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  1. I was just thinking, I don’t remember much of the waste areas/bunkers. I wonder why... jk im sure i found a few
  2. We replaced our bunker sand 2yrs ago and so far I’d say it likely was not worth the expense. Takes maybe 4-5 labor hours a day to rake each morning. And yet today, you can tell they are firming up again. Still better than our competitors, but I doubt it’s bringing us play we wouldn’t have had otherwise. The other side to this coin is what the overall vision if the course is to be. Which is the “do you want to pay a premium to play a premium course.” I doubt its the daily maintenance cost courses are worried about, it’s the massive figure it takes to replace sand when they firm up too much.
  3. phillyk

    Pace Problem

    But how many of the problem groups intend to follow the rule book to the letter? Most of them I’d guess are out to do their own thing and have fun. have we thought of switching gender roles/stereotypical roles of bev cart and marshal? Cute girl as marshal and old guy to sell booze? 😉
  4. I have been having the same problem, I have an iphone 8plus. I use imovie to trim then upload to youtube and slow motion is gone and somehow using previously cut parts of the video. I gave up and just use full speed.
  5. Ok, not quite shallow enough yet I think. I adjusted my stance a bit. I was more open, now I'm squaring it up. I was open before because I felt that it helped with lower body movement but it probably also made it hard to get shallow at 4. With the stance, I am also trying to throw my hands "flat" with the earlier start on the hips. We'll see how it goes.
  6. We were using the lightest stick, green, to hit those speeds. My normal swing speed is 118mph.
  7. I’ll work on getting a good feel/thought to get better at 4 this winter. Been focusing on hips so much, forgot to check shoulders alignment. I watch for that.
  8. Haven’t really taken a video in a while. Decided to record one while work is slow. The swing has been feeling pretty good of late. Main swing thought is getting hands and hips through earlier before impact. It’s not quite there yet but it’s definitely better. Secondary thoughts are rotating earlier in the backswing and following through towards target and “up”. Short game had been getting much better. Recent scores have all hovered at or below par. Putting is biggest factor. Some days I sink a few while other days I miss everything. Proximity to the hole is a factor, sure but some days I feel like my read is always below the hole.
  9. phillyk

    Pace Problem

    My course labor day weekend, I've had to marshal (usually when our normal volunteer marshals don't like the pressure of asking trouble people to speed up) as I'm known as the harder hitter, I guess. I just don't put up with BS. The easiest thing to say that does get people going is acknowledging they paid X money to play, but so did the 50 other golfers stacked up behind you and they want to have a good time too. I think I've only once asked people to go in and get a rain check to come back during a slower day. Most of the time, it doesn't take a lot for people to speed up, because most don't understand that they are being slow. Pace this season picked up by 20min or so on busy days, because of the GPS having a pace ticker. It'll tell you if you're ahead, on pace, or how slow.
  10. I am pretty sure that's not true. I mean, a lot of guys hand out golf balls with autographs. I think they carry quite a lot, perhaps more than most amateurs.
  11. phillyk

    Pace Problem

    I like Semi. Homes don’t encroach that much. Loomis is more like the courses I grew up playing in the mid west. Haven’t played Homestead in a long time. Been meaning to go back sometime. Bellingham G&CC is nice. Few weird holes, but mostly a good layout and fun course. Back to topic, I do hate those that stand over the ball forever contemplating life before hitting the ball. Those people are rare. More commonly are those that try hard to play well but hit a lot of bad shots and try to restart after each one.
  12. I have not read the book. I took a sports psychology class and one section talked about "cancelling the noise". When I'm on the course with my students, I tell them what focusing on the target really means. It means there are no trees, bunkers, water, other people, animals, etc. (this all assuming the target is a reasonable one). For a lot of golfers, they have hit a particular club perfect/really good at least once. Letting yourself drift towards negatives doesn't do any favors. Telling yourself that you have hit this shot before and you can do it again gives people comfort. When you are over the ball, it's just you, the ball, the specific target, and lastly the swing.
  13. There are tons of ways for people to get the swing started. My sister does the butt waggle. Looks ridiculous and it started as a joke but it gets her just loose enough to make a good swing. Throwing out random ideas/thoughts: If thinking about hands/torso makes you freeze, then try starting with the hips; could try not thinking about body at all and watch the clubhead go back along a line/circle around the body and imagine the swing plane you want to follow; Could try waggling the clubhead a few times to get loose, then pull the trigger; could try taking practice swings with your eyes closed but imagining looking at the ball.
  14. Looks like we are bringing in Medterra to our golf shop. Got a couple free samples!
  15. I'm easy going when it comes to conditions. Versus a field, I'd say give us tough conditions and I'll do better. I can and have played in almost every condition, and the only one I really don't like is a colder (like low 40's and lower), rainy, and very windy day.
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