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Broken Laptop Power Jack

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Does anyone have any experience with opening a laptop computer and repairing it? My wife's Samsung Book 4 has a broken power jack. I'm guessing it must have suffered some kind trauma that caused it to break. A small piece of the black plastic on the end of the power cord is chipped off, but I think it still works. More important is the jack in the computer itself seems to be damaged. One of the clips is broken on the inside of it and the piece in the middle seems to be missing altogether.

I've contacted Samsung, and their response to me was to call some parts dealer to buy a new power cord. I'm not sure they understand what the issue is.

Anyway, since I have experience with fixing electronics, I'm just going buy a new jack, soldering iron, etc. and do this myself. I just wanted to know if anyone has any experience or tips they'd like to share. Any information on potential hazards, tricks, or just general advice would be welcome.

And yes, I understand I'm asking on a golf forum about computer repair :-P

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Take photos as you go so you can reverse steps. Magnetically tipped screwdriver helps. Screwdrivers for eyeglasses. Have air in a can ready to blow out dust.

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    • I hit 60 LW (when I can hit it) about 60-70 full.  55 SW 80-90 54 SW 90-105 PW (used to hit it) 110-120 but struggling with it recently. I either pull it hard or shank slice it right. It's driving me crazy because I used to be automatic with it. 
    • I'm not nearly as consistent as the previous two guys, but I'm typically 10-30 yards shorter with my 3 wood depending on the day and conditions. I could probably use 3 wood instead of driver a majority of the time and still put myself far enough off the tee that I'm not at a significant disadvantage, but honestly I'm not really any more accurate with it than I am with the driver so it's not really worth the loss of distance most times. As far as asking what loft you should look at, it's very difficult for anyone to really answer that because it would depend on the technology in whatever driver you went with. Some do better with higher loft if it's a lower spin model, while others will be better with lower loft if it's more of a mid spin model. Not to mention that shaft flex/kick point/tip stiffness etc all have some impact on launch and spin numbers. Your best bet, if at all possible, would be to find a place that has a launch monitor and a used club selection that will allow you to test as many options as you can.
    • I only have 2 wedges at the moment, I need to add a gap wedge. PW - smooth swing 135, 140 is max yardage SW 56 degree 110, 115 is max yardage clearly there is room for a 50 or 52 degree which I think should put me right about 120-125. Being 6'4" with really long arms any only being in my mid 20's has its advantages. Typically 1-2 clubs further than most of my playing partners, shot direction is a different story hehe
    • Full Swings PW (Mizuno MP53) 120 GW (Mizuno MP53) 110 SW (Callaway Mack Daddy 2) 100 LW (Callaway Mack Daddy 2) 85   The LW has become more and more versatile for me and I use it for 40-90 yards much of the time now...Really liking it.
    • Perfect.  Exactly what I was thinking.  I was also rooting against her as well for the exact reasons you stated.  If she had handled the rules infraction like a honorable person, I wouldn't be thinking negatively towards as I do today.  I know she is a good golfer...but now whenever I hear her name all I can think about is how many times has she adjusted her ball on the green.  She ruined her reputation with me(not that she would care) in ever being someone I am going to pull for.  I don't care that she is from the USA and is a great golfer.  I would root against her in a Solheim cup.  If she had behaved and reacted in the way that you mentioned...I would not harbor the thoughts that I do in my head when I hear her name.  There is nothing that she can do at this point forward to wipe her reputation clean with me.  She will always be a rule bender in my eyes.  The apologists for her in making her to be the victim are simply wrong in so many ways....
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