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  1. I partially achieved my goals. I did shoot consistently in the low 90s, but only broke into the 80s a couple times. I did not break 80, but did shoot an 81 at my home course. I have not eliminated blowup holes, but I have reduced their frequency. I expect to have less time for golf in 2017, so my primary focus will be to at least maintain the level I am at (16 index). I hope to improve on this, but will be happy so long as I do not backslide.
  2. I just made my first eagle on Friday. Went Driver, 3W to pin high, 4' right of the cup, and made the putt.
  3. Nice. I'm itching to get mine. My fitting was two weeks ago. I haven't seen any emails from them, but from what I've gathered it seems about a month for the putter to arrive. Patience is hard!
  4. Putter looks awesome! When do get to take it out for a round?
  5. With the rounds being delayed, I missed the deadline to switch out Bryson for Kuchar. Round 3 is gonna be rough a man down...
  6. That would make for an interesting mini-golf hole!
  7. Last crazy idea--make eccentric feet that rotate to achieve different height. You could make this pretty simply from wood, with a bandsaw and drill press (or a jigsaw and hand drill if you don't have the others). Pardon the lousy sketch, but something like this... doc00277020160412121851.pdf
  8. Are you referring to a pin you would insert at different heights (similar to how you insert a pin in weight machine to select different weight, or in this case height)? If so, when you are at the low height, this would leave your adjusting "track" above your putting surface. Am I misunderstanding you?
  9. Another idea for making the slope adjustments would be the use of opposing wedges stacked on top of one another. We use these "wedge packs" in structural concrete construction when we need to adjust large panels of formwork. One wedge would be fixed, and one would slide. The sliding wedge will adjust the height. The range of adjustment would only be limited to the size of wedges used. With some thought, I think you could create a pretty clean solution that would also be simple and durable.
  10. In order to make the slope, use leveling feet (as mentioned by @dennyjones). You can make these adjustable from the top by double-nutting them. This would allow adjustment from above using a socket wrench. The range of adjustment you are looking for is only 2.4" (to get a 4% cross slope in 5'), so this should not be difficult to achieve. From above you would have roughly a 1/2" diameter hole in each corner to access the adjusters. Also, run your studs perpendicular to the length, since the common stud length is 8'. This will also make it easier to get a planar surface. (Separately, i
  11. I tried the same thing to no avail. The mobile version of the website isn't too bad to navigate, however, especially during the tournament if you are just looking to swap players in and out of your bench.
  12. That's brutal! Hope you get a chance to give it a go soon. Putter looks awesome in black.
  13. Dudes! Made a 2.5 hour drive to Roseville, CA for an Edel putter fitting this morning. What an awesome experience! I saw Neal at Golf Galaxy. He met me an hour before the store opened. I am currently playing an Odyssey mallet. He picked the Mckenzie blade for me, and it turns out that three lines on the bottom works best. He also tried a different blade shape with a curved trailing edge, but I wasn't consistent with that shape (even with the three lines). Going back to the Mckenzie had me aiming center cup each time. he fit me to a 68 degree lie, and 1 degree of loft, with a 325g head wei
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