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My Swing (mvmac)


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Progress. Same feels as last week.

- Dual IR arms at setup and during swing
- Left leg feels "taller" and almost like I'm maintaining my anterior tilt in the pelvis so my "green line" stays through my left leg and behind me.
- Backswing feels longer (time wise)
- Create a stretch or length from my left foot to my right hand without elevating the rib cage (maintain distance from bottom of cage to top of pelvis)
- Sternum stays pointed right as I transition, right inside ankle done stays above left

- Pull back with lower left ribs to create more space for the club to pitch out. 


55 yard pitches with my 54 and then some standard pitches.


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Working on a couple things:

- Plugging in the lower ribs and top of pelvis, some call it stacking. Something I was doing well and got away from. When I do it correctly the legs feel straighter at 1, posterior side engaged, more anterior pelvic tilt (feeling). This will help my hip depth and stretch of left lat on the backswing.
- Basically feel like from backswing to downswing I'm moving farther and farther away from the ball.
- Hand path working a bit straighter back and stretching the left lat to my right foot (visual) but also want to feel some stretch and using the arms to help. I do a band drill for this.
- Downswing feeling like I'm moving ribs and pelvis away from the ball
- Pelvis shift still stays too far right for a little too long.
- Like the reaction it's creating on the downswing with getting more force into the club

Now that the arms have more space my handle is the deepest I've ever gotten it. And club not in and behind the hands.


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