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  1. The problem with rules and laws is whether or not they can be enforced. Imagine the scenes if people were asked to hand over their personal devices. It would cause more problems than it solved. To me, the more worrying thing is that people are missing out on the experience of actually being there. It's not about the player, it's about the photographer. Really, who is interested in your shot of player x? Or your crappy picture of the Mona Lisa? It's just a pathetic quest for personal validation; I was there, so I must be important.... or at least, exist.
  2. Apart from clearly being untrue, this would be a technique problem, not a ball problem. Balls don't "typically" get 6 feet of rollback or whatever. A particular ball on a particularly soft green from a certain type of shot might roll back. And if that's the case you need to learn to take spin off if you don't like it. Pro V1s and similar will check more if they are hit a certain way, but a cheaper ball hit exactly the same way on the same green at the same time will not just roll on forever - I mean, you're not talking about 4 irons spinning back 6 feet. The fact that you must play on ridiculously soft greens means that for you, the type of ball you use will have LESS effect, and you're probably better of using a harder ball.
  3. So... he averages 78 to 82 but gives himself putts. Meaning his "80" is actually 85. He cheats his way to a par round and you want to praise him, but can't? Why? What has he done to deserve anything other than contempt? He didn't have a par round. He probably just scraped in a score in the high 70s. No need for you to feel bad. When these people rake away a 3 footer that misses, are you saying "5 for you?" or something? Let him say "No, 4." and then explain how a missed putt is actually a made putt. You might find that his "average" score increases and he is not regarded as a cheat by people who otherwise like him.
  4. What was your search? There are thousands of results relating to this. In any case, if a player or caddie doesn't want the other guy to know what he hit, they usually just throw a towel over the clubs. It's no big deal.
  5. You've got it all wrong, predictably. This NOT the "answer". You've already got that. This has nothing to do with what you want to know, (despite being told immediately what the answer was). This is about testing balls for compliance, not how to make sure that some silly weekend golfer doesn't find himself playing in the Masters because he kept a golf ball in his glovebox. Get a grip.
  7. That's the point. You really think these are great golf courses? Sawgrass? Really? Bay Hill? People think that these are great golf courses. By and large they aren't. Some of them have some interesting/quirky holes, are good for spectators, are superbly conditioned come tournament time or have spectacular backdrops. Or people are just used to seeing them and think they must be "great" courses. You will pretty much NEVER see a PGATour event played on a truly great golf course.
  8. The first response to your question answered it.
  9. By your logic, a doctor is not self employed because he/she has to abide by the rules of the AMA or its equivalent.
  10. How would someone else's model preference relate to your game? You have to try whatever you can and choose what you like.
  11. Care to explain how and why this is relevant? The so called "independent contractors" play against each other within the framework of the PGATour. And that framework (PGATour) showcases the game. Imagine playing golf and not realising that players like Rory and Tiger exist. Perhaps we'd have more nostalgic posts about "Bobby" and "Gene" and "Sam". How thrilling.
  12. It is not implied, but I see why you say that. I was actually referring to how others tried to commercialise her to make money for themselves. She barely even gave interviews.
  13. Yes, and she resisted every attempt to commercialise her success. A truly great person.
  14. The information is available on the website of the airlines. In any case, the person at check-in told you his airlines's policy. American Airlines say: For example, if you are taking golf clubs with you, you will be charged the same fee as the 1st or 2nd baggage fee of your destination. You can travel with 1 golf bag with up to 14 golf clubs, 12 golf balls and 1 pair of golf shoes. If the golf bag contains anything other than the approved items, additional oversize and overweight charges will apply. Presumably, these are the same "Boy Scouts" who try to protect you from terrorism.
  15. What has it got to do with being a "single digit" handicapper? I am sure I could introduce you to 20 markers who are better than what you call a "single digit" handicapper. Different players use different clubs that suit them. Handicap is irrelevant. A 21 degree club used by a 30 marker might be perfect for a genuine 8 marker. It all depends. Vijay Singh used a 7 wood. Some 25 handicappers woul laugh at a 27 handicapper using one. Because they are ignorant. You seem to have a peculiar focus on low handicaps with regard to an unrelated topic. My experience is that a genuine 3 handicapper is not asking such a vague question to people he's never met or seen hit a golf ball. I'd be using what suited YOU, not what others use based on their (often mythical) handicaps.
  16. Buddy - I'd probably quit right about now.....
  17. Gary player also said very recently on TV that he doesn't rate swing tempo as important when someone praised Oostuizen's swing. He is pretty much regarded as the biggest crank in golf - and a blatant cheat and liar to boot. A complete dick. Gary Player is the LAST person (professional) whose advice I would follow. A great player does not a great teacher make.
  18. I can pretty much assure you that there are very few "collectors" of golf clubs from the "historically relevant" time when Tiger switched to Nike. A set of Nike forged blades from that era might set you back a couple of hundred dollars in great condition. Not because they're being bought y a collector, but by someone who wants cheap second hand golf clubs.
  19. Bottom line is that I sincerely believe that my 6 to 18 inch putting is at pro level. Now.....if a pro has a tap in of that length on 9 holes in a round, that's pretty much 1/8 of their score. ANd I can match them every time. Logically, 12.5% of my game is at elite pro level. In other words.... still trying to work out what the OP is trying to say....
  20. Not JUST you. The worm's eye view on TV of a 6 footer from behind the putter can add quite a few to a player's final score. Those putts are always going to miss, no matter who it is.
  21. Yep - I'm practising those 1 to 3 footers because they can be almost half my shots on any given day. A 300 yard drive counts for one shot. The same as a six inch putt. Don't neglect practicing those tap ins.
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