid makin $100K for doing a few Gatorade commercial

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Note: This thread is 3809 days old. We appreciate that you found this thread instead of starting a new one, but if you plan to post here please make sure it's still relevant. If not, please start a new topic. Thank you!

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    • I went through the fitting process a couple days ago and below are my initial thoughts.  Disclaimer is that I already have a TS2 driver with the Smoke shaft and a Callaway Epic Sub Zero with a Tour AD DI-6 shaft.  I'm currently spinning the TS2 too much but strike it more consistently.  The Sub Zero has better numbers but don't hit it quite as solid as I'd like. TSi2 - Same shape and feel as the TS2.  A bit of an elongated back that makes it look like it sits up at a good attack angle to the ball.  Sound is very similar to the TS2...not as pleasing as the TSi3.  For whatever reason, it feels a little lighter in my hands than the 3 during my swing. TSi3 - Shape is better looking.  Very similar to my Sub Zero.  Sound is more solid, maybe less "hollow", compared to the 3.  I think that most people will go for this version.  A couple of my friends that went through fittings were both fit into the 3. As for shafts, I tried the new Smoke (60g) and the Tensei blue (55g).  I didn't even get to the Tour ADs...will explain why.  I tried both shafts in both drivers and hit probably 10+ balls on each after going back and forth multiple times to see where the numbers ended up.  As much as I liked the head and sound of the TSi3, the TSi2 felt better for me and, again, more consistent of a strike.  My two longest drives were with the TSi2 and Tensei blue.  I think I only hit 1-2 sligthly off-center drives with that combination.  The TSi3, I hit some good drives as well but was 3-5 yards short of the TSi2. I didn't try the Tour ADs since 1) the up-charge is $200 and 2) I have a buddy who can pull the connector off my other one and put the Titleist one on for me if i want to try it and 3) I'm not sure if it would have improved much since my smash factor was already well above 1.5.  The fitter said that I could hit it if I wanted but he didn't think I'd get much more out of any other shaft. It's a bit steep of a price ($550) but I went with the TSi2 and Tensei Blue shaft.  Should ship in a couple weeks supposedly and hope to have it in my hands in mid-November.  Will post back here with some updates if the weather permits.    
    • If the beginner set is aluminum zinc heads yes, it’s inferior. If they’re stainless steel they’re the same as the more expensive stuff. A 5 iron head will weigh around 255 grams, give or take a couple grams, on any 5 iron, new or old, cheap expensive. Steel shafts tend to also be pretty similar, a cheaper club may have a kind of standard weight( 125 gram) shaft where a higher price might get you a lighter (  100 gram) steel shaft. Your right about loft. Modern manufacturers lower the loft to make it look like their clubs go longer when people hit them on monitors. I don’t buy it. Loft on irons is your friend. If the shot is short, move up a club, that’s why you have 14 clubs in your bag. As you learn to play you will find it’s not so hard to deloft a shot but it’s impossible to add. Modern fittings will have you trying 7 irons, what a joke, I can hit any 7 iron on the planet. Fitting with something like a 5 iron will tell you better how you handle a particular set. 
    • Lean away from the target a few degrees at address. If you are not already doing this, it may be that simple.
    • OK I dug out my 20-year old yardage book, I'll be studying it for the next 3 days (not really).  I'm really looking forward to this, a chance to play with  @saevel25, my Newport Cup teammate, and meet a new friend with @Divot Master.  And of course, a chance to see a few more old friends and meet some more new friends in the other groups.  Thanks to @GolfLug and @iacas for setting this all up.
    • Are they heavy or lighter cabinet doors? Pecan is pretty heavy. Due to the stain they chose, I’m thinking not cherry but maybe walnut or pecan. Maple tends to yellow and would be more golden with that color stain applied I would think.
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