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jose c

hello from S.MICHIGAN

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Been getting good advice from this site for awhile decided its time to join.

I love the everything about the game and cant think of anything i'd rather be doing next to bowhunting.


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    • I too, have difficulty understanding what is being asked.  Down - obviously Towards the ball - obviously A thought I often use is "point your lead shoulder at the ball" on the backswing. The caveat being, don't get overly steep with your shoulder plane.  
    • Just curious.   I've been watching some of the videos by Mark Crossfield and other youtube pro's and there is an argument to how much shaft stiffness truly matters.  Obviously too whippy is gonna lead to inconsistent strikes and dispersion.  I'm a S stiff guy, like I'm sure a lot of us amateurs are, but what makes these pro's need and prefer X?  Is it all the dispersion?  Because it can't be swing speed.  Bernhard Langer, Tom Gillis and all these guys on the champions tours still swing X even with decreasing swing speeds compared to the younger pro's.  So why is it?   And also are there any pro's that choose to swing a S or R flex and why? 
    • I get what you're saying @Vinsk ... but there might be a little more to it that we don't know.  Like @iacas said, Ernie thought he incurred a penalty so he assessed one. If I had to guess, there's probably slightly more to it than "it came out too good" because I agree with you on that one ... lies in the rough frequently come out differently than even the pros expect.  But perhaps he was having extra trouble getting it back where it needed to go, and the good result was just the confirmation.
    • Hey everyone,   So I've been really investing some time into this game the past couple years and think (hope, its golf ) that I'm making a breakthrough.  I started playing in high school with buddies where my main purpose was to hit the ball as hard as I could.  I'm a long lanky guy and was routinely out hitting my buddies even though they had much more experience.  Where they were really envious of me is with my driver where I could pound it 265+ even back then.  My irons were hit or miss, literally, where I would get a high flying 165 yd 8 iron and stick the green or duff one 10 feet.  So I've been working on the control game ever since I started taking this game more seriously to no avail.  I was still duffing and on the course I would find my self trying to crush it instead of just make solid contact.     My long sought effort of developing a controlled swing finally started to click at the range the other day.  One thing I had to continually fight myself on was coming out of my front foot.  I guess to hit it far I would do the jump out of my shoes like Justin Thomas, except without near the control.  I noticed I also tried to help the ball up a lot doing this, so when contact was good I would hit that high flying, but low spinning iron shot.  I was finally able to just roll onto the outside of my left foot without having these anxious spasms right before I hit the ball.  Honestly I think anxiety has a lot to do with golf.  Many of us amateurs don't know how the shot is going to end up.  Hitting a small ball with a big stick leads to a myriad of results and can literally be quite shocking when striking the ball.  I think I'm finally getting over that and losing my little nervous hop right before impact.  I was able to swing and roll through with a solid grip.  That was another thing I would do is release or tense weird areas of my hand when striking.     Its crazy how these little subtleties made such a difference.  While everyone around me was hitting tops and thin shots, I was able to stay cool and composed and struck the ball great!  Decreasing my nervous hop is decreasing my mishits by a large margin.  I'm also way more relaxed in my stance and grip.  I know its golf and this was just a one time thing, but I truly felt it and hoping I can make this change stick.  Hopefully on my way to lower scores 
    • On which tour did you plan on watching him play? I'm pretty sure he's not even a regular player on the Web.com Tour. This is probably a one and done kind of thing. In all honesty he hasn't been that fun to watch. He's not really cranking the drives because he needs to keep them in play and he's clearly not good enough to compete with PGA Tour players. If he wasn't who he was, he wouldn't even be getting air time.
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