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  1. The chart indicates the club was not manufactured with a Senior Flex shaft. The "whippy" could be due to the shaft not being tip trimmed. Fairway woods are generally easier to hit with a soft flexing tip, it gets the ball airborne easier.
  2. Found one of the ERC Soft today and played it on my last hole. The ball felt soft, good distance/ball flight, but did not like the three lines when used for lining up my putt. Just couldn't quite focus on which line to use, the center line seemed correct, but the outer lines seemed misguiding. Having different colors also seemed distracting, would probably prefer all black. Also, I did not like the spacing between the lines. I would prefer the lines to be closers together. Just my first initial thoughts on the lines, but playability of the ball, I was impressed.
  3. The TPC 17th hole is similar and tee shots have come to rest within the penalty area on the stone retaining wall. And players had the option to play it as it lies as several have done so. But dropping in this green area is not an option. While I have seen players take relief from the walk path to the green which is possible. Another option in the OP would be point where ball crossed the pond from the teeing spot, going to the markings and then take line of pin and go back as far as one deems.
  4. IF, the area has a playable area anywhere from the last point of entry into the penalty area taking the POE and line of Flag as far as he deemed across the water, then it would be an option. His other options would be - hit for original spot or drop zone. Your photo does not show the entire body of the water, so option of line of flag may or may not the best choice. No, he may not drop on the green side as a relief option.
  5. We are now entering into the 3rd segment for the season. Hard to believe we are half way through the season already and I haven't picked up a club this year. Like myself, the golf season hasn't even begun, something is wrong with this picture … Congrats to the winner of the 2nd segment - "Billy Casper with 6716 points" Nice run, you only missed out finishing out in the top 300 users, by 10 points... Top score for the segment was 3874 points.
  6. Many people use Snipe software which generates a final second bid where they set as a limit to buy. Also, I believe there is Shill bidding going on by sellers. While eBay has prevented or continues to protect these occurrences on their site, some always make work arounds until they exhaust their means of creating new users to sell their items. Years ago, eBay auctions would show the winning bidder by user name. To protect user privacy, they now only show a generated number for bidders. When I want to see who may have won certain auctions, I wait a week and visit the sellers feedback. Most buyers generally leave feedback, if no feedback was made for certain items, that puts up a red flag, IMO. Also, in the OP trying to purchase a certain club, he could look at the Sellers other items to see if they had multiple clubs listed.
  7. I thought you were a Bridgestone guy @1badbadger Which Pro V's are they? 1 or X? Never mind, I see they are the 1 ...
  8. Growing up I love to watch golf on TV as a kid. My uncle had a set of club (hickory sticks) which I would hit shots out into the corn field. Then a few years later, I used to go to a driving range. I like golf but never played until I finished playing baseball/softball. When I decided to play, I took a few lessons from a golf pro, practiced with a borrowed set of clubs, then later on purchased a new set of Pin Seekers. I was single and had plenty of spare time to practice and play and started a life long journey which has been incredible. Needless to say, I love the game, I played often, practiced almost daily for many years as I still do now.
  9. Yes, from my PC, the site is now very crisp, images are sharper. Maybe it's just my eyesight is better today....
  10. J Day WD today with back problems, there goes my Fantasy Team down the tubes today... RC Bello lights it up, Keegan playing well along with G Mac...
  11. Is it me or does the site have a New Look? Seems much cleaner and has a better viewing using the Edge Browser, very nice …..
  12. I would use a wire brush wheel on a bench setup or with a drill. Place the drill on a bench and have someone hold it securely. Various brush stiffness are available and the brush should remove the paint in most areas. A little touch up may be required in areas the brush can not be used.
  13. That actually sounds pretty good, I might have to try it sometime. One probably needs a cold barley pop to wash it down the hatch...
  14. 2nd that, come on Mother Nature, give us some LUV …
  15. Blades need to be checked more frequently as any soft composite irons. Striking the ball on hard pan surface can tweak a club, or hitting a tree root. Temper slams can change the loft. Cast club heads are difficult to set and Titanium products are even more difficult by hand on lie/loft devices. Checking the clubs as well as checking ones swing is also a good idea together as both may vary.
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