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  1. I get what he's saying, but he's also pointing out that some players have caddies that might be better at reading greens than they are, or at least certainly some have caddies that are better than other caddies. That's something that evens the playing field in some cases too, I think. I don't have an issue with the books though.
  2. Even if you had the video, at best it would be like Tiger at the Players that one year. People trying to make definitive conclusions about the balls path using a skewed camera angle that shows nothing as their “evidence.” Possibly exacerbated by a dumb announcer doing the same. But I agree fully with your base assertion.
  3. Paging @tristanhilton85 ... I believe that he just bought that exact driver.
  4. Yeah I wondered that too. I'm imagining only playing this as an exercise/practice thing so it wouldn't really matter. But you could also just create a hierarchy easy enough to follow. Most of the time the worst shot is easy enough to pick out though.
  5. Never. Or at least infrequently enough to be statistically negligible. You're making it sound like when you and your buddies aren't playing this particular game the only reason they aren't several strokes better than they currently are is because of strategy. I could buy that assertion only for the highest of handicaps. 4-5 handicaps know how to get around the course perfectly well enough that "constant reminders" aren't changing a whole lot. And, again, to highlight how difficult I believe this game to be - even on that "perfect" hole where your worst shot is leaving you a 20' bir
  6. If your whole group is 4 handicaps then they're all good already and must know the game pretty well, so I'm skeptical that one persons strategy would make that big of a difference in this situation. I'm just imagining a good hole: all three of you hit good drives and all three hit decent approaches and maybe you're all putting for birdie from 30'. Similar to what you said in the OP, one of the 3 is likely to hit a mediocre putt leaving a 5-6 footer for par and I would bet more often than not, one of the three burns an edge on that. That's a well played, simple hole and you guys still m
  7. Riviera 10th Hole Challenge The drivable 10th hole at Riviera can lead to an easy birdie or a quick bogey. 👀 TaylorMade Golf players Dustin Johnson, Collin Morikawa and Matthew... This is amusing only in that they say at the beginning that the rules are first tee shot with driver and then second ball with any club you want ... and then they all hit driver twice. 🙂
  8. As a 5 handicap myself, I can tell you that on a good day - a really good day - I'm lucky to hit 10-11 greens. If there are 3 of me playing separate balls to the green, and then playing worst ball from there, then I'm still already going to miss well over half of the greens in one day. If all 3 of me have to play the worst tee shot on every hole and then I have to hit the green 3 times from that spot? There's no way. Granted I've never played this game, but just thinking logically, I'm having a hard time see how I'd average less than bogey per hole. And this is me considering how I'
  9. I voted layup thinking about how "black" a water hazard is in regards to shot zones.
  10. Worst ball with 3 players in the 3-5 handicap range? Yikes. I would say normally you're missing the green about 9 times out of 10, if not more. My guess would be that 4-5' chance at a putt for par would be the BEST possible scenario on most holes. And almost certainly one of the group misses that putt most times. I have a foursome that I play with where we're all pretty similar in that handicap range, between 2 and 7 ish. Last time we played, I can think of one hole where the worst approach shot yielded a putt. Worst putt after that is likely going to be one where at least one perso
  11. Wow, you have me beat! Maybe someday I’ll break 70 but not yet! (I have shot 70 on the nose a couple times) I honestly don’t specifically remember when I hit any milestones. I was breaking 100 and 90 both sometime in high school I’d imagine. And first broke 80 I’m thinking in college. So I guess perhaps a year or two between each milestone for me? And if I ever break 70 it’ll be well over 20 years to accomplish from regular breaking 80. 🙂
  12. My favorite club as a teenager was a hand me down wedge from my dad that I used everywhere. Pretty sure it was Titleist and it was called a Dual Wedge - so that would be my guess on the D.
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