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  1. Just curious, how many of us plan to use BD for the masters?
  2. It took me way longer to birdie #15 at my home course than I imagined and I still only have 1 on that hole. Its a 90 degree dogleg right with no real opportunity to cut any of it off, which leaves 150+yds from the green. It’s also a weird approach, or it just got in my head that I hadn’t birdied it and I kept thinking I had to. Either way, got it and a few eagles.
  3. Asics teamed up with Srixon this year to offer a golf shoe in North America. I’ve been rocking them this summer and into fall, and I love them! I haven’t had a single issue with them yet. Waterproof, breathable, and comfortable. Need to change out my spikes, though, as they are toast. I have the boa version. They remind me of the FJ freestyle, but the asics plays better. Anyone else using them? SRIXON / ASICS GOLF PARTNERSHIP | Srixon Srixon
  4. It’s interesting when the fairways roll out a mile. I played a tourney this summer where I was going 2iron wedge into 450yd holes. Make the fairways super soft but still cut short, and I’d have to use driver to get a wedge in. It’s still a lot of fun either way.
  5. Chambers Bay may never host again, not because of the greens, they roll great now. It’s because it was a terrible venue for spectators. Off the fairway is dune grass that could twist your ankle if you’re not careful. Can’t walk easily in dunes or anywhere around that place. It is a massive piece of land but not built for people watching. Another PNW giant that won’t host a big pro event is Bandon. There’s nothing outside of that tiny town for an hour. Zero resources. Chambers and Bandon are both difficult and big pieces of land but not capable of hosting due to spectator and media necessities.
  6. Are we talking about a brand new person to game of golf deciding whether 18 is in their wheelhouse or whether to stick to 9 holes? Or about someone, normal golfer, paying to play 9 but upgrades or not to play another or the other 9? When I first read the topic, I assumed the first one. But most people are responding in the form of the second one. In response to the first, I’d assume some golfers do not make the leap to full length golf courses from executives (or 9 to 18 holes, either way). Could be location, price, or motivation. I’m sure the PGA has something to predict what percentage of golfers move on. But idk.
  7. During wind storms at my course, I routinely hear trees falling. It’s very scary. I was hitting balls during one wind storm and a 5ft branch landed straight up, a couple inches behind an older lady. Not sure what damage it would have done, but she left after that.
  8. Debate time - Why does the golf ball... - Ian James Poulter | Facebook Debate time - Why does the golf ball travel so far? Is there an easy fix? Let me know your thoughts... Interesting idea to potentially introduce a minimum driver loft. Haven’t heard that one before.
  9. My state association held it virtually and posted to youtube. Then has a link to take the quiz to be certified.
  10. Uh really? There is no provisional in scrambles. If a ball is lost, why on earth would you want to use a guys provisional potentially hitting 4? If I were the ruling body, I'd say that after you hit from the first guys tee shot position, that's it. If you end up finding your ball, you should've looked first, not after, tough luck.
  11. My round yesterday should've been good, but the greens crapped out on me at the end. I was at -3 going into 17 and 18. 17 par 3, I put my 8 iron to 3ft, missed as it took a left hand turn off of an aeration hole that hadn't recovered. Greens were aerified 3 weeks ago at this course, and the greens had been ok most of the day. But poa being poa, things get bumpy at the end of the day as footprints show and stay and growth occurs in different areas. 18, par 5, I was just off the edge of the green in 2. Chip was not the greatest, but had 10ft. Ball bounced right and missed, then my 2ft par putt hit another bump and missed. So, a disappointing finish of -2, but I feel good about the way that I hit the ball and putted. Just going to keep working.
  12. Preferably, I like to do half and half. Half on range to find priority piece and do several drills. Other half to apply to on course situations. By seeing the on course, it also helps me see where else the student may need help. Many times they say they are fine in one area, when they are not. When on course, we are typically not playing a hole with one ball. We drop about 5 balls or more at each location down the length. Doing half and half at my facility is difficult depending on time of day. So, I find other ways to apply the pieces.
  13. I had a crazy round today. Both great and terrible. 7 birdies, 5 pars, 4 bogies, a double and a triple... yeah... 7 birdies and I couldn’t break par... short game wasn’t good. The double and triple came from toe hooks with the driver. Honestly got scared at the tee and tried and failed to swing easy. I play another round tomorrow at a track I like and typically do well at. Just want to play smart and make more putts.
  14. All greens were replaced just over a year ago. The invitation of am's can be different based on where a pro works. Some pros have contracts with their course that commits them to playing with members that sign up. Another reason for higher handicaps is the team game, which is either 1G/1N or 2N, so having a high handicap do well on one or two holes can make a big difference in the team game. I don't have a commitment with my course and the max handicap I have brought is 20. It can be tough, but I keep them moving as I can. Last year, there were rules in place to keep pace, but because of COVID, those rules are mostly ignored this season. The pace for CB was 5.25hrs.
  15. The amateurs I bring could be from anywhere and it's the same price. Chambers Bay pro am and the high end clubs fill up very fast when we are filling out our sign up allocations. It's definitely a great price! My legs were sore yesterday. I don't walk when I play as much as I should. The reason for the switch to poa was because the poa will invade and take over any grass here in Western WA unless you have the money and time to spray particularly against it or pick the grass out. This was the cause for concern at the US Open. The greens were mostly fescue with many patches of poa growing, which causes the ball to bump around. Eventually, except for the dune grass, the fairways will be taken over by poa as well. They planted the poa greens a year ago to just get those over with. EDIT: to add, fescue grass is one of a few grass types that can be taken over very easily because of it's low density growth
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