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Checking in from PA...

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Hello people,

Just signed up after lurking for a bit.  Wanted to say hi.

Love the site.  Enjoyed reading some of the posts in the "What did you shoot today?" and "Swing thoughts" threads and just like reading about golf in general.  So figured I would sign up and maybe chime in from time to time.

A little about me.

I'm 32, live in Philadelphia.  Been playing golf for about 4 years now.  My game is inconsistent but I usually playing to a 20 or so.  Going though some swing changes at the moment(aren't we all) that have me striking the ball a lot better lately but still struggling off the tee.  Hoping to tighten up the swing and start playing a bit more consistent golf this season.

Thanks for reading, look forward to more golf talk


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Sign up (or log in) today! It's free (and you won't see this ad anymore)!

Sign up (or log in) today! It's free (and you won't see this ad anymore)!

Welcome to the site!

I know you said you have been lurking, so you may know some of these threads already, but they're good ones to look at if you want to get the most out of the forum:

If you post video of your swing, you can get helpful advice from members, including instructors. Can't get that from lurking. Very big help even if you use it sparingly, and even the non instructors often have a good knowledge of fundamentals, plus it helps just having others look at it. Just taking the video for comparison to pros, for example, can be a big help so I suggest you use video to supplement any practice or instruction you've got going on.

Just a few tips on where to put the camera, etc. I use my Galaxy S3 phone for a camera with an 8$ tripod that goes on my bag, the quality is useful given I don't want to spend a couple hundred on a 240fps camera.

This one's really useful if you haven't seen it, and it can help with one's driving right away if that's where you're struggling at the moment.

Last of all, don't be afraid to jump into some discussions such as the Masters thread, or the more social ones in addition to the stuff about the swing.


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    • I bet against that for a couple of reasons.   First of all, in this day and age there's virtually zero tolerance for DUI, and rightfully so, regardless of celebrity.  In addition, all police vehicles in Florida now have dash cams that are automatically on when the emergency lights are activated.  Many jurisdictions now outfit officers with body cams as well.  As a result, everything an officer does is subject to close review....and if you pull over a car for erratic driving at 3am, that is found to be registered to Tiger Woods, I guaran-damn-tee that it's going to get reviewed... The discretion that cops once had in a lot of these types of situations just doesn't exist any more.  No cop is likely to risk his career by letting an obvious DUI slide these days, even if it is a celebrity.  Maybe especially then.
    • It doesn't appear to me he was aware he was breaking a rule... until now
    • For the average golfer, getting a driver "that won't hurt your game" is critical. Getting fitted forces you to take a look at what really works, rather than what you think works. As for tech, a lot of it has been incremental change, with an occasional tech bubble that may or may not take off. Depends on when "recent" starts.... 2004: TM R7 driver features adjustable weights in the head to help shape ball flight. 2008: Muzuno MP600 driver features "fast  track" slots in the sole that let you move weighted screws to left or right. It was going on clearance about the time I got fitted for my Callaway HyperX Tour driver. 2012: TM goes with "loft up" ... touting high-launch, low-spin drivers as the route to exceptional distance. Several OEMs start making mini-drivers. TM also adds SLDR and Jetspeed drivers. 2015: "Turbulators," small fins in the crown of the Ping G30 drivers that promise better wind flow over the head. 2017: The Callaway Epic driver with "jailbreak" technology: two metal posts behind the clubface that promise better power transfer through the ball, and a gain of about 10 yards... It depends on how much the technology is new, and how much it is recycled from a few years back. And so we haven't forgotten, parting wisdom from above...  
    • He must have been very messed up or the authorities would not have arrested him.  Why was he driving in that state? Where was Notah to look out and take his keys? Imo he must have been way messed up. .09 breathalyzer or something and a minor infraction like a rolling stop and there's no way he's arrested unless he is not well liked anyway in that area.  
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