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  1. My guess will be that people who are good putters will underestimate the speed, and the bad putters will over estimate. Courses that see a lot of play like the ones I play in no way can keep speeds that are too high. Too much stress and they'd be dead by the end of June. There might be variations based on location and strain of grass, but a daily fee muni can't really keep it's greens at 11 or 12. My criteria is smoooooothness. Fast is fine and slow is fine as long as the line is true. Usually figure it out pretty quick. But a bumpy green is worse than any problems that speed cause.
  2. that's how I learned. My starter set (of blades) was 1w,3w, 3,5,7,9 and a putter. For 6 years, didn't use anything else until I was 20 and could afford a "full set". Learned all the shots, that way. And why I have (or had) 3 distances for each club. For example- 140 to middle is a 9, 135 tucked behind a bunker on right is a cut 9I, 145 back left would be a draw 9I to the back.corner.
  3. whoa... a bit pricey for my blood... I've had Frogg Toggs in the past, and they work just fine for the limited rain play I subject myself to. And a bit smaller bite on the budget... much smaller.
  4. Used to be a time, I would buy a Driver from the local golf store bargain bin for $30-$50. then it was the best driver I ever used... until it wasn't- then I would go back and get another one. that might be a week later... or two months. I didn't buy a "real" driver until I went all out on a 2 year old brand new R7 from rockbottom. I think I paid $189 for it. And that was the greatest driver ever! Until 2 years later I picked up a leftover Callaway Tour Octane from the same place. Then THAT was the greatest driver ever. Then the R11s went on a flash sale at Golf Galaxy for a ridiculous price.
  5. From what I figure, that wasn't a "shank" as such. But he was trying so hard to pull across it to get it up in the air, that it clanked off the toe side, not the hosel side. In my books a shank is off the hosel, and a clank is off the toe. Still... the luckiest bastid on the tour that day...
  6. I would pay an extra $2 a round if it meant the course would have a couple of kids to go out in the morning and give a raking over all the bunkers to loosen them up a bit. Not a problem. However- the cost of designing PROPER and real sand bunkers (not the dirt filled garbage holes most munis end up with after a few months) is probably a real deterrent for most courses not rolling in the dough. In those cases, create "waste areas" with a sand that can withstand the abuse. Ground the club, etc... don't try and recreate the road bunker, spectacles or the Devils arsehole type of pot bunker. Lower
  7. Nowhere on that chart does it mention anything about the driver going STRAIGHT. I can crank it out there when I want... finding it is the issue.
  8. Can I walk into your yard and use your pool? (or Bar-BQ) (or hot tub)
  9. You can burn out on Tiddlywinks if you are constantly playing it. When my Mom and Dad retired to FL in 1988- Dad never played more than 2X a week. and usually only once a week in high summer. He would go out with me when I came down so he would pass on one of his weekly games to join me, or I would get in on his weekly game (usually a group of 20-25 that went out at first light). Granted, he was lucky to break 95 for his efforts- but he always had fun. When he couldn't play anymore, he didn't moan and bitch about it. He went bowling instead. Although he was happy to ride along with m
  10. RayG

    What to Say?

    I wait for them to say something. You can tell a lot about someone by their reactions to a miss. "Hot Headed 24 who had no business going for that 200 yard carry over water" guy who says: " DAMMIT!!!... I just missed that... (a top no more than 10 feet into the water)" . I just say - "yup". "Casual fun guy who does the same and holds the pose" says "Really got a hold of that one!", I might say "so did the water". I have more fun with casual guy...
  11. Come in steep. You can't "sweep" through the stuff. The steeper you go at it, the less chance of the the hosel grab leftie...
  12. RayG

    36 In A Day

    A couple of times in Myrtle Beach and at World Woods when they would have a two-fer special.
  13. I'll play with the LEAST amount of clothing I can get away with- even with temps in 30's/40/s. Especially on my arms. I might be wearing jeans and long johns, but if the sun is out and it isn't too windy, I will be in short sleeves. I might put on a thin form fitting thermal shirt that isn't too binding if I think the sun may go away. Don't like to play in sweaters or sweatshirts, or even those wind cheater jackets. Only exception is rain gear... if it doesn't rustle or restrict in any way. But if it's that cold and rainy, I'm not gonna tee off. I'll head to the heated range
  14. Play from where you want. A lot of courses have done away with "Ladies" tees. Instead, they will have 4-5 different sets of tees. Fronts might be red, gold, yellow or whatever color they choose. They'll call them "Forward" tees, or I've even seen "Junior" as a way to describe them. (Must be under 14 or something to use them) some just haven't gotten around to the new paradigm, if only because they have thousands of scorecards already printed up with "Ladies" tee yardages.
  15. Using "Scotland" players as an excuse to not play in 12 minutes (or 3 hours or whatever the preferred number is theses days) is ridiculous. They play a LOT more different styles of games than we here in the US play. They play more match play, greensomes or alternate shot formats so essentially a 4 plays as fast as a 2 might do here. Not having to hit half the shots can certainly speed up the game. Since nobody else here seems to play these games at a public or private course, there's no point in playing them because you would always be riding up the group ahead. May as well hit it twice
  16. As a beginner, I found I would be in all KINDS of trouble on the course. Rough, hardpan, sand, etc... anywhere where you didn't usually want to be is where any beginner ends up. You learned early on to play those shots. As you improved, you might find yourself in those spots less and less, but still visit them occasionally. Even better players end up in there. But because you've been there before and learned how to recover, it isn't really an issue anymore and there is no panic. Sure, there is is always the downhill, sidehill, cabbage lie to a short sided pin with water on 3 sides that might g
  17. I've also seen people use those Mechanic Gloves/Work gloves you can get at Home Depot. And they're super cheap. 10 pr. for $10...
  18. I'm a two glove guy- and in humid, sticky weather, it's FJ rain gloves all the way. I have two pair in my bag and switch after 9 holes. No problem when starting and they're not quite wet enough, just grab a water bottle (or beer can) out of the cooler with both hands. pre-dampened and ready to go.
  19. Well, lots of architects used Sand in odd places to frame the hole or to deceive the player. I can't remember if it was Ross or Tillinghast who would place bunkers well short of a green (30-50 yds) especially if it was a slightly uphill approach where the surface of the green was hidden.It gave a false impression that the green was just behind those bunkers. The eye would play with the head of the player and maybe force a wrong club choice. But- these days, GPS and range finders just about eliminate the "feel" issue on shots and have taken away some of the soul of these kinds of holes, and I m
  20. Try a drill using the Moe Norman method. He would tee the ball up at least 6-8 inches in front of the driver. whereas you seem to be impacting the ball at the lowest point of the arc or before (like an iron swing as noted already), you want to be level or on the upswing. It also could be psychological and you can't seem to bring yourself to hit "up" on the ball thinking you'll thin it like an iron would do, no matter if you tee it up off the heel or toe of your lead foot. You might just be adjusting to hit down on it no matter where it is.
  21. My guess? That tree wasn't that tall when that hole was created, if there at all. As well as the hole possibly being reconfigured in the past, either with slightly shorter tees, slightly different approach angle, or the fairway was originally cut closer to it. If the club has the original blueprints around you could figure it out pretty easy.
  22. It's more like Brunch.. since they want you at the course to check in at least an hour before your time. And you might wait in the line inside for awhile to do that. PLUS the time it takes to walk from your car in the lot... it's a big lot! Stick with a local deli and a Bacon, Egg and Cheese on a roll to go!
  23. Why would it bother anyone? I know when my Dad had to give up the game (for the most part), he would come along as a rider. Then he would drop a ball and use one of the couple of clubs of his that we put into my bag and play in from about 30-50 yards in.
  24. Yup... I had to contact Golf Logix a few years ago when a course in the Poconos revamped 3 holes. He couldn't figure out what I was talking about, so I had to send him a capture of google earth with notations on what was where and where things were. they had it fixed in a few weeks. It would probably depend on when they can send someone out to re-track it. Some of the early ones just used Google Earth for info. The big boys use actual GPS backpacks.
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