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  1. i wonder if we took a poll of random folks here and asked this question: which country in the world has the highest percentage of gun carrying golfers? what would the results tell us.
  2. I just saw this thread headlined and flashed to bart simpson, having a nice urination in the yard, right hand on hip.
  3. Um. Maybe they want to get hurt in the gym.
  4. I bought a Nikon ProStaff at an outdoor shop. I believe this model is made for deer hunters and so was good and cheap and seems to work just fine. But if the flagstick is far off and my hands are shaky, can be tough to lock on correctly. I ofter need to lock on a caddy or golfer on the green ahead of me, and not try for the flag. And can anyone answer whether the laser beam can be dangerous to a spectator (fellow golfer or caddy) as in the example i gave. Am thinking of the beam damaging the eyes of someone.
  5. Offered a 2nd hand item as in title. Anyone here use this video camera for golf swing vids and if anyone can give a use review, much appreciated.
  6. Ratllesnakes abound round here so best to carry 410 shotgun ready to go instead of umbrella.
  7. Where i'm stationed i watch considerable snooker on the boob-tube. I see one most common format but a few times i find a match where each player gets just so many minutes to make his shot, or sit down. I believe such a system could be modified to promote rapid shot decision and execution to the benefit television golf speed of play. And an easy enough format to make it also OK for ams and various more casual golfers. Quite a nice New York Times Sports page report today, Thurs 7 May, 2015, on the effects of high purse rewards on PGA tour venues and players outlook onthe reality of
  8. Carrying a rules book will probably contribute to slow play.
  9. I can do the same. But no cigar and love with the girlfriend. Enjoy the day, don't worry so much. Good advice. MAJ is always well received when he comes to Hong Kong where the wine is not taxed and cuban cigars are plentiful.
  10. I bought 6 new, year old, close-out Titleist irons, forged cavity backs each $100 delivered. Well worth it compared to old irons. Look nice and play swell. I'm pretty frugal but am led to temptation in some of life's alleys. Some guys i play with have much more retirement income than i do and they do spend more on golf sticks , IMO, sometimes wastefully.
  11. Jonathan Toews, Captain of the Blackhawks, now age 27. A great young player, with Canadian Provincial lake in his name, honoring his achievements. How many golfers get onto Google Maps? He knows just how heavy the Stanley Cup is, held it aloft a few times already in '09 and 2013.
  12. Did the ball go through the window, Julia?
  13. The mighty Chicago Black Hawks win again and go 2-0 v. Minn Wild. Can you spell S T A N L E Y outside Chicago? Will post nice photo, as soon as my ignorance of web browser is dismissed.
  14. Until skill and confidence develops with wedges near green, try using the 9i. Go to the practice green with only the 9i and a bucket of balls. Focus on making each and every shot a good strike, and care less about the outcome. Slowly you will learn how far the backswing, how open the clubface, how loose the wrists all need to be to achieve a good education around the green. Unless you are a very fast motor skills learner, this lesson will takes months, or more.
  15. " In love with the line". That's what happens when you see the path of the ball perfectly from the mark into the hole. You know deep in your heart that very line is the only one. Then the stroke puts the ball perfectly onto the perfect line, but stops only 2/3 the way to the cup. Maddening.
  16. Yes, envy rears its ugly head. I also remain astounded by those guys who drive the ball onto the green 327 yards away, downhill though. I've got it too. The envy.
  17. From the PGA website regarding the Cadillac purse: "The purse distribution for the event will be similar to past years, but payments for the players who do not advance beyond pool play will be based on the player’s record within the pool play round." So there may some money involved in even the dullest of matches. I have no idea of past years payout.
  18. Yeah, happens to me too; right fore-arm and elbow only. For all the reasons you have mentioned. Worse if on the mats. Can't speak to your technique but if only now getting to practice, due to poor weather over winter, your body will be prone to soreness and injury. Go slower, take more rest and maybe NSAID drugs may help, as may ice. As various practice opportunities arise, esp on turf and short game, your problem should resolve and be gone for the summer. I can only go for the long ball practice once per week, at 3 hour stints, unlimited balls, so very much tend to beat my body.
  19. Sorry about that Mike. I conflated two threads, one about your time at Harding Park, and this one. So I drew an erroneous conclusion about how you made your decision that MBreed's comment was 'beyond ridiculous'. So apologies regarding your total life/golf experiences. But, i will also say that on this thread there is no real agreement on : What exactly is the short game? Who precisely are the pros in question? Does MBreed have reliable info? Is he selling something, like a DVD on the short game? Becoz he's a well known TV golf teacher and commentator does he have more corre
  20. Plus 10 on this idea. Same for me, except worse since i'm in the tropics. I also nearly always wear gloves right and left for sun protection.
  21. When practicing putting, do not play 3, or more, balls from the same place. Here's what i do. In a wide circle 6-16 feet from the hole i'll drop 6 balls. Each ball has an unique placement, just like real. Play one putt, move to another ball. What's the score? How many 2 putts?
  22. Do only the pool winners, the final 16, get any money payout? Or does every guy get paid to play regardless of results?
  23. I passed on that offer. This a new Honma 3W in Honma shop in Hong Kong. Way out of my budget but not the most expensive item in the shop. I'm sure some of the drivers were at the $2K level. Good quality for sure but i don't need that much face. http://www.honmagolf.co.jp/en/item/club/fairway_tw_727.html
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