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Shopping for Super Game Improvement( SGI) Irons

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Find any set of cavity-backed Mizunos in good shape.  MX-19, MX-20, MX-25, MX-200/300-any of them are plenty forgiving, feel great, and you won't quickly grow tired of them.

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went back thru the listings to 2007 and didn't see my 770CFES although the 870Tis are in there.  surprised to see that they are "conventional".

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I just bought a set of Adams V3s (w/forged irons), but I would probably try to persuade you - a newer player - toward one of Adams' other hybrid sets with over-sized heads.  The V3s are actually fairly smallish in the head design (the hybrids especially), so a brand new player might struggle with heel and toe shots.  Their A7OS Max clubs lean more toward being SGI than the V3s IMHO.  They're also available in hybrids throughout the set (3h-9h plus PW), and are probably a good bit more forgiving.  Adams touts them as their 'maximum forgiveness' clubs:


Just my $ 0.02

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No one has said this yet but when I was shopping for SGI irons, I ended up walking out with Nike VR full cavity with the TT r300 high launch shafts. Extremely forgiving and nearly impossible not to get the ball in the air. They took my HC from the mid 20's all the way down to an 11. I have since switched to AP2 710's. I actually still have the irons for whatever reason. They're for sale now too!

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The sole grind has a lot to do with the playability of the club -- but MPF doesn't measure it.

Something to consider.

Good point. Sole grind can be expressed in two radius measurements: Heel to toe, and front-to-back. Also, some custom wedges have dynamic sole grind (a Cleveland term), which means metal is shaved away from the sole heel and toe area (called relief) to allow players to open up or close down the clubface more. Last time I looked, Vokey offered 7 basic sole grinds.

I would suggest that dynamic sole grind affects playability in terms of versatility, and is mainly of interest in specialty wedges which some but not all golfers use. MPR is concerned with overall playability of irons on standard full shots.

If you're interested in different ways to measure golf clubs, see if you can find a copy of Maltby's 2005 book, The Maltby Playability Factor (MPF) Irons . A new version is coming out, and you can get the 2005 ed. for a dollar or two if you can find it. Book is 272 pages long, full color, and has all kinds of photos and engineering drawings of vintage through modern golf irons.

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Awards, Achievements, and Accolades

Note: This thread is 3554 days old. We appreciate that you found this thread instead of starting a new one, but if you plan to post here please make sure it's still relevant. If not, please start a new topic. Thank you!

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    • Yup completely agree. No need to keep shanking into the water, just take a drop from the point of entry and let's move on.    Yes these are fun rounds not real rounds 😄 A good reminder though
    • I voted 3w/hybrid. The course I play most often has one par 4 that is 445y and routinely into the wind. I love the challenge of this hole as there are a few other very short par 4s to make up for it. I don't mind having one of two holes like this per round. Confidence wise I love my 2i and enjoy hitting it, but then my confidence wavers until I get back to my 6 iron or less.  
    • I hesitate to post anything to this forum, but below is from a NY Times newletter that I thought was good - sorry their isn't a link How to manage your virus risk The most effective public health messages don’t merely tell people what not to do. They also tell people what they can do with only a small amount of risk. This sometimes feels counterintuitive, because it gives people permission to take some risks, rather than urging maximum safety all the time. In the long run, though, a more realistic approach is actually the safer one, many experts say. Human beings are social creatures. Most aren’t going to sit inside their houses for months on end. And pretending otherwise tends to backfire. It leads people to ignore public health advice and take needlessly big risks. “We need different, more nuanced, and more practical messaging about coronavirus safety,” Sarit Golub, a psychology professor at Hunter College, has written. (Federal officials took a step in this direction this week by shortening the recommended quarantine period after virus exposure.) Today, I want to give you a three-step guide to risk minimization. It’s based on a Times survey of 700 epidemiologists as well as my conversations with experts and colleagues, like Donald G. McNeil Jr. 1. There is one behavior you should try to eliminate, without exception: Spending time in a confined space (outside your household) where anyone is unmasked. Don’t eat indoors at a restaurant or friend’s house. Don’t have close, unmasked conversations anywhere, even outdoors. If you must fly, try to not to eat or drink on the plane. If you’re going to work, don’t have lunch in the same room as colleagues. Group lunches have led to outbreaks at hospitals and elsewhere. 2. This next set of behaviors is best to minimize if you can’t avoid it: Spending extended time in indoor spaces, even with universal masking. Masks aren’t perfect. If you can work out at home rather than at a gym — or do your job or attend religious services remotely — you’re reducing your risk. 3. Now the better news: Several activities are less risky than some people fear. You don’t need to wear a mask when you go for a walk or a jog. Donald, who’s famously careful, bikes without a mask. “I consider keeping six feet distant outdoors more important than wearing a mask,” he told me. “If I had a birthday candle in my hand and you’re too far away to blow it out, I can’t inhale whatever you exhale.” You can also feel OK about doing many errands. About 90 percent of the epidemiologists in our survey have recently visited a grocery store, a pharmacy or another store. Just wear a mask, stay distant from others and wash your hands afterward.
    • All of the above and more.  I probably see/hear more in casual, albeit money games than in tournaments though. A just-loud-enough-to-be-heard comment to a playing partner that the opponent standing over a 4 foot putt “hasn’t missed a putt like that in 3 weeks” is always fun...  
    • This is really interesting.. I have a Big Bertha Fusion (in really good shape) that has an adjustable hosel on it. Would be ani interesting experiment  Have wanted to build a club so why not! Thanks
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