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  1. Can a drop of glue be added? I'm considering the screw ins but don't like the loss rate. Best, -Marv
  2. Doctor? Physical therapy? Don't push it. Best, -Marv
  3. If the pros had to play with the course conditions we sometimes encounter at our local munis, they wouldn't score so well either. Best, -Marv
  4. #18 at Hawk's Creek, Fort Worth...Two-tiered green. Best, -Marv
  5. Thank you for this. I'm old and recovery from 2017 injuries has changed my physical abilities. Lately, I have found setup/address to be a priority focus. [Standing a bit closer and taller, and taking dead aim to a target with the leading edge of the club face, puts my hands a bit higher at address.] Maybe it's just narrowing down the swing thoughts, and it could be wrong for others. But that one focus seems to have to helped me with repeatability of results in practice and on the course. HCP coming back down, slowly. Best, -Marv
  6. Recently saw a guy pick up and flip his ball up with a putter. Hit him hard, square in the forehead and knocked him down. Needs more practice. Best, -Marv
  7. The Cleveland Classic driver was a beauty. My second irons, sometimes first, are Cleveland TA6 with ActionLite senior flex shafts and a couple of Cleveland wedges. Most forgiving clubs, second only to the OLD Launcher irons. I current use a Cleveland Altitude driver, slightly shortened to fit me. A fairway finder! Best, -Marv
  8. He is an elite golfer who is more under scrutiny than others. Don't sell him short on this. He hasn't been exactly unsuccessful with his scientific method, time between shots aside. He has probably studied his own physiology for a long time and knows exactly what he wants to strengthen - and how - and has the science to back it up. I suspect "bulk up", to him, means something different than we think. Best, -Marv
  9. @tehuti this is true. MG Golf has quality stuff. And the golf bag is quality as advertised. Buddy has one. I looked it over. As good or better than any of mine. Best, -Marv
  10. I started working on my setup...taking dead aim with the leading edge of the clubface, and standing a little closer and taller at address. Best, -Marv (But what do I know? These sorts of "tips" are worth a dime a dozen. Best to have a coach look at you and video you.)
  11. So, when you get the real thing, will your spouse have you drug tested? Best, -Marv
  12. I GOT OFF TOPIC AND WAS SPEAKING OF WINNING...Yes he can contend over a period of time in the Nelson so I agree. But he cannot sustain that good play against pro golfers to win or place high in the end. Best, -Marv
  13. Do you travel to Texas to teach? 😉 Congrats on another honor! Best, -Marv
  14. True...And even beat pros in missing the cut. I just don't see that as sustainable, IMHO. -Marv
  15. He has no chance in any tour event...Zip, none, nada, zero, etc., etc. He is a good to fair amateur, but would lose to any of the elite mid-amateurs, though I would like to see him compete in TGA/USGA amateur tourneys. Best, -Marv
  17. Short-sided in a bunker left of the hole on a par 3. Only 8 feet over the lip to the flag. Opened the 56* sand wedge way up, and trickled the ball to 2 inches. Best, -Marv
  18. Thanks to all...I have now established the baseline with my current 5W. The fitter said it will be difficult finding one that will serve me better, but he is going to try. I said I wanted to try Ping, Cobra, Tour Edge among those he will come up with. (In this regard, he had already semi-fitted this club to me in the form of shortening it slightly, approving the stock shaft flex and weight and making sure it was spin-aligned. AND I must say my practice including setup and address is paying off...I used it for several second shots yesterday; long and high.) Best, -Marv.
  19. Yes to this @Cantankerish ! I was going to say check your mental state. After 2 years of fighting back from RA and rotator cuff injuries, I go in confident of my ability such as it is. AND I practice setup, address, alignment including the club face all the time so they are really my only pre-swing thoughts. Best, -Marv
  20. Check out Srixon Soft Feel...Great distance and good around the greens. Best, -Marv
  21. Just got a notice that our City courses will have some small increases next year due in part to a $7.5 million renovation budget. We have nice muni's and I am glad to say good stewards of golf in Fort Worth. Best, -Marv
  22. I saw that club and it was the one that got me thinking....I wonder if I can hit a fairway wood again. Thanks, -Marv
  23. ALL: Thank you...Great ideas. Yes, not being a total dummy, I will have my fitter/club builder friend help me out. I like the idea of using my current 5W as a baseline. But I know you are all knowledgeable of what products are out there and of those that "work" generally. Sometimes the anecdotal recommendations are better than the testing sites. I don't have that knowledge. Now, I have some ideas...Tour Edge, Cobra, Ping for a start. That's what I'm looking for. Thanks and best, -Marv
  24. I have struggled with fairway woods. I have a senior-shafted Adams 2013 Tight Lies 5 wood with a shallow face. My instructor has me standing taller and a bit closer to the ball at address so that I swing a bit more upright and don't snatch the club back inside with my hands any more. After dedicated practice in setup and swing, I am starting to hit pretty well about 70% of the time, high and longer than my Mizuno JPX Fli-Hi 3 hybrid-iron which I love. Wondering: Since I highly value opinions of TSP members, what newer 5-woods are out there that you might recommend for a senior, slow swing high HCP like me? Thanks, and best to all. -Marv
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