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British Golf Rules in 1940

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MEfree    34

My dad forwarded me this email:

British Golf Rules in 1940 And, you thought you were a tough weather golfer. The notice below was posted adjusting rules at a golf club in Britain in 1940. You have to admit --- these guys really had to like the game to play! German aircraft from Norway would fly on missions to attack northern England . Because of the icy weather conditions, the barrels of their guns had a small dab of wax in the muzzle to protect them from clogging with ice. In addition to attacking industrial or other targets close to golf courses, as they crossed the coast, they would clear their guns by firing a few rounds at the golf courses. Golfers were urged to take cover.

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David in FL    1,520

Now that's what I'm talkin' about!

No whining about playing out of a dinky little sand-filled divot.  If a bomb explodes in the middle of your swing you can replay, but it's still a penalty stroke!

Man up and play goff! :beer:

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    • Great ingishts.  Jogging my memory here the guy who wrote the book and invented strokes gained proved that long game ecclipses short game when it comes to scoring contrary to popular opinion.     In terms of the putting stats they are a bit out of whack because I tend to forget to tag them.   Distance control is my biggest challenge.  I switched to an armlock putter last years because I have tremors in my hands 24/7 so my putting was spraying everywhere .  The putting is way better this year.  When I can lock in the distance I've been able to drop a few 20 and 35 footers.   I'll definitely consider everything you've mentioned for v3.0.  
    • Probably distance control. He's 3 putting or worse over 50% of the time.  
    • You can google image search "mathematics" and pick one of the top search results. Congrats. All that proves is that you know how to use Google.   Not sure why you feel the need to be sarcastic and rude when people are asking you to back up your claims with facts. Thats literally the purpose of a forum, to discuss thoughts and ideas back and forth, not be be sarcastic and rude while hiding behind a keyboard making facts and claims without any evidence to back them up.
    • My iron dispersion is poor at the moment , I'm working on some posture and lower body issues that are probably not helping but are still important. This is OK, but not when I'm playing with a group on a round, where I want to hit greens. I don't want to do the band-aid of swinging the iron with my old swing (where everything, especially knees, moves far too much) as it might impair progress.  I'm not suffering the same issues with woods/hybrids, which tend go much straighter without too much effort, so It'd be great to use these when I want to hit a green. Unfortunate thing is, I have never found a way to scale them down to partial shots - the usual result in this instance is a duck hook. Any ideas for partial wood/hybrid shots, are they even a good idea?
    • That helps alot. Thanks for linking that. Gamegolf is a great way to get objective feedback and stats. One thing I would recommend is to go back in after your round and edit your putting distances to accurately reflect the actual distances to the best that you remember. Looking at your most recent round, they dont look accurate, the first hole it says you were 64 feet away on the green, then 2 feet, then 1 foot then 3 feet. Correct me if I am wrong but I'm assuming you didnt 3 putt from 2 feet? Without accurate distances for the putts, the strokes gained charts under the insights section on gamegolf will be meaningless because I think it takes distance left after putts into consideration. What do you struggle with in putting? Is it green reading, distance control, consistency, etc.? You could always start a swing thread focused on just your putting if you wanted some help with that, or you could also see if you can find a local AimPoint class near you. I have started incorporating some of the AimPoint ideas into my own putting even without taking a class and it is still beneficial. For your putting specifically, try reading this article That being said, I would agree that putting is a glaring weakness of your game, but I would still advocate for something closer to a 50% long, 30% putting, 20% short game split. It will be very difficult to score until you can consistently get your driver over 200 yards. Looking at your last round, it looked like there were a number of very short 2nd shots, probably mishits and flubbed shots, which would be fixed by improving the long swing.
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