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Ben Crane Video Pokes Fun at His Slow Play

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Ben Crane recently made a video making fun of his slow play. Thought it was pretty funny.


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Wow! It's really funny, but sort of surreal. Is Ben bored? Or does he just have a willingness to look at the absurdity of playing golf for a living from an outside view point? Is this his sense of humor or is he listening to a really weird friend?

I didn't know that he is a slow player. That outfit is hilarious. Water hits him and then he puts on the goggles. Classic. (that last series of statements is just stream of consciousness)


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Funny. I like this group of young guys (Watson, Mahan, Fowler and Crane) because they are having fun with the game. There videos are funny and they give the money to charity. They can all play too.

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Crane is one of my favorites just because he seems to enjoy life so much. His youtube channel and facebook page are always full of stuff like this.


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    • I see guys golfing in jeans every time I play.
    • I guess it depends on the rules of the tournament?  I would think that if everyone in the tourney has to keep up a certain pace of play, then it wouldn't matter if there was no group behind you.  You have to maintain the same pace as everyone else.
    • Interestingly, in nearly 50 years of playing golf at everything from 9-hole munis, to military courses, to private clubs, and everything in between, throughout the U.S., and around the world, I don't think that I've ever seen someone golfing in jeans. Just an observation.  
    • Thanks for the response!  I do know that and played with some used clubs just to see if the idea was worthy and I think it is. I am at the range or in the back yard at the net everyday when I am not out of town or if it is duck, deer or turkey season. Sometimes twice a day. I am now looking into building a custom set of Value Golf components. Their lies and weights are the exact same for all irons wedges and hybrids. We shall see. 
    • Was feeling very fatigued today. Back was especially tired and I had a very hard time hitting anything past a 7 iron. Was so badly off sync. I dont even remember when Ive hit shots that fat the last time... I try to avoid hitting the longer clubs when I feel this way cause I always seem to ingrain some bad habits and compensations cause Im too tired to stay in the right positions. I sometimes get some of these "symptoms" on the course but theyre manageable today was very extreme.   Wedge shots I can control even when Im tired so I ended up hitting a lot of  52,56 and pw shots. Im hitting my wedges so well right now that I should really start going for a lot more flags instead of always playing for that 1/100 mishit. Old habits are just so hard to break. I was also finally able to get some of my random shanks on tape. Its very rare out on the course but on the range its a bit too common. From video it seems to be a combination of a weaker grip, setting too close and a very narrow stance. So basically just not paying attention. Sort of makes sense why it primarily happens on the range.   Idk how the angles are this bad (again...) but this was mainly for checking some specific things I wanted to see so meh.  
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