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  1. You do not necessary have to take relief from cart path. When NPR such as your situation would result in a worse scenario, you can play the ball as it lies on the cart path.
  2. I seldom take full swings with scoring irons. I can control the club head better which leads to better contact and accuracy. I can determine the distance better while an occasional mishit which will not result in wayward results that bring more difficult play and make recovery results better. My miss is usually long irons right which sometimes end up in greenside bunkers or penalty areas. Easier swings sometimes lead to a slight pull which can also end up in predicaments.
  3. Club Rat

    NHL 2018-19

    He was a great one …
  4. Club Rat

    NHL 2018-19

    "OH BABY" a long time announcer Ken Wilson for the Blues used to say, the Hockey Gods have answered my prayers. Hard to believe the Blues are going to the play in a Stanley Cup Final after 49 years. I was a senior in High School when the Blues played Boston in their last Cup appearance in 1970. Can this finally be our year !!! Were still here, We bleed Blue !!!
  5. I use Google Sheets for a custom application. Users can enter scores, view leaders, show skins, etc. Players enter their gross scores on their phone. The data feeds to the Leaderboard Google Sheets which can be viewed on a phone or displayed on a TV in the club house. And other members who have finished their round can also view on any device. PM me and I'll send you a link to view the application if your interested.
  6. Mine just went Off Air.....
  7. I have many times and have become golf buddies with some of them through the years. As Manager of our Clubs Mens Game, I make it a point to introduce myself to new members I do not know or have not met. I also have enough awareness to not interrupt anyone working diligently on their game, but wait and choose my opportunity at a later time. A few of my most memorable rounds have been with individuals whom I just met, either on the range or as a single out playing.
  8. Hey Club Rat... what is a "Winghaven"?  I grew up in the Ferguson/Florissant area... played lots of golf there, graduated from McCluer High School and played on the golf team for SIU Edwardsville.



    1. Club Rat

      Club Rat

      WingHaven is two words combined IMO. Which to me would have the meaning of being a
      sanctuary for birds, which there are many on the golf course and neighborhood.

      The community was developed in 1999 with the intent of 


      WingHaven’s community spirit didn’t just happen—it was planned. The 1,200-acre development was designed to connect and bring balance to busy lives. McEagle Development began building the community in 1999. Based on a concept now called LifeWorks, WingHaven emphasizes the integration of living, learning, working, playing and praying.

       I refer to it in my profile as "Wing Heaven" due to meeting my wife who brought me to this wonderful place.

      The WingHaven CC is a gem of a golf course, designed by Jack. 
      Members prefer to let it be known as "it's the best kept secret in Missouri"


  9. @Paul86 grips can make a difference. Certain brands can reduce shaft vibration. Also, cooler weather can cause joint pain during and after rounds. Thin shots with irons can really sting the fingers, especially in cool temps. Even damp weather and spring pollen dust / allergies will cause joint pain. Old sport injuries during cooler temps and damp conditions are also culprits.
  10. Went out yesterday at 7 am. 41* and it started raining lightly. Played the front and at the turn, I told my buddies "sorry but I better call it a day before rigamortis sets in" My hands were numb, knees and back became stiff, not my idea of a fun day of golf. Although I hated to leave good company, I elected to grab some breakfast and warm the old bones. The rain continued and it became a bit heavier as the day went on. But my buddies finished an hour and a half later.
  11. I created a custom spreadsheet which I use with Game Golf, After rounds, I review my round on Game Golf and enter data into my spreadsheet. I call it "Game Improvement" and have graphs which show my trend in various increments. I've posted other details a few years back, but not able to locate presently.
  12. I've been on a roll the past week, winning 3 consecutive CPT in our game and a scramble on Sunday. The first CTP was a good shot pin high, about 7' (150 yds) The second CTP my shot had a high draw and hit 2" from the cup and checked up to 6"4" (145 yds) My third CTP was a 5 wood, nice high draw pin seeker, which hit on the front and rolled up to 18" of the cup. (194 yds) All three shots were into strong headwinds.
  13. I would suggest adding corner reinforcements to the edges. Simply cut 2X2's and screw & glue to inside edges before assembly. Without corner supports, there is a risk of the box collapsing at some point in time. I would also bevel the edges once assembled for safety. Sharp corners could cut and scrape skin if an accident / fall / bump happens. Non slip strips would probably be a good idea to add.
  14. I have a friend who's brother in law golfs with us occasional. He's been playing a long time and playing really bad, bad golf for a long time. He hits every shot with all clubs, a low banana ball which curves a ton. He can usually control this type of play, but when anyone golfs with him, they usually scratch their head in amazement how he can do it .... His divot is usually 45* left of the target and deeply cut …. He's a ton of fun, and always laughs about his horrible swing ….
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