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"Understanding the Golf Swing" by Manuel De La Torre

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I found this book really helped me improve tremendously. The principles are so simple that it's hard to believe it can work but it really does. The hardest part was resisting all the other tips and "positions" that have been cluttering up your mind. You keep thinking that nothing so simplistic could ever really work but every position and movement happens 100% naturally as long as you allow your body to be responsive to the movement of the club.

If your having trouble transforming all the mechanics you've been taught into a repeatable and effective swing then I highly recommend you check this book out.

*edited for ugly, sloppy grammer.

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While some people call De la Torre's approach simple (which it is), it is perhaps better described as "essential".  This approach operates on the question, "What is necessary and universal for producing good ball flight?"  The answer is that the club must move in a particular way--whether you are right hand, left handed, male, female, young, old, pro, or novice.  This is called "club focused" instruction.  You can read more about De la Torre and club focused instruction in the Wikipedia entry for  "Manuel de la Torre golfer". (

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I have not read this book, but I have played with him when I lived in Wisconsin, The man is a great ballstricker and he swings like he teaches.  I  had three good friends over the years that went  to work for Manuel at Milwaukke CC.  I would beat them like a drum their first year they worked for Manuel, but after the first year of working for him, they would eat my lunch!!!!

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I just got this book recently and found MDLT's swing concepts very suitable for me. I haven't been able to test it regularly yet, but it shows promise. I do wish there were more pictures and less jumping around references "see page ###" though. The info is good, the layout could have been so much better.

Anyone else switching to this arm-style swing from a body swing? I'm hoping it will survive the honeymoon period for swing changes...

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Originally Posted by mrchi

Update: Didn't make it out of the honeymoon period lol........body swing is where it's staying at for me.

Yeah, I gave it up too. No consistency. It was too good to be true I guess.

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Yeah no kidding. It seems fine when you are fresh, but as you keep playing there is no consistency at all. Ah well, was worth a shot anyways.

Originally Posted by Ernest Jones

Yeah, I gave it up too. No consistency. It was too good to be true I guess.

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I read it today and shuddered. What he advocates is what I do when my swing falls apart. Maybe that's why the book was $5?

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Take it back to the original, Ernest Jones. His short book, "Swing The Clubhead" made golf fun again for me after years of suffering with paralysis by analysis.

I'm glad you liked my book!


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De la Torre gives credit to Ernest Jones for originating the "club focused" golf instruction.  De la Torre's book give a more comprehensive discussion of applying the swing to various shots.  The only difference between the concept as described by Jones and De la Torre is their description of the forward swing.  Jones recommends "using the hands to swing the clubhead" forward toward the target.  De la Torre recommends "using the arms to swing the whole club" forward toward the target.  De la Torre made this change because he found Jone's description too often was interpreted as suggesting casting the club club or suggesting a hitting motion (hand action) at impact.  Both Jones and De la Torre recommend the hands be passive during the swing and avoid all hand action (sometimes thought of as wrist action).

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A lot of people write this off saying it's all arms.  That's totally misunderstanding imo.

same with Ernest jones teaching

these types of teaching regularly get the 'internet beatdown' by bunches of hack internet golf keyboard warrior idiots

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