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Am I The Only One who Still Uses a 2 Iron????

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I have a DCI Gold 2-iron in my bag, had it since I was in 10th grade - probably been through 4 shafts and countless grips due to wear and tear, still hits better than any hybrid I've ever tried out.  Big reason I don't like hybrids is the ball gets up too quickly and tends to sky-draw.  Any hole that has trouble left is out of the question with a hybrid off the tee, where with the 2I, I get it out there 220-230 with maybe +-20 yards lateral deviation.

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I used to have a 2i and I kind of miss it.  Not because I was adept at hitting it well.  Rather, because it was longer and I didn't care if the head got scratched up so I would use it for fishing balls out of the water or out of other hazards that I hit into with it.  I figured it already cost me a stroke, I wasn't about the suffer the addition indignation of losing a golf ball too.

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Yes, I still have and carry a 2 iron.  I actually have 3 sets of irons and in all 3 sets I have through 2 iron and one set I have a 1 iron.  I love long irons and use them frequently.  I also have a 4 hybrid that I use on occasion.  I only carry 2 woods (D and 3) and I only have 1 sand wedge (54 degree, kind of a tweener loft).  I play a low trajectory overall and like workability.  I play an old set of forged Golden Ram frequency matched muscle back blades.  The 2 iron head is about the size of a teaspoon.  It forces me to concentrate and make good contact.  Nothing feels better than nutting a soft cover golf ball with a 2 iron and watching it draw down a fairway and roll like it stole something.  There's something magic about it.

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I don't carry long irons anymore, but in the seventies, I played a Spalding Executive 1-SW eleven iron set.  I wasn't hitting a driver then.  My other clubs were a Walter Hagen three-wood, a "Ginty," and a Ram Zebra mallet putter.  (Soon afterward, I swapped the Spalding sand wedge for--get this!--a Northwestern Series 21.  Oddball wedges have always seemed to find a place in my bag.)

Now I don't carry either long irons or hybrids.  I carry higher lofted fairway woods.

It's obviously all a matter of what gear works best for the individual.

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Here are some of the long irons I currently own:

MacGreggor VIP 1 iron

Ping Eye 2 1 iron and 2 iron (have whole set through sw)

Golden Ram 2 iron (have whole set through pw)

Ram FX Pro set 2 iron (have whole set through sw)

Spalding Executive 2 iron (have matching sw)

I use the old Mac VIP 1 iron for range practice to work on tempo.  If you don't swing it slow and smooth, forgeddabouddit.

I never play with the Pings anymore.  Perhaps I should.

My usual playing set is the Golden Rams, in the winter I sometimes play the Ram FX pro set.

The Spalding Executive 2 iron stayed in my bag for years with whatever else I was playing.  It feels better than any long iron I've ever hit.  Wish I had the rest of the set.

I need to post pictures.

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My parents came out to visit this past week, and my dad and I played on Friday afternoon.  He never brings his clubs out, as I have a few extra sets in my garage.  He decided to use my old set of Zings which has a 2i.

We were laughing because he tried to hit it on one of the short par 4's off the tee.  And hit it thin and said he couldn't feel his hands afterward.

I no longer carry anything more than a 4i... The hybrids are much easier for me to hit.

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I was watching Big Break Mesquite and Gerry (Former Senior Long Drive Champ) used a 2i on the show which made me think of this thread.  He hit some great shots about 260+ yards with it.  He was much better with the 2i than he was with his woods.

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  • 2 years later...
I just dropped the 2 iron 2 weeks ago and love this hybrid so much. That I'm about to drop the 3 iron for a hybrid as well. My stinger used to be my go to shot but it just became less reliable over time
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I started playing at age 40 and gave up my long irons (1,2,3) about 10 years ago (I was 52).  At one point I could nail the 2i fairly well but it got to where it and the other long irons were useless.  Starting last year I gave up my mid-irons (4,5,6) for hybrids, so I now carry 2h - 6h.  I can hit my 2h (Nike Sumo) farther than I could my 2i 20 years ago and I have my distances back through the 6h - golf is fun again.

It takes an exceptional swing to hit a good 2i so keep enjoying it, but for me I have 3 of them collecting dust in my basement.  The advances in the hybrids have been a game saver for me.

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Note: This thread is 2558 days old. We appreciate that you found this thread instead of starting a new one, but if you plan to post here please make sure it's still relevant. If not, please start a new topic. Thank you!

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    • @alexschoI would suggest a UW to fill the gap between the PW and SW. If you're a high handicap, I'm not sure you need a 58 degree wedge.  Your priority on short game shots isn't "get it close" (but that's great if you can), but rather "get the ball on the green;  within spots on the green, priority is to spots close to the hole."  But I wouldn't just now use a club that many high handicappers usage tends to risk leaving themselves with yet another short game shot.
    • Good luck.  Make sure you know the rules, of course;  people can and do get casual with the rules during non-tournament play.  Make sure you know what local rules are in effect, too;  you don't want to Jerry Rice yourself out of a tournament if, for example, laser range finders aren't allowed but you use one. 
    • 87 today at my home course.  Hit 4 GIR:  holes 1, 17, and 18, but only one in between (#8, a 4-wood into the wind to about 15', had a tap-in par on that one).
    • Day 151.  Tournament at my home course today.  I shot an 87 with 4 GIR and 7 near-GIR.  Now that I write that out, I feel my long game was better than that stat line today, but I guess not.  I did some full swing practice before the round, outdoors at the range, checking my backswing length as per my past month or so of work.
    • Secured a par at my home course's hole #17 today.  I am not happy with how long it took me to get better than bogey on it.  I hit a poor tee shot, a good recovery punch shot, then a sweeping hook 6-iron to the green.  I correctly read that the lie and setup would hook, aimed well left of the green, and swung.  Big hook, ended on the left side of the green, 15' from the pin, and I darn near made the birdie putt too. Speaking of which, I gave a par at #s 7 and 9 a good run today too.  Still no birdies at my home course this year! 😞 
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