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need draw biased driver reccommnedation swing speed high 80's

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i am currently using 5 year old cobra draw biased driver w 9.5 degree loft and reg flex. Also have draw biased Cobra 3 and 5 woods which i hit well

I am 70 with a swing speed of high 80's to low 90's w driver. I tend to hit the ball high w a fade. I fight coming over the top and when i keep right elbow tucked in the ball goes fairly straight

I'd like to move to a used club with latest technology and avoid spending 300+ for adjustibility. Draw biased works for me.......why change?..........am I missing something

Leaning towards Taylor Made or Calloway but I am really open to suggestions..........local pro suggests higher loft to minimize side spin

interesting data point...........played a course last week which had Clevlend stiff shaft driver demo...I hit it 9 times and each time it was longer and straighter than my Cobra...........cannot believe that a stiff shaft makes sense for me...........but the results were impressive

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Mr. Desmond    371

I have a high 80's speed, too. I like Adams, which seems to promote better aerodynamics -

The Adams Speedline Tech is adjustable to close the face to help a straight shot, has nice bulge and roll for shot correction, and 12.5 degrees in a nice Matrix, liteweight shaft for speed. This is a forgiving driver designed with all of Adams high tech wrappings and is for high launch and to help guys with spin to launch the ball. At 46 inches, it is not extremely long in length for slower speeds, and with a midsized grip and extra wraps on the lower hand, it would make it easier to grip down.

My clubfitter says it gives great ball speed and trajectory, but is shaft dependent, meaning if you have a high swing speed, you will need a lower spin shaft, which is not a problem with high 80's swing speed.

I see them on ebay for $155-175 instead of $399. I had heard they were going down in price and you could find them for less - it's true, those are good prices.

The Adams Fast 12 also comes in 12.5 loft and is draw biased. It gets great reviews, but it does have a silver head. I bet you can find one for less as word is that Adams is coming out with new drivers in a few months.

My Adams story is that I owned a Superfast 2.0 from Taylormade, but swung an Adams 9088UL, and gained 6 mph of swing speed. I've used a 12.5 driver, and like the trajectory. It's easy to get in the air.

As to the stiff flex you found, flexes vary among stock shafts, and you may have also found that a firmer flex gave you less sidespin and more control. It may not happen with all shafts.

You might also try the Taylormade RBZ driver, which is on sale, is adjustable for loft, and has a slight draw bias.

Good luck and always demo.

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Bullitt5339    29

I have about the same swing speed, and I have been fit to a 12* driver as well.  It gives me a lot more carry.

Cleveland SL270's and 290's and Cleveland Classics are going for a good price used.  Good hitting clubs with great stock shafts.

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glock35ipsc    41

I use to fight a slice, but I finally have pretty much fixed that after a lot of instruction with a new coach (right elbow was also my main culprit).  My new driver is the Cobra AMP that is adjustable for face angle (although I've left it at neutral).  I swear that thing has a gyro in it!  It's nearly impossible to hit it crooked.  I am absolutely hitting the ball farther and straighter than I ever have.  Overall weight is 299g, and the head is 190g, but it is very well balanced, and I can definitely feel the head throughout the swing.

I have heard a lot of good things about the non-adjustable AMP driver.  It is a draw-biased offset model, and that should definitely help out your slice.  And with the new AMP Cell drivers due out in Feb 2013, the prices of the AMPs are dropping fast.  I picked up my new AMP for $140, and the offset models were about $50 less when new.

Here's one on eBay used 2 rounds for $75!  Ends in a little over an hour though:


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