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dave s

After work (weekday) league night woes

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Compared to weekend golf, which is relaxing and whenever I feel like scheduling rounds, weekday after work league night golf is wearing on me.  Once I get there, it's great.  I really don't care what I shoot--it's more about the company of long-standing friends, catching up, drinking a couple beers, grabbing something to eat afterwards or just sitting on the club's patio talking nonsense over one last beer.

The downside is the stress of working all day, scheduling stuff around leaving my home office an hour early to fight traffic jams all the way to the golf course.  By the time I get there, the stress level is a 9 on the 0-10 meter.  The golf course is 15 miles from my home but takes 30 minutes on a smooth Thursday afternoon, usually 45 minutes or more due to traffic, wrecks, construction, etc.

Depending on where my partner and I are on the tee sheet that evening, I could tee off anywhere from 5:00 to about 5:45.  If you're in the last couple of groups, you're certain to still be out there at 8:45 pm.  If you go off in the first couple of groups, the round moves a bit more quickly.  It takes me 3-4 holes (and at least ONE beer) to unwind mentally and loosen up physically.  By then, I'm already +5 or more, (see why I don't care what I shoot?!!!) then the slow pace takes care of the rest of the round.

Started off this season with four 9-hole rounds of 44.  Since then, it's been one 41 and the rest crap.  We're on our 9th league round this Thursday.  Notice I live in NE Ohio and we played all of April and May in cold, this-is-NOT-golf weather.  The course moved our league start day up because it hosts an early HS tournament Labor Day weekend.  So the Thursday BEFORE Labor Day is our last league round, now.

The guys who organize our league are great.  We pretty much roll with what the course dictates because the place is 95% as nice as Firestone CC.  The league has grown from 24 to 40 guys recently.  I've come to the personal conclusion that 40 is too many for a weeknight league to operate efficiently.  We all hang around 9 or 18 green until the last group finishes.  Except for June - August, the last groups are finishing up in dusk to dark conditions.  League night is now a 7 hour deal of which actual 'golf time' is 1 hour 45 minutes of the evening.

Pretty sure I'll bug out after this season.  Love the guys we play with, but the stress factor is making league night more like work than fun anymore.


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Join new club and sign up to the  weekly league to play with and get to know some of the guys.  So far it's two weeks into it . I didn't have a partner and it happens they need one more group to make it even pair so everyone gets to play weekly. So either the Head Pro and assistant Pro has been my partner.  It's been a blast as they have game and carrying our team 

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Last year when I played in a league, we were 10 minutes from work and didn't tee off until 1 hour from the end of the shift.   It was nice to unwind, relax, warm up the golf swing and practice some putting before playing.   The league was a hack league which, like yours, enjoyed the beer.  If I would have had to drive 1 hour after work, I don't think I would have played.   

Since I have retired, I still don't play in a league, I just play whenever I choose.  I do miss the comraderey though.

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Update on my league . I been liking it, maybe cause its first year I join but I been looking forward to it every week.

The comraderey been friendly and competitive and I really haven't meet anyone I would not play with again.

Its not a absolute must that I play every week , we have spares that are willing to replace us in the league.

Also my game has been getting better each week I played rather than playing alone or with regular playing buddies


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Note: This thread is 1625 days old. We appreciate that you found this thread instead of starting a new one, but if you plan to post here please make sure it's still relevant. If not, please start a new topic. Thank you!

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    • Here are my 2021 Golf Goals; a few more than last year. 1. I want to shoot par for nine holes, and break 80 for 18 holes, just one round of each is all I need. I think I can do it on the front nine of my home course (2910 yards, par 36), but I’m still gonna need to practice to get that done. 2. I’d like to get to the point where I’m averaging around 42 for nine holes, which means between 82 and 85 for eighteen holes. What I need to do is the same as #1, but I probably need more lean on irons/hybrids.  3. I want to get my handicap down to 14 or lower (17.4 right now) and KEEP it there. I wasn’t specific enough last year, so I’m making sure I say that this year! Again, practice is key. 4. I’m hitting 28% of greens (5/18) right now on average. I want to get that up to at least 40% (7/18), and to do that, I will put forth about 3/4 of my bucket on irons, because that’s what I’m hitting for most of my approach shots. 5. I want to improve my bunker play. To what standard, I don’t know, mainly because my bunker game is super inconsistent right now. There’s a practice bunker next to the range, so I could hit shots out of that to practice hitting different-length bunker shots. 6. I’m averaging 61% of fairways right now, so I’m gonna keep the goal from last year, get to 70% or higher. Same practice thing as last year. 7. I would like to limit my three-putts to two max per round, which means I need to spend a good amount of time on the practice green, practicing my lag putting. Also, I’d like to get my average number of putts down to 34 or less (36 avg right now). 8. This one may be the most important to me, which is why I saved it for last. I want to make All Conference in the golf season. To do that, I’m gonna need to place in the top 12 in scoring average of the 50 or so golfers in our conference (prob need to average 42). I know I have the game, because when our last season was cut due to COVID, I wasn’t even playing my best, As I said, #8 may be the one I want the most, especially since I saw where I was at the end of last season.
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    • Trying to keep solid contact. Sequence just feels weird.  I've been working on hitting a lot of punch shots. Also trying to slow down on full swings but that seems to make things worse lol. I’m not sure why my shots are off the toe. 
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