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For this week my best shot came on a long par 4 where, after my drive i was about 200 yards out. Hit a 4 iron that hopped once and ended up landing about 5 feet from the hole.
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Made a hole in one yesterday! 9 iron from about 160. I basically flew it in the cup. The ballmark destroyed the side of the hole. We saw it bounce from the tee and disappear, so I'm not 100% sure how

Kind of cold wet day, hole 17, 195 yards, hybrid, one bounce, ace 

116 yard par 3. Wedge. Lands two feet right of the hole, takes one hop left and . . . It's in the hole!! Bedlam on the tee box!!  

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I have two shots from this past weekend.

The best was a putt. 30' putt on a 2 teir green. Putt broke about 8-9 feet from right to left and went into the heart of the cup for a birdie.....truth be told, a better 35yd approach shot would have made an easy birdie but this made a way better story.

The second shot was driving a green. Not sure on yardage as you cut a corner to get there. The scorecard says 329, i would say the hole plays 285-290 in a straight line. The wind was with us, id say 5mph, just a slight wind. Hit a draw around the corner and really hit it well. Let my friends hit and we head up to find my ball about 12ft past the cup, a good flat eagle putt.....rim out....tap in for birdie. I think i was a little too excited, i hit it a little too firm, had i took an extra second it would have fallen.
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18th Hole Par 5 at Black Gold Yorba linda CA. My drive was on and off all day! but on this hole dog leg left I hit it about 290 right to left pefectly and that's it. I ended up paring the hole but my drive was really perfect.
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Lewis River Golf in Washington, 5 shots in a scramble this week (2nd place at -8, insanely difficult pins). 1. Drive on first hole over the pond, 265yd carry to 10 yds left of the green on dog leg right opening hole (with half the players watching, tournament was not a shot-gun start). 2. 6 ft. putt for birdie on 15th hole, broke 4 ft. from right to left, downhill, last one in group to putt and made it (put us at -6). 3. Drive on 16th, dog-leg right short par 4 (275 yds to hold), can't see the hole but can see the fountain in the water just to the left of the green; drove it straight over the trees to 4 yds left of the green, made the chip and birdie putts, too. 4. Drive on 18 (we are now -8), we realize we might have a chance at winning this thing, drove it straight down the middle 275yds after other 3 players had hit drives left / right and generally unplayable. 5. 4-foot putt on 18 to save par (last guy to go, again), that kept us at -8 for the tournament. Woo-Hoo!!!
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Mine was a chip this week. 172 yard par 3, hit a 5-iron way fat and left it about 80 yards short (doh). That should be an easy gap wedge, but I either toed it or left the face 45 degrees open and the shot fired right, just over my partner, and rolled out to some hardpan/straw in an unwatered part of the next fairway over. Fortune smiled upon me and left the ball with an open view of the green through a break in the trees, but I still had to get up over the 8-10 foot embankment at the back of the green and then stop the ball on the green tilted away from me. Somehow I landed the chip softly right on the fringe, and it rolled to 15-18 feet from the pin. I went on to make the putt for a bogey-save, but that chip was a real miracle, and probably saved a very good round from a triple bogey.
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I've been browsing the forums (great place) and the other day I saw a post where someone used Google Earth to measure something. Thinking that would be cool, I installed it to check the distance of my longest drive to date. With approximate placement of the tee area, and pretty exact placement of the landing area (where it came to rest), my longest drive measured out to 298yds. My guesstimation is that roll accounted for only a small portion, maybe 10-yards of that distance as the hole is slightly uphill/sidehill, and the shot was hit after several days of rain making the fairways softer.

Having read many of the how for is your average drive threads, let me add a disclaimer... This is most definitely NOT my average drive, just that one that I truly hit pure and flush. My average good drive is in the 250 neighborhood. The actual average is greatly diminished when OB shots and major slices are taken into account.
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I was playing at Sunset Valley in Jersey this past Sunday.. had a lot of great shots, but this 1 stuck out in my head.
185 Par 3 into the wind up hill. the green has a CRAZY 35 degree slope to it...
I normally go at this hole with no wind with either a 5 or a 4 iron depending on the placement.
My brother & his best friend (1st year golfers) were pulling 6 irons. I decided to tee up a 5 wood high and play a really high cut and land it nice and soft.
"do you know how long the hole is? it's only 185 yards. you're gonna fly the green."
I said "trust I got this." and I was just hoping the ball would cut out on me. It did and I had 4' left for a tricky downhill birdie putt that I bricked...but at least my tee shot worked to perfection.
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At the UF golf course, ninth hole, i had a full 8 iron shot to the pin, and the hole was invisible due to a small hill at the front of the green. after a solid drive, i took out the 8 iron and hit the smoothest and straightest iron shot of my life. 3 feet from the pin at 130 yards. tapped it in for my first birdie since getting back into golf a few months ago. felt incredible! but i'm sure everyone has one of those amazing shots in their bag. =) glad to be a new member!
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"Shot of my Week" Honors has to go to my second (actually 3rd because of an errant drive ) on the par 4 15th at Cobleskill Golf and Country Club. I was about 170 at my drop, downhill lie with a five iron. Hit it at a gap between two bunkers toward the front of the green, and it started out looking like it was going to the right bunker . Then, it began to curl back, landed just on the green and bounced/rolled to 5 feet for par


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Played with the guys from the office and shot a nice, steady 82 on Bethpage Blue.

Had two great shots - the first was 2nd on a par 5 with about 205 to the hole, hit a real nice 4-hybrid off a downhill lie to 8 feet (missed the eagle putt). The second was on a short, dogleg par 4. Hit a 5-wood off the tee through the fairway. Ball was in a good lie from 140, but in some spotty rough nearly in the woods. Had a tree about 40 yards in front of me - too high to go over, but enough room under the branches to hit a laser. Played the ball off the back foot with an 8-iron, stayed down on the ball and flew it to the hole to 2 feet.
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First round in about 2 years,after a couple of trips to the range, first hole 500 yard par 5, standing on the first tee was a little nervous, rip driver 275 down the middle followed by a 5 wood to he back edge. Damn it felt good.
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I played this past weekend at John Hawkins public course (Roebuck golf course to the locals) and had a shot that has started a big rethink of my game. I have been having problems with my driver like most folks do. After opening the round with a triple bogey I decided to try my 3 iron off the tee on the 2nd hole being that is a short par 4. I ripped a approx 240 yard bomb with my 3 iron! that shot left me about a 30 yard chip which stop about 4 foot from the hole and knocked that in for birdie. A played my 3-iron off the tee the rest of the round and a lot better results than I would have had with the driver. Now I am dying to play again to see if that was one of those fluke rounds or a sign of possible equipment changes.
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Hole 1 Gibson Bay Golf Course. Second shot from about 75-80yds out, swing a full 60* wedge, bounce, bounce, dunk......EAGLE!!!

Always good to start a round with an eagle. Also shot my personal best 78.
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after scoring my first eagle last weekend I got my second yesterday.

Par 5 around 560... Hit a mamoth drive down the left side and was rougly 215 out. Hit my 5 Iron just short of the green on the right side 10 yds short. Pin back right on an enormous green so I took out a 56* tilted the face forward to run it nearby for a nice birdie try. Low and behold the sucker drops right in the cup. Especially nice considering there was a foursome on a green cornering mine. Saw the whole thing and got a nice round of applause. Took me to 1 under for the round
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I went back today to the course that whooped me last Friday. I was particularly looking forward to another chance at the par 5 that got so in my head last week. (Took a 10 on my longest drive to that point.)

I smashed my drive same as last time. This time, I was thinking about it hard. I had a small opening in the trees to cut the corner (hard dogleg left...number 12 at Jamestown Park if any of you are local) so I punched it through looking for a decent lie in the fairway with a clear shot at the green. Sitting center fairway, I judge the range and pull the 8 iron and go straight at the flagstick.

I watched with a grin as my ball hits the green, hops back about a foot and comes to rest two feet from the hole. Easy birdie putt. And it went.

I stood there for a moment, grinning like an idiot, just looking at my lie from the fairway. MAN THAT FELT GOOD!!!!!

Jack Lee
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