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Sand Wedge Question

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Thought someone might have thoughts on my sand wedge situation.  I have a set of Ping G5's that I really like and the set came with 3 wedges - W/U/S.  This is great, but I have come to think of these wedges more as short irons than clubs I might use for the sand or even lofty chip shots.

My SW is not like what you typically see - a 'blade' type club with a bounce.  The bounce is similar to the rest of the set - which is to say it is just basically the sole of a cavity back club.  I don't really think of a SW as a cavity back club.

On top of that, I suck out of the sand.  At least part of the reason for this - is that I suck out of the sand. But I was thinking the club might have something to do with it as well.

I've been eyeing a Cleveland blade type wedge in 56*.  Mine is a 54*. I was thinking a bit more loft might be nice for some shots over the sand as well as out of it.  I don't think I want to go all the way to 58 - and I know I don't want to go to 60.

Anyway - was wondering if anyone had thoughts on how detrimental my current club is to my sand game and what to look for in an alternative.

Thanks in advance.

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I personally will never wade down into a bunker with nice clubs such as you describe. The best sand wedge I ever had was a cheap 60* wal mart special with a very high bounce. The thing was a chunky marvel. My irons are ping but I bought a 52* Confidence new off amazon cheap for sand play.

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I find the sand wedge one of the most important clubs in the bag.  It is a multi-tasker.  You only putt with the putter and drive with the driver.  With my 58 sand wedge I can do chips, pitches, sand shots, half shots, get out of trouble shots and full shots.  Everything from 85 yards in for me.

So for that reason, I would recommend spending some time finding the right one for your game.  Cleveland is a good brand, so are Titleist, Nike, etc.

You can sometimes find good wedges in the used club bin at your local golf shop.  This is a cost effective way to try out different wedges.  Also, some shops or course will have Demo days.

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I have the G15 pw and uw. Assuming the G5s have a similar sole, I would definitely recommend a different SW. I would replace the SW and get two new wedges, 54* and 58* (or whatever gives you good full shot gaps). Find out which loft you prefer for sand shots and you'll have a very versatile set. I have Taylornade ATVs and would reccomend those, but im sure any brand woild be similar.

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Definitely get yourself a regular sand wedge. I have a matching gap (50 degree, which may be replaced with another Cleveland 588), 56 degree and a 61. I use the 56 for almost all of my pitches unless I really need to get it up high and land soft.

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