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  1. Yeah, I've done this! My buddy called me on the day after Christmas to see if I wanted to go play! I went out just to have fun, Shot a 4 over 76. My buddies congratulated me and bought me beers! I have no idea how it happened!
  2. The original iteration of Avalon Lakes was like that. Very nice, but straightforward. And, it was built on land that was as flat as a table top! Plus, it was owned and run by the city of Warren who didn't seem to have any idea of how to run a golf course and resort. It got into financial trouble, but was eventually bought out by a local billionaire. He brought Dye back in and told him he wanted a real championship layout. It now plays 7,500+ from the tips, and can just beat your brains in! At least beat in the brains of a golfer of my caliber! Even playing the proper tees, and without losing any balls in the water. The "Lakes" part of the name if very accurate. Between the two that I've played, I actually prefer Fowler's Mill.
  3. Absolutely! You simply cannot win a skin with a score less than par! I once played a round with a buddy, and a bunch of his new friends where he had moved to, on a course that I had never seen before! After the round, they came trying to give me all kinds of money! I asked how I won all of it. They said it was because I had won a whole bunch of skins. I learned that in "their" game, the lowest score on the hole won the skin. Didn't matter if it was par or bogey, or double bogey! The only "carryovers" were if two people tied on the hole!
  4. I think one of the problems with hitting 3W off the deck is simply the size of the clubhead these days! Back when I was learning the game, with persimmon and maple wood heads, the size of the 3W head was really small. More like a hybrid head these days! I have TM Rescue Hybrids approximating 3,4, and 5 irons that have heads that are darnn near the size of my old, custom made, 3 wood! I used to have an Orlimar Tri-Metal 3 wood that I could get no higher than the gutters on a ranch house! I found a TM RBZ 3W and it works better, but I had to learn to use it! I could just launch the thing off of a low tee immediately, but, off the deck was another matter. But, the 3W is supposed to be a fairway club, so I guess you had better learn to hit it off the grass! Like I did.I seriously love that club now!
  5. OK, so I checked the Golf, Tour, and Course pages, and nowhere on any of them can I find a mention of Pete Dye's passing! Seriously? On a golf forum? Maybe you haven't had the perverse "pleasure?" of playing any of his courses, but I have done so twice, both in NE Ohio. Several times at Fowler's Mill near Chesterland, and Avalon Lakes near Warren. Both are devilishly difficult, but in entirely different ways. I find it difficult to imagine that one of the pre-eminent golf course architects of our time passes away, and there is not a single mention here!
  6. Yet it will probably overwhelm Patrick Reed and Bryson DC. Heard a little blurb about this on talk radio today. Supposed to kick in after the Masters according to the reporter. My question is how will they be penalized? Money or strokes? Strokes cost you real money! I remember when Glen "All" Day was a notoriously slow player on the Tour. He said he'd just as as soon cut a check for a thousand dollars to the powers that be, and take all the time he wanted to on the course!
  7. I can honestly say, NEVER! Like @David in FL I visualize a positive outcome in my mind for my upcoming shot, but I never announce it. I'd rather pick a positive target to hit TOWARD, rather than negative trouble to hit away FROM. A particular instance just came to mind. We were playing a local course where the 9th hole is one of those dumbass "big tree in the middle of the fairway" holes! I hate that hole! The average hacker is presented with 2 tiny slivers of fairway that the USGA would be pilloried for demanding pros to hit! I usually aim right at the tree, and usually wind up nowhere behind it. This time was different. But, I did see the opportunity to play a big draw around the right side of the tree. I said nothing, but the instant I made contact I knew I had hit the best shot I was capable of. It finished 5-6 feet below the hole and I sank the birdie putt!
  8. Depends on whether the second putt is uphill or downhill, and what the greens are like. Generally I'd go for the shorter putt, but we've made other decisions playing in scrambles, and they've worked out more often than not.
  9. I honestly can't remember the last time I played putt-putt. I think that par 3, or pitch and putt courses should be referred to as mini golf.
  10. Some of the better courses around here have gone to aerators that punch smaller diameter holes. It really does make a difference if you have to putt on them. Especially if they don't skimp on the sand, which I've never understood! I've putted on some punched greens with tons of empty holes. Why? Is sand really that expensive? Or, how lazy is your grounds crew? Oh! I can just imagine the outrage around here if a course decided to punch greens at that time of year!
  11. Last year we played a course in a small community that is "out there" a little ways. I was relaxing in the shade with a beer when a high school team showed up. I spotted the coach and asked him who was playing. It was two smaller schools that were also "out there" a little ways, and not exactly golf powerhouses. I hung around to watch some of them tee off, and man, I saw a whole lot of baseball swings that day! My buddy played a ton of baseball back in the day. He was heck of a second baseman, and a heck of an all around athlete. He STILL has a baseball swing despite his best efforts to get rid of it! With the Driver he aims well right, brings the clubhead outside in, but manages to square the face to the path, and pulls the ball into the fairway. His entire Driver swing seems to be a series of compensations for an incorrect weight shift. But, he's grooved his faults, and hits it the same way most times. And he scores well. Breaks 80 all the time. And who knows? Maybe if Drivers were as heavy and as stiff as baseball bats, maybe the home run swing would be the preferred way of swinging the club.
  12. Wow! You guys play footgolf a lot differently than we do. We've only encountered one course modified to accommodate footgolf, and the "cups" are nowhere near the greens! We would spot these enormous white plastic "lids" at various places on the course, and finally realized what they were.
  13. As @mcanadiens pointed out, it's straight up I-75! But you do have to get on the course!
  14. You're still younger than me! Maybe by about 3-4 years. If most instructors for the general public focused on the "finer" points of the swing, they'd be out of business! That's for the guys on Tour, or guys who are looking to qualify as an amateur for the U.S. Open or U.S. Amateur!
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