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Beginner clubs: Taylormade RBZ or Adams Tight Lie

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rmhtexas    0
I'm sure this is the million and one times a beginner has come here and asked what clubs I should get. I apologizes in advance and thank you for your help. I'm completely new to this. Only been to the driving range three times over the last two weeks. Been using the loaner clubs at the range and have been enjoying it quite a lot. I'm shopping the last few days and been reading a lot of reviews and getting general advice on various forums. Here's what I'm thinking of to start, getting either a complete set of Adams Tight Lies for $499 or get an 8 piece iron set Taylormade rocketballz hp for $329 (I can also get this set with two hybrids for $549). I'm leaning toward the rocketballz, I really liked how they felt. Have not had a chance to handle the Adams yet, will be this weekend. I know equipment is no substitute for training and practice. What I'm thinking is get the Taylormades and a bunch of lessons, in a month or so buy a driver and some woods, a bag and I already have a serviceable putter so in few months I'll have a complete set. Is this reasonable for a beginner or am I missing something? I'm not sure if the taylormades are beyond my skill level or if I would grow into them and if it would be better to have a nice set of clubs to begin with then having to upgrade in a year or two. Thanks again

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mvmac    1,759

I agree, go with the TaylorMade stuff and enjoy!  You can find some really great drivers, either used or from a couple years back, for a great prices.

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Mr. Desmond    371

I would go with the Taylormade Irons and buy them in 5-PW if possible. Then I'd put the 5i away until you get better. You will also most likely get a better resale than the Adams set.

I am not in love at all with the RBZ hybrids for a beginner. A better designed hybrid and friendly to beginners and for higher launching is the Bobby Jones - designed by the guy who made Orlimar the #1 fairway in the late 90's. And they have a sale! 25% off. Good feel, head looks big enough to give you confidence - beautiful club. Would also consider the 17 fairway at 42 in. as a easy 5 wood.

I play these hybrids and fairways - they are easy launchers and the hybrids, with the rounded sole, are great trouble clubs. For a beginner, would get the 25 and 30 in hybrids, and the price is right.


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    • Going to be around a full month now.
    • I think I get where @Groucho Valentine is coming from.  I've had rounds where ball striking sucked and I shot well because of short game.  But I've had more rounds where ball striking is good, short game sucks and I still shoot better. I don't know how this will ring, but here goes.  When you take a scratch or plus golfer and put him on a course rating course of 72 or whatever, and he shoots 1 or 2 under, he's going to have stats that look similar to that of the pros.  Why? Because he's shooting the average score of the pros, but on a significantly easier course.  Pros are making those stats on a course rating of 75 or more in tournament pressure and conditions, where the greens are usually hard and running.  I would assume that groucho plays on courses that are not set up even close, condition wise, to that of pro set ups.  To get those low scores, you are putting the ball close to the hole and making a few putts here and there.  So, yeah Groucho may have stats similar to pros, but take him to tougher courses with tougher set ups and I bet those stats won't ring true anymore.
    • ... well, it was clarity for me, anyway.  

      I've been going through a slump recently.  After finally achieving a single digit index, it's been all downhill for the last 3 weeks or so.  Off the tee, I developed a quick hook that I couldn't get rid of.  Everywhere else, I've struggled to strike the ball solidly.  

      On the 5th hole this morning, I was in the rough up the left hand side.  I had 193 yards to the hole and the ball was kind of sunken down a bit, but the back of the ball was exposed.  I took a few practice swings, and then it hit me that I needed to play this like a fairway bunker shot.  I needed to make sure the contact to the back of the ball was clean and that I accelerated through the ball.  I hit a low 4 iron that ran up into the green side trap.  Other than the fact that I pulled it a bit (the rough closed the club face just enough), I played it exactly as I'd wanted to.  

      2 holes later, I had 130 to a flag in the back corner of the green.  This specific green is hard and the ball always releases.  Again, I was in the rough... but this one was sitting cleaner.  I had that same swing thought, playing it like it was a fairway bunker shot, and I hit a great shot with a pitching wedge that landed just shy of the pin and released to about 20 feet.  

      For the rest of the round, that was my thought standing over the ball with an iron.  I've been pretty good out of fairway traps for awhile now.  I don't know why it never clicked with me before today.  I hit crisper irons today than I have for the last month.  I scored like crap (a lot of shots were going further and I was left with tough up & down chances), but... striking the ball felt good again.  

      Chances are that I'll forget this again in the near future, or some other 'masterful' swing thought will take over... but, for now... at least I feel like I'm headed in the right direction.

    • It may. I'm assuming the driver is the biggest issue right now, and not just by a little. If I have a student who is coming for > 1 lesson, I take a slightly different approach. I'll work more often with an iron swing, because many of the same issues are present across the board. But if they're just coming once? I have to show them that I can help them get better with their biggest weakness. And so sometimes that means "yeah, you probably do that with your irons, but since it's magnified even more with the driver, let's work with that." It's not always a pure "golf" decision. Sometimes it's a business decision. If you've got someone coming for eight lessons, you can work up a longer-term plan, and if the driver still isn't fixed you can address it in a later lesson, and the student is more comfortable with that too. If you have one shot, you've got one chance to leave the student feeling happy at the end of the lesson. Your priorities change a little, as does the student's - he's not looking for a long-term ten-shot improvement, he wants to save two or three shots by not hitting a huge slice 14 times a round. Depending on what you mean by "generally." The driver and iron swings can be fairly different. There's less importance on getting your weight forward when the ball is teed up, you can swing faster, many pros play a different shape with the driver than irons, etc. It's a similar but different swing… depending on how picky you want to be about calling something the same or different.
    • Why?   I'll assume you're familiar with logical fallacies and spare explaining why this isn't a legitimate argument.   I don't remember Jack complaining when he was outdriving most of his fellow competitors in the 60s and 70s.    
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