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What is your average Driver yardage?

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  1. 1. How far can you go w/ the Driver on average?

    • 75 - 150 yards
    • 151 - 200 yards
    • 201 - 260 yards
    • 261 - 285 yards
    • 286 - 320 yards
    • 321 - or more

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heh heh heh.

Yea , well on a bad day, my drives travel about 500 yards, maybe 600 if i feel like it, an average day is around 800 for me, fa show. in fact, jason zuback is my caddy!!!

lol, no my average is around 210, but I have an accuracy 68g shaft, rather be straight down with workability, than 400 yards in mud.
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Average controlled driver swing gets me right around 245-255 with little to no roll (playing a controlled fade).  When I play a draw I'm probably more in the 265-270 range, but I have a hard time keep

To me, the more experience I get, straight is way more important than long.     I have been working on a controlled swing & I'm not ashamed to admit I'm happy with around 240-250 yds off the tee.

I figure between the 230-250. I have reached out and got to the 300 with some wind. I am working on accuracy and placement, so I will keep the shorter yardage if that is a trade off.
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240-255 yds, with a slight fade, i can be haveing a horrible round,a nd just go to this shot, i never hit it bad. its just so natural.

i hit a natural draw witht he 3-wood though, and ive video taped and analyzed my swing with bot clubs, and have not found anything differnt.
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Probably an average of 240 carry if i hit it well, if i really hit it possibly 250 carry, but this is on an uphill driving range with range balls so...
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225 but with a crappy driver. I'll have my Titleist 907D1 on Monday - keep yall posted. I'm hoping to slow down my swing to gain some accuracy, but I should still improve my distance by 10 yards or so.
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I carry 2 drivers usually, one is a serious one and the other is for fun/show. It's a 650cc integra SOOO Long 9º with a steel shaft. I'll use the extra long tee's and pull off the happy gilmore swing. With that size head you can't miss. It's frikkin increadible. But my baby is the Callaway Hyper X 9º with a stiff flex shaft. My average drive is about 320 with the Happy swing, and around 290-300+ with the Callaway. Tee it high and let it fly!
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Average 210-220 yards ! Longest drives I saw/witness (in play) from amateurs (hcp 5-10) is around 260-280 yards (normal weather conditions).

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I expect an average drive to travel around 280-285. The problem is that my accuracy is not the best. Driving is definitely the weakest part of my game. I'd estimate that I hit 5-6 fairways in an average round. I'd have no problem giving up a few yards for accuracy, but I'm no more accurate when I swing easy with my driver than when I take a full solid swing. I think I could bring my handicap down 3-4 strokes pretty easily if I could improve my tee game.

Just for reference, I swing a Callaway FT5 with a X-Stiff Fujikura shaft.
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I'm going to say 265 because I usually have trouble finding the fairway at times.

The skycaddie puts me at 265 in the rough and usually 280 if it lands in the fairway. If I hit it pure and on the sweetspot, fairway, it will be 295ish, 300 depending on how soft or hard the fairway is.
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Just got the igolf Neo last week and I've been measuring my drives.

I'm averaging about 230-245. Really high ball flight though, I think my swing has outgrown the 10.5 degree loft on my HiboreXL.
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Not my driver since I can't hit it well but I tee off with a 19 degree hybrid and usually get about 220-230 with a 20 yard roll. So around 240-250 total. I am about the same with a 3 iron off the tee as well when I can hit it straight.
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Note: This thread is 3726 days old. We appreciate that you found this thread instead of starting a new one, but if you plan to post here please make sure it's still relevant. If not, please start a new topic. Thank you!

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    • If I am understanding this correctly, I've been able to, for over two and a half years now, move stones in bunkers, as long as doing so doesn't move my ball, same as I can do on the fairway or in the rough?   I either missed this entirely or forgot about it.   
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    • Previously the LR caused a stone to be treated like a MO in all respects. Now the rule doesn't.  Why not?  Why shouldn't the Rule simply deem a stone in a bunker as either a LI or treat it by Rule as one? A safety conscious player could incur a penalty for being safe about a stone but not a walnut. 
    • This argument is like saying that someone who wins the first two games in a best of three competition hasn't won because there were two rounds and not three.
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