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    2017 NFL Playoffs

    lol Hater alert. 6th round draft pick, baby. How ya like them apples!
  2. Nah, people don't stop playing because of where it's played. If golf had any other "court" than a manicured open space on a sunny day then yeah I think people would quit it in a heartbeat.
  3. Trailer didn't look very funny but who knows...
  4. Worst tip I ever got was to swing less hard so slices screwed me less.
  5. Unpopular opinion? Golf isn't actually that hard. The sport seems to have a particularly nasty reputation for being difficult but if it was half as difficult as people think nobody would even play it, imo.
  6. I don't give these people anything. I figure if they can get motivated to be somewhere and hold a sign they can get motivated to be somewhere and push a broom.
  7. Eliminators - Random B action. Bogey Goldstone - Australian crime thing. Par In A Valley Of Violence - Not really buying Travolta in westerns. Par Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children - Has Eva Green in it. Par Officer Downe - Uhhh, no comment. Bogey The Good Neighbor - Bailed on it after 10 minutes due to annoying Blair Witch feel. Bogey The Hollow Point - Random crime action. Par The Magnificent Seven (2016) - Par The Shadow - Old and corny; Alec Baldwin playing an asian? Bogey Tomorrowland - Expected bad things with this but it was mostly watchable. Par Underworld: Awakening - Monster movie? Check! Smoking hot protagonist? Check! Birdie
  8. I think he's right actually. The arrogance of man is astounding and people love to think they have ultimate power over the universe. Remember when the volcano in Iceland or whatever erupted several years ago and shut down air traffic for a month? That was nothing. I think if the day ever comes where there's an eruption in Yellowstone, or a major earthquake in California, or even if a largish meteor hits the planet somewhere humans will be in for one hell of a rude awakening.
  9. I will nominate all the 3-putt bogeys in my illustrious career.
  10. Kind of a toss up between the driver, 7i, and the 100 yard wedge. I went with the 7i.
  11. Since you are all figments of my imagination there is only one now and it is mine.
  12. This is precisely the kind of alarmist nonsense that drives me up a wall. In order for the number of species gone extinct to mean anything you need to know how many total species are out there, which is probably not possible. You also need to confirm the species is extinct, which poking around in the woods for a month or two does not necessarily confirm And you need to know the turnover rate of old and new species to determine if the confirmed extinctions are deviating from the norm, which is also probably not possible. But none of that really matters when you can get up on a soapbox and start shouting that a frog and beetle went extinct so that means we're all gonna die, right?
  13. I played quite a bit in highschool and college. Won some junior leagues in highschool (won an Earl Strickland Cuetec cue actually) and won a couple tournaments in college. I tried an open to the public paid-entry tournament once while in college and got pretty well smoked and my play dropped off after that. I'd like to pick it up again though, hopefully I can do so in the next couple years. Not sure about the rules stuff, it never seemed that complicated.
  14. Beckham is overrated imo. He makes 1 ridiculous catch and suddenly people think he is a god. If he didn't get thrown off his game so easily by simple school yard taunting maybe I'd rank him higher but for now I think he belongs in the "still needs to prove himself" pile. Anyway, with Calvin Johnson gone I think the best is probably Dez Bryant, or yes even old man Larry Fitzgerald.
  15. People troll on this site? I can be pretty troll-y (ideally in a humorous way) so I like to think I recognize troll behavior and I think this is one of the tamest sites I've ever seen. In fact I can't even recall a specific post by this Patrick character. Anyway, yeah it's futile to complain about mods because the odds of changing their behavior is somewhere around 1 in a billion. He must be new to the internet.
  16. I don't mind differing viewpoints at all but I admit I'm very intolerant of people who I think are stupid. And I think Kapernick is probably very stupid. I think he got caught up in the media sensationalization of the bad cop thing and his kneejerk reaction (because he's not very smart and didn't think it through) was to run out on the field and start protesting. This in itself isn't necessarily a reason to begrudge the man because hey, people make mistakes sometimes or don't fully think things through. But I find it hard to believe someone smarter than him didn't pull him aside between when he started his protest and election day and explain to him the significance of what he was saying with his protest, how it might be interpreted by people across the country, and how his actions will look going forward (especially on election day). Yet come election day he doubled down on his apparent stupidity and refused to vote. It's this combination of how he went about his protest and then his refusal to vote that makes me call him names and I don't feel the least bit bad about it. People that offer no solution and take no action to make things better, but have no problem sitting there complaining are the worst kind of citizen you can have imo. And that's exactly what Kapernick is doing.
  17. Yeah the Simpsons apparently predicted Trump winning 20 years ago too or something. There's a youtube video of it I believe but I haven't watched it yet.
  18. Because the ballots are full of local elections and legislation approval so even if he doesn't care to pick the president he should participate for those other things. The simple fact is the guy made an enormous stink on national TV to complain about the poor job the government is doing and then when his chance TO IMPROVE THE GOVERNMENT presents itself he does nothing! If you can't see the irony (or stupidity) in this then I think you are either extremely dense or you're trolling.
  19. I'm not just calling him a douche because of the voting thing, I thought he was a douche because of the kneeling thing. More specifically I interpreted his kneeling as throwing the entire country under the bus, not just bad cops. But yeah the voting thing certainly doesn't help his cause in my eyes. When he decided to use his place of employment to preach to the masses.
  20. Are you serious? The guy uses national TV to portray himself as some sort of social justice warrior and then when his chance to actually do something about it comes along he blows it off. This guy is FDA approved grade-A douche imo.
  21. Exact same things happens in my home state of North Dakota; the candidates don't even bother visiting since it has such a low population. 30 years I lived there I don't remember a presidential candidate visiting it once. In fact, I don't think the president or even vice president flew out there when the Red River flooded in 1997. It's one of the things that made me come to hate politicians actually; they talk a big game about treating all Americans equally but they absolutely do not practice it.
  22. http://sports.yahoo.com/news/after-starting-protest-of-status-quo-colin-kaepernick-didnt-vote-150157168.html Biggest douchebag in America? Confirmed.
  23. Same thing happened when I moved to Colorado; never got a spam call in my life until I got to that state. Anyway, I voted about an hour ago. This has easily been the worst election I've had the mispleasure of participating in.
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