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Hi from Quebec

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I just realized I never did an introduction thread!

So I am 28, from Quebec City, Canada. I am a video game network programmer. I started playing golf about 7 years ago, but only started playing regularly last summer. Before it was only 2-3 rounds per year, and I played something like 25 rounds last summer. I also play left handed, the only one I know in everyone I play golf with, so everytime I miss a shot, you can be sure I hear someone say: you should try playing the other way around!

I am currently practicing at an indoor facility with simulators because it is totally impossible to play around here in winter. Courses should be playable in April (late March if we are really really lucky with the temperature). I am also taking some lessons this winter (still have a constant fade that switches into a slice every 4-5 shots) and I'd like to get rid of that.

Last year, I was playing around 110-115 at the beginning of summer, and at the end, my last 3 rounds were under 100 (98-94-96). I hope to play under 90 this year!

For my equipment, if anyone is interested

Driver: Taylormade RBZ

3 wood: Taylormade RBZ

5 wood: Taylormade RBZ

4 hybrid: Macgregor tourney

irons (5-6-7-8-9-P-G): Wilson Di11 (I also have a 4 iron, but I keep it out of bag for the hybrid, way easier to hit)

56 wedge and 60 wedge: Wilson

Putter: Nancy Lopez putter (I am built quite short and like to lean a lot over the ball when putting, so a smaller putter made for a women really fits for me)

So that is me. Feel free to ask anything, I don't bite!


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I just realized I never did an introduction thread!

So I am 28, from Quebec City, Canada.

I am also taking some lessons this winter (still have a constant fade that switches into a slice every 4-5 shots)

OH NO the French Canadian!!! I kid I kid :-D

If you are going to invest in lessons, get a membership to Evolvr. Online video swing analysis. Cheaper than getting golf lessons in person, and will beat anything except a live instruction with a 5 key's instructor.

On that note, check out these threads,

*Specifically the ones on Posture, Five "S" to great practice, and 5SK Video thread.

*You can also post a video of your swing by creating your own My Swing thread.

Looks like you are not entirely new, but still Welcome!!!


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    • I know what u mean. I found Bridgestone e5 brand new for 14.98 a dozen which is a 50% savings!!!! I wanted to shout it from the roof tops!!!! Bought six dozen...then shouted it from the roof tops. From the response, it appears no one is listening to anything golf ball related being shouted from the mountain tops as my forum entry had 0 replies. But hey!!! GO US!!!! Everybody loves golf ball deals!! :)
    • I agree with the first reply. Take some time away and give yourself an opportunity to recharge. We all have our slumps - even the tour pros. Remember, it's just a way to get some fresh air and exercise!  
    • I had a stretch like that about a month ago. For a few solid weeks (playing nearly every day), I couldn't break 80 for the life of me. I kept shooting 83, 86, 84... that sort of thing. And I think I was just trying too hard to fix everything all at once.  I started to overthink about mechanics and my confidence was low and I was tense over every shot and every putt and it all just compounded into poor scores and frustration. But then I decided to take a few days off and then followed it up with a few good sessions on the driving range where I focused on swinging smoothly and swinging within myself.  The issues I was dealing with seemed to fix themselves.  I didn't change anything about my swing, I just focused on approaching the game with "ease".  And at the moment I am playing some of the best golf in my life! Everybody goes through their slumps. Maybe just take some time away and when you return remind yourself to slow down and play within yourself. I bet that will help a lot!
    • I disagree with this. Let's take Titleist and/or Mizuno for example, the manufacturing tolerances are the same, the heads are all coming from the same factories and they all get assembled in the same building. In terms of design they probably spend much less time on the muscle back irons because there is only so much you can do with a blade design. More time goes into the design, R&D of the AP irons than the blades.
    • I was in the same place as u about 9 months ago. My home course was a very tight challenging par 66 golf course. Between the terrible hooking and the complete inability to get the golf ball in the air and the losing of 14 golf balls during one round I absolutely hit rock bottom. I was terribly depressed, angry, and heart broken. Unlike most everyone I know, golf is the only interest I possess other than my family. I own firearms but I do not hunt. I enjoy shooting and bowling over work but Im not overly passionate about either. My round on that given day concluded with me on 18 25 yards before the green aimed away from it. I retrieved the last 9 balls from my bag and hit every single one as hard as I could into the lake!!! I yelled, I cussed, I screamed, I behaved like an absolute lunatic. Broken and ashamed, I returned to my car and swore that no matter what I was done for six weeks. I had lost control and track of my priorities. I was holding golf above all else including my beautiful wife and amazing young son. Im ashamed to admit that esp publicly, but golf had consumed me. It was hell, but for six weeks; no golf channel, no golf browsing, no sand trap visits, didnt touch a golf ball or golf club. After six weeks and re prioritizing my life (getting my shit together) I returned refreshed and re discovered my love for the game. And now Ive dropped 8 strokes from my handicap and have done so while playing much longer more difficult courses. And MOST importantly Ive learned to balance golf with life and things that actually matter. Like family!! If u have reached the point u are at now, u are in danger of becoming me. RUN!!! Dont walk...RUN away from golf before its too late. For six weeks ignore all things golf at any and all costs!! Then come back and see what happens. Hopefully u rekindle your passion, if not, theres no law that says u must play golf. There comes a point where giving it up is the right move. ;) But I bet it doesnt come to that. Best of luck!!!!  P.s. Golf takes a lot of time away from the ones we love. Spend that extra time with those u cherish most. 
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