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Which putter do you use?

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  1. 1. Which brand do you use when it comes to putters? Pros and Cons.

    • Odyssey
    • Taylormade
    • Titleist
    • Mizuno
    • Never Compromise
    • Nike
    • Heavy Putter
    • Yes!
    • Ping
    • Wilson
    • Others (Please specify)

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Originally Posted by Diece

I use an old, old putter I found at a private golf club's lost and found

How did it come to be in your possession?

Are you telling us that this club sells lost and found stuff?

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I have three different Yes! putters that I use: a Carolyne, a Nicky, and a Tracy.  One stays in the bag, one in the trunk of my car, and one in the closet at home.  Where any one of them is depends on how they've been behaving.  One time, Tracy stayed in the bag for a year and a half.  Usually, each puts out for awhile and then goes frigid.  Right now, Carolyne has a lot of putts in her so she's been seeing the most action.

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A ten dollar Odyssey DF330 mid sized mallet.  I polished the sole this year from the dull scratchy finish that it had acquired over it's lifetime of use.  I may move over to a TM Rossa Itsy Bitsy Monza Spider, if I find one in good condition.

This is before:


And after: (pic is a bit blurry)


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Originally Posted by Beachcomber

How tall are you?  8'?

I just picked up a Scotty Newport 2.5 that is 36 inches and I still feel a bit too bent over (although I just had my low number of putts per round for the season).  I am 6'8", so I would guess he is close to that.

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I just switched to an Odyssey D.A.R.T. Belly putter (43"). Still trying to adapt to the new stroke, but went from 5-6 three-putts a round to 30 putts yesterday (should have been 27).  Broke 80 for the first time this year!

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I own about six, but three are old cheapies.

My main three are these:

First off, I prefer mallets.

Odyssey Dual Rossie I .   This was the original putter from back in Year 1, when Odyssey was first becoming popular and was struggling to keep up with the sudden rush of orders of their putters.   Long before they were bought out by Callaway or anyone else.

I used this same putter for many faithful years.

A few years ago, I tried a putter in the store, a Nike OZ model #6 .  Fantastic at both lagging and accuracy, and definitely an improvement.

This putter is very strange looking, as it is very large from toe to heel, with weighted wings on each end.  Fantastic Moment of Inertia, such that the thing just doesn't twist.

If you can get used to the strange appearance, it is a real winner.

Last winter I was in a golf store, and it was "TaylorMade" promotion night.  They had periodic raffle drawings for prizes, with the top prize being a TaylorMade Corza Ghost putter.

Yes, I won it.

My brother-in-law had just purchased the same putter a couple months beforehand, and I got it for free.

I still use the Nike OZ Model #6 putter 70% of the time.

I use the TaylorMade Corza Ghost about 20% of the time.

I use the original Odyssey Dual Rossie I putter about 10% of the time now.

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Taylormade Ghost 770 35" (maybe 36"). I love it, the head is a bit heavy, but it's working so far. I also just started using the line on the ball to putt and with the putter, drastic improvement.

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Odyssey White Hot #9. It's really well weighted and allows me to be aggressive when putting. It's good on fast and slow greens and it always has great feel. I tested nearly every putter in the store but I couldn't find one better than this
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Note: This thread is 3103 days old. We appreciate that you found this thread instead of starting a new one, but if you plan to post here please make sure it's still relevant. If not, please start a new topic. Thank you!

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