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  1. Their attitude on social media and in the comments really puts me off. And their article on union green reads like an advertisement but they're not up front about it. Hard to take them seriously
  2. I'm heading down in 2 weeks. We're not playing Dormie, but while we were sorting out our options someone in our group did call and it was still open for public play. At least through March 1. Mid Pines or Pine Needles were targets for us but they're hosting a tournament that weekend. So we're staying at Pinehurst Manor and playing: Thursday - Pinehurst No. 3 Friday - Pinehurst No. 4 and The Cradle. Saturday - Pinehurst Nos. 2 and 8. Sunday - Tobacco Road. Its my first trip to the area, but I'll report back.
  3. I probably wouldn't lay out $700 to gain 5 yards if you're not getting better dispersion. But I'm surprised you didn't pick up more. Of course everyone is different but I just switched from an R11S to a Cobra Speedback. During the fitting, I swung the Cobra 2mph slower--likely because I was getting tired towards the end of a full bag fitting--but still hit it 23 yards farther on the launch monitor. I was fitted into a $400 shaft but ended up buying a shaft with a similar profile that I could get direct from Cobra with no upcharge. I've only played 1 round, but I did find myself further down the fairway than normal and in front of my playing partner who usually beats me. Like Dave said, I think the technology of clubheads has significantly improved since the R11S.
  4. Nice review! I've been on the fence ever since my GG kept crapping out and became too frustrating to bother using. I miss all the GG stats. But spending $ on GG has left me gunshy about buying Arccos.
  5. If you're serious about having fun, the answer is Union Green.
  6. This gist of the article I read was that the specs and characteristics of the ball are not known, but that's not okay because that's not what their target players care about and because they have a well branded website. Wouldn't the people who dont care to have the "best" ball just buy an ammo box?
  7. I've got Majors that I bought last year and a pair of Originals on the way. I don't remember what my first pair was but they lasted a long time.
  8. Just bought my third pair of Trues. I really wouldn't consider anything else at this point. They're the most comfortable shoes--not just golf shoes--I've ever worn.
  9. +1 My VA3 works great as an easy and convenient GPS. I like seeing the steps and mileage, too. Its nice sometimes when I hit a good drive and the distance since my last hit shows up on the watch. But it doesn't record each shot consistently enough to be useful for any sort of average or aggregate analysis.
  10. Probably not. But it doesn't cost anything to have them built to the right size.
  11. When I was fitted for my last set they were cut 1/4". The fitter said it helped me find the center of the face more consistently. When I was fitted a few weeks ago the fitter thought that made no sense and fit me for standard length clubs. The standard length of the older clubs were shorter, too, so the difference was a full inch, I think. Maybe 3/4
  12. They come with full-length 14-way dividers. https://www.tgw.com/golf-bags/golf-stand-bags/sun-mountain-2019-45-ls-14-way-stand-bag I got a Clicgear this year too but I almost never use it. I find it significantly less strenuous to carry than to push.
  13. I've used a Sun Mountain Four5 with 14-way, full length dividers for the past 5 years or so. No complaints at all. I think I'm going to try the Three5 this year though, without the 14-way.
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