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Re shafting irons and re gripping

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bondijim93    0

Hey all..

the last few months ive been interested in re shafting clubs and re gripping them, but im not sure where to start. I want to know how easy it is to do it or if its pretty difficult. As I have my first kid on the way and I want to get some clubs and just modify them for her so she can smash balls around and become the world number 1 haha..

But yea is it hard and what stuff would I need to start

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Ernest Jones    994

Everything I've heard and seen leads me to believe that it's really easy, you just need:

  1. The time
  2. A decent workspace
  3. The basic tools (vise, torch, heat gun, solvent, pans, exact-o and so on...)

I almost did it myself with a set of X-22s, hummed and hawed about it for a week and finally realized I didn't have any of the aforementioned points so I sent them in to Callaway to get them to do. Callaway charged such a decent price I don't really see any advantage to doing them myself other than a much faster turnaround.

I think it would be fun to do and if I had space to set-up a little work shop area I might have opted to do it myself, because honestly the time to do it is minimal and it wouldn't real cost that much for the start up gear but I really have nowhere to set up.

PS: Welcome to the Trap. Lot's of great people on here that will offer help and advice if you decide to do it.

PPS: Get yourself an avatar before the mods stick you with this:

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WUTiger    455

Replacing a single damaged S300 shaft with a new S300 shaft is a lot different than reshafting a set of 3-PW from S300 to NS Pro 950.

If you're replacing a damaged shaft with a like shaft, it would be fairly simple to do.

If you're reshafting an entire set with a new shaft, you need a swingweight machine, tip weights to recapture swingweight, a sharp cutting saw to tip-trim (if using parallel tip shafts) the shafts before installation, and butt trim to length after shaft is epoxied to the head.

Reshafting isn't hard if you know what you're doing. If you haven't done so before, you might want to practice on a bargain barrel 5-iron before you do it on your good set. Be aware that garageland reshafting likely will void any warranty on the clubs.

Regripping is simple - if you know what you're doing.

You also need to get the equipment, and have workspace/processing space to do it. And, you need some quiet time and patience so you can do a quality job.

If you know a local clubsmith, you might ask him or her if  you could observe reshafting sometime on a quiet day.

If you really want to learn how, you could attend one of the GolfWorks clubmaking academy basic courses. Check out the website: http://www.golfworks.com/article.asp_Q_ai_E_494

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vangator    114
There are bunches of videos out there to help you. I have a Golfsmith club building book. I've built many, many sets over the years for family and friends. Not hard at all. I put together a set of irons over Christmas. Pinhawk heads on TT DG S300 with Winn Dri-tac grips. I spine aligned and FLO'd the shafts. I built the spine align tool for about $20 with parts from Ace Hardware and used a penlight laser and an old drill chuck for FLOing the shafts. I have a swing weight scale and made them D1. It took parts of two days because I let the epoxy dry overnight. I trim the shafts with my radial arm saw with a metal cutting blade. I have part of my garage set up as a wood shop and golf shop. My son-in-law has a set of Ping i3's that were too short and thin grips. I extended the shafts 1/2 inch and put on some jumbo grips this past Saturday.

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Smokee666    0

just a personal preference to golf grips, http://www.golfgripsecrets.com

they might seem to be a bit more expensive, but when you work out the life of a genuine leather grip...

for a fitting video and the right glues to use http://www.thegripmaster.com/golf_grips_fitting.html

for the best shafts of 2014 http://www.golftipsmag.com/equipment/shafts/2014-buyers-guide-shafts.html#.U_1qnfmSyFg

video tutorials are all on YouTube - re shafting and re gripping golf clubs...

hope this helps...

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