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  1. Thanks @iacas. Also, with a grass range you have to keep moving the sticks finding new grass. Throws me off.
  2. Bought myself some sunshine. Sticks are harder to position in the open, not confined to a stall. Better at under rear stick but can’t get face closed, motorcycle not enough.
  3. Oh yeah, I saw Terminator: Dark Fate a couple of weeks ago. Par. It's very similar to The Force Awakens in that it goes through the same beats as the earlier movies, there's really nothing new, but it was well done for what it was, but it was just more of the same. I like the actress from Halt and Catch Fire and she did a convincing job as a, well spoilers, she was good.
  4. nevets88

    Food Thread

    It's hard to describe. It's a little more tender than the previous methods I've used. I'm also used to the texture of sous vide chicken now since I've had the circulator for over a year and I know there are people that just don't like it. Bill is right in that there's no crunchy skin. There's more work than spatchcocking as you have to butcher the whole thing into 5ish pieces. I'll probably go back to oven cooked next year.
  5. Must be hard finding the balls.
  6. nevets88

    Food Thread

    Like the Ramones said, twenty twenty twenty fours to go. 12 at 150 for legs then throw in thighs for another 12 bring it down to 130F. Can you post a pic of the smoked turkey? That would be interesting to see. Yeah, I suck at searing, so there's that too. Just wanna see what it's like.
  7. nevets88

    Food Thread

    I went with sous vide with the turkey this time. Cross fingers it works out.
  8. I tried again for kicks. Getting better. Used electrical tape. Ha ha. That headcover is gonna take a long time judging from the short spurts of time I'm giving it. There is the creative element in some of my family. Guess I got some of that.
  9. Knives Out was good. Funny and layered. Birdie.
  10. Those are from Spring, the tees, when Bay Hill was being played. I still have some left. Lol. Could be.
  11. Hoping to get a round or two in during the Holiday. Been awhile. Would like to see if the driver is better.
  12. How is Miami Shores Country Club? It looks like it's public and has a decent range. Not looking for anything hugely upscale, just a decent public golf course, like Bethpage Blue. Same for Country Club of Miami. Looks like it gets a lot of traffic?
  13. Posted November 2, 2018 Maintain syncing, shallow and rotation improvements learned in 2018. Continue work on Key #1, #4, plane is a little steep from 3-4 and shallow 6-7. Work on post impact, straight arms, arms more in sync with body, supinate, natural finish. No stalling rotation. Continue working on escape shots, low draws/fades. Maybe take it a step further to longer shots. More short game practice, one session short game area a month and Mevo to dial in distances. Use Game Golf. Get putting looked at, use Blast to check tempo, get fitted for putter. Maybe driver and irons. Try and take swing videos during rounds (lazy). Renew indoor practice membership, keep practicing indoors during winter until able to do so outside. Figure out how to play in wet conditions. Swing more aggressively when playing, holding back. Take a look at the new Drive Shack. 😀 Bummer, I accidentally deleted original post. Here we go again. 1, 2, 3 - This is basically key #4 in the aggregate. Went from too shallow to too steep. Had the shanks. Worked on this all year, @iacas really fixed things up towards the end of the season. Have a better feel for Key #4 now. The arms straight at A8 needs work, don't push them out because of the shanks from before. 4 - Better with escape shots, less hesitant to try and work the ball full swing, but mixed results. Need to work on getting low ball flight heights exactly right. 5, 6 - Too focused on full swing, will work on that next season. Wedges. 7 - Was hoping Preston would swing by East Coast, but @iacas made some adjustments to setup and stroke and preshot that feel real good. 8 - Did this towards end of season. Very helpful. Will continue next year. Work on better angles. 9 - Will go inside when it gets colder. 10 - Played more in wet conditions this season, a little better at swinging without slipping. 11 - Was able to do this towards end of season, having reduced shanks. 12 - No Drive Shack here yet.
  14. So I'm seeing Woods, McIlroy, Justin Thomas, a whole slew of players are wearing these via social media, I think the company is promoting them, so I looked up what the fuss was about. The social aspect kind of reminds me of Strava - that's people who post their runs, bike rides and the social aspect gets everyone's competitive juices up and it people ride more, faster, whatever. WHOOP - The World's Most Powerful Fitness Membership. A WHOOP membership brings you closer to unlocking your human potential. Join for as little as $30 to begin, and get the new WHOOP Strap... There's Finally a Reason for You to Get a Whoop The latest version of the most powerful fitness tracker has a killer feature everyone will love.
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