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Always Play the Same Ball vs. Play Many Brands

Same Ball vs Many Types/Brands  

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  1. 1. Do you consistently play the same brand and version of golf ball or play whatever is available?

    • Always play the same brand and version
    • Always play the same brand but will use different versions (e.g. Titleist Pro VI and Pro VIx)
    • Tend to play one brand/version when playing for a score or tournament only
    • Play the same type of ball (e.g. Urethane cover with multi layers) but brands change
    • Play anything except cheap 2 piece balls
    • Play anything that is round
  2. 2. Do you think playing the same brand and version consistently helps or would help your play?

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Same type of ball for me.   I vary between Titleist ProV1, Vice Pro and TaylorMade TP5.   All feel very similar to me.   That includes the V1x and Vice Pro Plus.  

Around the green is what is important and all of those give the same feel.  Vice and ProV1 feel harder on full shots than the TaylorMade TP5 and ProV1x .  For around the green, I think it helps slightly 

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In the past, I didn't really care any ball would do I think one of my better rounds come on the back of rough old balls and I hated losing new PROV1,TP5 etc type balls ... but now as I generally don't lose as many I'm trying to play the same ball from round to round ...

Today playing solo I had a play around with mutable balls (as I lost a few in the strong crosswind)

And because of this issues when playing different balls I decided to BUY 50x E6's straight flight cheaper price etc 

 Did tee off with a Dunlop Ti distance Vs Bridgestone E6 .. was blown away how far the Dunlop D went easy 10-20yards longer than E6 which when trying to land the ball on the green was a major issue as the same club I used to put the Dunlop well past the back of the green was perfect for the E6.. 

then playing with a Taylormade TP5 so much nicer close to the green. but expensive to lose which seemed easier to do off the tee at times

What I need is a ball that suits a driving swing speed 110mph soft feel, lower spin forgiveness on off-center shots we mid HC make at times..that still has playability and feel close to on the green ..

thinking Callaway Chrome Soft X might be a good fit

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I ordered a bunch of logo Pro Plus balls from Vice last year for an event. Have a few dozen left, so I'll play those through this year most likely. I like the feel and they seem to perform better for me than I do for myself, so no reason to change this year. 

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If I didn't lose so many I would consider using a good quality ball for a little more consistency?  Some days, I just can't keep a ball in play and get frustrated.  Other days I tee off on the first hole with and old, junk ball and have a good round and keep it for the whole round, hence I don't think playing a high end ball is justified right now.

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