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Reshaft Armour Titanium 845's

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mdwelton    0

I was lucky enough to find a set of Titanium 845s for $25, with broken shafts on the 3 and 5.  I am looking for advise for reshafting them myself.

I am fairly new to golf and a grad student, so I am looking to do this myself, spending as little as possible.  I have bored out the old shaft, so the heads are clean and ready to go.  Any advise is appreciated regarding brand, technique, and where to shop.

My plan right now is to get on ebay, pick up 2 reasonable priced blanks, some epoxy, some grips, and stick um all together.

The rest of the set have G-Force 3.3 regular graphite.


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Dave2512    275

It sounds like you are into the project as much as anything but really no reason to if you just want to complete the set. Chances are you can find matches on ebay for less than the cost of a shaft. I've bought a few complete sets of 845's this year in the $40-60 range. Individual clubs are ebay are $5-10.

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mdwelton    0

Thanks for the feedback.  I checked out replacement clubs on ebay and the best price I could find was 25 (with shipping) for a beat up 3 iron.  There is a little larger selection for the silver scot.  I definitely get a kick out of the project, but I am really open to most alternatives (including playing without a 3 & 5).

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WUTiger    453

You might have better luck if you could got whatever model of TA irons with the same shaft as yours, and swapped out shafts. If you got a couple of 3 irons with the same shaft, you could do a pull out, and then trim the second for the 5i.

Just depends on total cost.

Or, you could talk to a clubfitter and see if a modern shaft is the rough equivalent of the the 845 shafts, and use a newer shaft as a replacement. You might send an e-mail to the GolfWorks guys (Ralph Maltby) and see if they have any advice.

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