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Cleveland Classic driver

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I've noticed this driver has recently dropped a lot in price and I'm thinking about it as a replacement for my Taylormade Burner Superfast 2.0 which I've always found pretty long and I've not got the greatest confidence/control with it.

Has anyone had any good reports of this club and would it be shorter than the burner? Would it suit a mid to high handicapper?

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i had one and thought it was a great driver. The stock shafts are good too.

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    • Thanks @1badbadger. Hopefully, you know I was joking about buying a ball based on what's printed on the box. I'll re-think my opinion about the ball not making a difference and consider going to a launch monitor. I'll have to make some calls in the area concerning a fitter I can trust. With my present swing, I think spin is likely more an enemy than a friend. I associate low compression with less spin, probably due to information on the web. Whether that is too much of a generalization, I don't know. My iron swing produces a high shot with less roll out - even a well-struck long iron. It's both a tendency and a preference. My short game does not involve any attempt to control spin - other than trying to avoid a thin chip or pitch. My driver is a mess right now, but it's all poor mechanics. When I am able to hit a good driver shot, it's higher with less roll out. It's not uncommon to get almost none - possibly due as much to the wet fairways I often play as anything. A two-way miss due to hook or slice spin is not uncommon. This is why I think lower spin would be better, but as you suggested, all these things should show up on a launch monitor and a qualified fitter would be able to make suggestions. Regarding the most expensive not necessarily being the best fit, I will add this... I find a lot of golf balls in the woods at my course and ProV 1's are one of the most common. While I'm partial to playing Titleist's DT Solo or TruSoft on the course, the ProV1's I find are used strictly for practice.
    • Since i was 9 or 10 years old i have been fascinated with miltary history (first grown up book i read was 1st edition of Stephen Ambrose's Band of Brothers). I've studied, researched and read about WW1 and WW2 tech, tactics and personal accounts for years and decided to move to a different era (not that there isnt more to learn cos' there is....lots) So i'm starting to read up on the Vietnam war, again about the tech, tactics and personal accounts. I have "Rolling thunder in a gentle land" which is a good broad account but a little heavy on the political side, and "Chickenhawk" which is incredible story of a Huey pilot. Any of you guys have any recommedations?
    • Granted, but as I said, this group did spend a fair bit of time looking for lost balls. They did hit a few provisionals, but you could see them looking for balls in the distance and then drop a ball from shoulder height into the fairway, so like many golfers they made up their own rules. If everyone did follow the rules to the letter, just think how much slower rounds would be! I like to play with new people regularly, and often the discussion on the first tee is 'what do we do about the lost ball rule?' Outside serious competition the 'walk of shame' rule is universally ignored, so why the pretense that it's a good rule? Like a lot of the other dumb rules that are being dumped in 2019, the governing bodies should have dumped this as well, if only in amateur golf! Andy
    • It all depends on the skill of the mushy human holding the club to be honest. I know far too many weekend and occasional golfers who drop £300+ on brand irons and £200+ drivers and i rock up with my £45 Hippo Beasts and £30 Ping G5 and i beat them (and im a crap golfer ). If you play a lot of golf then you'll benefit from investing in the more expensive clubs and fitting. Rec golfers can do fine with better priced clubs and pre loved clubs. just a quick note to @The Club Nut, fitting is great for many people but not essential. My Uncle is 70 yrs young, played since he was 10 and was a top amateur in the 60's and 70's (decided not to go Pro as he wanted a family) and he had his first ever custom fit for Ping's last year. His feedback? "Lovely clubs, hit them just as well as my Dunlop back-up clubs", typical Yorkhireman!!  
    • To answer your question, I would regard the area beyond the fairway where one feels the ball is lost to be a ‘lateral hazard’ and then drop the ball according to the current hazard rules. Namely, drop within two club-lengths of, and not nearer the hole than, the point where the ball last crossed the margin of the hazard (In the case of a lost ball, the margin would be the fairway edge) . Not always easy to determine where the ball crossed the margin, but then hooking a shot 200 yds away into a lateral water hazard that runs the length of the fairway poses the same problem at the moment.  However, unlike the lateral hazard rule, add 2 penalty shots not one. So in your scenario, the golfer who hit his shot behind a tree would lie 2, and the golfer who lost a ball would lie 3 Another option would be to adopt Speedgolf rules, but adding 2 penalty shots. See below     Andy  
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