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I think the bigger blanket statement would be to assume anything about a 30 'cappers swing....

In the case of a 30 plus 'capper the problem is more likely something like ball position , height of tee , stance , grip.....a virtual panoply of possibilites that confront all golfers but more so the 30 plus 'capper....however as a general rule slower swing speeds -and newbies and high cappers often  fare much better with higher lofted drivers -they take off some of the side spin that leads to slices-the #1 problem for most amateurs... ...i.e. I use a 14 loft driver and rarely miss a fairway (at least not terribly so  LOL) -while not sacraficing much in  distance  since like most amateurs I only hit driver 200-240  (and 240 is clocking it -with the wind LOL)

I started playing last year and haven't gotten my swing grooved until this winter. I swing at 115 mph with the driver on a normal swing, around 120 at times, ball speed in the 170 range. And that's not at the Golfsmith monitor, it's on my own radar with hundreds of swings. I am obviously not the typical beginner, but it's still wrong to give blanket advice. I would have gotten better faster if I didn't listen to all the bad advice out there, which applies to people with no athleticism or understanding of the swing. When I first started I hit a 10.5* driver and it worked fine until about November, where I started to balloon every shot. Going down to 9 degrees helped until I learned the new driver, then I added more and more swing speed working with the radar, and started ballooning worse than ever.