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  1. Sawyers Picaridin. Available on Amazon. My wife is an absolute magnet, while I am nearly immune. This stuff is amazing according to her. https://www.amazon.com/Sawyer-Products-SP544-Repellent-Picaridin/dp/B0015KG5NK/ref=sr_1_3?keywords=sawyers+picaridin&qid=1559221231&s=gateway&sr=8-3
  2. Maybe... they have SOME slots available for first off/early off.. then you get slotted in where there is an opening. You might need to wait until 11am or later to get on the Black.
  3. I played a lot as a younger man in the late 70's through the late 80's. Never tipped it, but played the whites in around 78-85 over those years. Even then it had it's "reputation" as a difficult course. Overall, IMO- The Black is LESS penal than it was before the USGA upgrades. The did some renovations here and there over the years prior to the USGA spending millions to make it up to snuff. Yes, the fairways were a "bit" wider before the reno's, but the State spent zero dollars maintaining the rough areas outside the second cut. You had fairway, first cut, second cut, then 2-3ft high fesc
  4. Went from an 8 to a 15 in the blink of an eye after that fiasco. Every time I tried to go back to my "feel" swing, his "advice" would creep in and just make the issue worse. Went from trying to minimize a 'slight' pull with the shorter irons with 'my' swing, to fighting full on snap ducks after. I've been able to slowly get back some measure of control, but a quacker shows up way too often. Last year I had a video evaluation and was informed I tended to keep too much weight on my heels which probably was the original issue. If Dingus Pro had said that while working WITH my swing instead
  5. Yes, they are back to the "normal" method of putting the Iron number (6,7,8) instead of the lofts (30,34,38). The Hi-Iron Utility clubs still have the loft on the sole.
  6. Yes, they are sexy... and they play sexy. while they are classified as "Blades". they have less of a blade feel. Hogan put in the "Progressive Perimeter Weighting" system which is what the first GI and SGI clubs were all in on back in the 80's. It's subtle- but there is forgiveness there. A sweet spot hit is still like butter as a blade should be, but a miss isn't nearly as penal as a blade of the 60's and 70's would be. But that forgiveness is NOT from the size of the clubhead. the heads are smaller than GI and SGI clubs so you don't have quite as large of a margin to miss. If you are fairly
  7. took my first actual "paid for" lesson. Haven't been the same since. Should have realized it right away when he ignored what I was looking for, and just had me hit 5 irons with a new grip setup. Lost my natural feel and I am still looking for the old me to show up. This was 25 years ago...
  8. Well... experiment over... for now. Prepped the club by cleaning it, prepping with alcohol, drying with a hair dryer. Pristine surface. Applied the pieces of tape. Let it set overnight. Arrive at the range, go through the bag up to the Driver. First ball, 2 of the 3 pieces of tape came off. The other piece barely adhering. It's as if the adhesive is the same as on a post-it note. I shouldn't have to Gorilla Glue or epoxy the weights on.
  9. I have struggled with the new technology since the days of the R7 (my first 'real' "latest and greatest"), so you aren't alone. I tend to lose track of where the clubhead is during the swing. The older clubs were more "dense" feeling, so I could feel it loading up on the transition. I tried to find the smaller versions of the clubs like the 430cc versus the 460cc models. I found a Callaway Tour Octane had the best 'feel' among the recent clubs, I've picked up. My M6 is okay, but still not where I'd like it. I even tried to go with a R flex during the fitting, but the ball was all over the
  10. Closest I came was when I did the routing for the underground cabling at ANGC back in the mid 80's for CBS. They finally decided to bury the cables after years of laying it out fresh every year. This way they only had to plug in the various equipment at the towers into connectors at each end. I made a copies of the originals to keep, but they were lost over the years through various office moves since then.
  11. No problem- if you go to the KSC, try to book online ahead of your visit if you know which day you want to go. It's very popular, and you may have to wait around for hours to get on a bus tour if you just show up. If not, check with the concierge at the resort, they might have connections.
  12. The PGA hall of Fame is nearby, as well as the two courses on the property- "The King and The Bear" and "The Slammer and The Squire". That area is filled with other things to do for all kinds of people. St. Augustine has it's history. A reasonable drive away is Cape Canaveral and The Kennedy Space Center (which, IMO, is a cant miss if you're that close). You won't be wanting for something to do or somewhere to play. Maybe you will catch on to a group of buddies on their own trip and make some friends that way. Happened to me in Myrtle Beach one year, I met up with some guys and wound up p
  13. Wind will certainly affect scores. Not only will it lengthen holes into the wind- the biggest issue is the player trying to smash the ball into the wind by hitting it harder. So ANY off kilter fade becomes a raging slice or that draw will become a hook and go further off line into worse trouble. It's the recovery shots back into play that balloon the scores. Soft conditions have some trade offs- less roll in the fairways, but more hold on the greens. Even with the longer irons.
  14. RayG

    Top Golf

    I believe TopGolf has developed "TopGolf Suites" (or something like that) for those locations where it isn't realistic to keep the open stalls heated. They are Simulator bays as opposed to full ranges.
  15. We have Bear Trap Dunes, Rum Pointe and Newport Bay on out itinerary in May. Bear Trap Dunes is on the way on the Thursday, so we get to play after a 4 hour drive...
  16. My sister and her husband played in Egypt. There is a course right up close to the Pyramids... and I mean RIGHT up close.
  17. jeez, I will even talk to myself when I play alone... I couldn't go 18 holes without saying something... And if he doesn't want to "talk", then let him go out first... alone.
  18. Never played the city courses in New York, then. On a peak weekend day, 5:45/6:15 is never out of the ordinary. If you just show up without a time as a single it could be a 2 hour wait til an opening, then 6 hours slogging behind and among players who will emulate the slowest PGA/LPGA player in their approach to each and every shot. This entails endless practice swings with those little poses checking position at takeaway, stopping to check the position at the top, etc... then several more practice swings, then finally an attempt at a swing after standing over the ball for days. Then, after ch
  19. Raccoon Run in Myrtle Beach. (before it closed) there were 2(!) Par 3's on the back at around 250-260 from tips (220-240 from Whites), with at least one being all carry over water. Even the White tees were 6800+ with the Blues at 7400. At that time in the early 80's through the early 90's, I think it was one of the longest in the Southeast. However, it was a fast and firm course so roll was a big factor. Wind was another- #10 was a 600yd plus Par 5. I remember hitting Driver, Driver off the deck, 3 wood into the wind and still came up 100 yards short.
  20. In the "real" world- players aren't all THAT familiar with the "flyer lie" in the short rough, so that 150 7 iron becomes a 170 missile over the back into trouble. They don't always think about going down a club or two. BUT- the further left or right you go on many courses, you end up in a pristine lie in the fairway. It may not be YOUR fairway, but barring obstructions like trees, it's a relatively easy shot back to the hole you're on. With yardage devices and rangefinders it's a piece of cake to pick the right club and get on in regulation.
  21. Fought this exact scenario last year and worked on it over the winter. It seems my "stacking and tilting" with the driver carried too much into my iron swing. EXCEPT, I wasn't really 'stacking and tilting', I was on my heels and way too open at the shoulders. Forced the path to come in a hair too much from the outside and led to a pull. also may have put in too much shaft lean trying to 'get at it'. I regrouped, set up in a 'neutral' setup and stance with normal lean and... pulls went away. more or less.. It will pop back if I get a bit lazy, but I worked at developing the muscle memory a
  22. Well, to be fair, they wouldn't teach Jim Furyk's swing to anyone, and he seems to do okay...
  23. How high is the ceiling? overhead racks keep them off the floor and within easy reach. Some PVC and bungee cords should be a cake walk.
  24. How odd... In 40+ years of playing here in the NE and 20+ years of visiting my parents in Florida I have NEVER been refused a time as a single when calling the day before. I make sure to specify I don't mind getting hooked up with another group as a fill in. Now, if the course is fully booked they will tell me, and I'll look elsewhere. Even some of the 'better' courses like World Woods and TPC Tampa allowed me to book as a single.
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