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  1. You ranked it 5th out of the 6 you've played, but you didn't say anything beyond that ranking-wise. The only conclusion that can be made from your rankings is that you like it better than National Golf Links. For all we know, those could be your 999th and 2000th rated courses overall. For the record, and I really don't mean to brag here but I can't help it ... I have played precisely ZERO of these courses. 😉 I've been to Pebble to watch the pro am once. I've tried to peek over a fence at Cypress, and I took a wrong turn and actually drove [a car, not a golf ball] onto the grounds of Riviera once as well (like almost drove onto the 1st fairway). That's as close as I've been to any of these. :)
  2. Agree with @David in FL here ... in regards to the article posted above you about Brandel calling him a cheat, intent has EVERYTHING to do with it.
  3. Just watched it and I liked it. The kiss seemed unnecessary and out of place but whatever - overall it was fun, like all the rest of them.
  4. I’m in Socal and while I know this won’t be applicable everywhere, there is at least one upscale neighborhood adjacent to an upscale course (Pelican Hill) that has a “golf ball easement” across the properties. Any lawyers curious to read the text, I can provide it, but the gist of it is “hey, fair warning, you’re buying a house next to a golf course, you can’t blame or sue us if you or it gets hit by a golf ball.” Again, not saying that’s common, but probably couldn’t hurt to just run through your title docs to see if there’s anything in there.
  5. I’m definitely interested in sneaking out there one day if it works out. Thanks Dave!
  6. This is where I'm at as well. Gave him many benefits of doubt and rooted for him, or at least didn't root against him. Now, when you combine these actions with the almost identical ones from 4 years ago and throw in his comments afterwards, I'm out. Can't take his side or defend him anymore.
  7. Little bit of both, ain’t it? If I’m in 1” high rough and pull out a 2” high tee and put my ball on that (essentially what’s happening when you remove sand from directly behind the ball is you’re “teeing it up”) aren’t I improving both my lie and my swing path? Ive sort of defended Reed in the past, but awfully hard to take in all of the evidence here (including his comments after, and including the other older video) and not lean towards the conclusion that he’s intentionally cheating.
  8. It seems a good portion of the responses here are all based on peoples current view of bunkers, and I think that's the wrong way to look at it. Lack of maintenance would simply make them more of a hazard and the need to avoid them would be greater. Strategies would change on some holes/courses and it would feel more like hitting into a water hazard sometimes depending on the lie. Consider a lateral hazard at a course that you frequent that doesn't have water in it. It likely still has rocks, unmowed grass, various other impediments that play into your strategy to keep your ball out of said hazard. Unraked bunkers would just have to be treated a little more like this than they currently are.
  9. I think it would be great fun to occasionally play golf with the footgolf holes. Our local courses don't combine the two, though. The footgolf "greens" and holes are off to the side of the golf greens and aren't actually green style grass either. Just regular old fairway style bermuda or whatever. And @Patch, the footgolf holes are huuuuge ... after all, a soccer ball needs to fit between the edge of the hole and the pin. I think they are around 3' diameter? Maybe 30". Separately, there was a promotion that I think Taylor Made did a few years ago trying to make 10" holes happen for golf. That would be fun too! Especially at par 3 type places with beginners and kids.
  10. Yeah, but I have a hunch that the majority of players are probably more like me in that they just don't care. I enjoyed leaving it in the entire time while playing last weekend, but next time I play with you, I'd answer "either way is fine" to you question on the first hole and we'd both know from there on out that we're gonna remove it when we're within reasonable distance. Not going to affect the pace much either way.
  11. Yup, also the opposite. Have a frequent playing partner (who I may or may not be related to) who still takes it out from habit and once I told him there’s really no need unless the flag is leaning towards me ... the rest of the round he would say awkwardly “does that flag looks like it’s leaning? I think it’s leaning.” Before his turn to putt. So now I know just to take it out for him each time.
  12. My (few) experiences have been similar, however, I'd say it's had almost no effect on pace. Any effect is positive, but I think it's about negligible.
  13. No, my gap, sand and lob wedges all go straight. I mean, they don’t curve, not that they always go where I aim. 😉 One caveat tho, I don’t ever really take full swings with any of them. Don’t think they’d curve much even if I did tho.
  14. Incidentally, in 2010 I was retired from golf 😜 (back issues)
  15. 2010? I don’t think that was long enough ago. I used to hit my 1997 Titleists 10 or so yards further than I currently hit my 2012 pings. Granted, I was younger and swung harder.
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