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  1. I'm late to this because I don't watch Golf Channel, but this series is available online, which I never realized, had I known earlier, would have watched earlier, no GC needed. He goes through all those physics terms - couple, moment of force, etc.., all the good pieces to put in your golf swing and there are lots of drills and exercises as well. Highly recommend. It's a pay site, but there is a one week free trial. Yeah, there is a lot of content on YouTube already, but this is put together in one clean and compressed easy to understand package. Como Concepts This new video series will easily add 10-20 yards to your game and make you a more consistent well-rounded player.
  2. You can use this widget if you go through Trackman's tutorial in Trackman University. Is there a way to use it without doing the tutorial? I can't find a link. To get to this, I basically leave myself in the middle of the tutorial and not finish it. Also, same question for its spin optimizer.
  3. Finally broke out the Mevo. Pretty happy I can get 95 CHS from 3H and 104 from driver, wind was howling against and range balls, so didn't really pay attention to distance. Smash factor is not good, spin is all over the place. Figure with more practice ramping up the speed, these will get better.
  4. Sadly, I'm sure I chose McIlroy. Me of little faith. So happy to be wrong.
  5. Just input your e-mail address here: https://mailchi.mp/practical-golf/snell-giveaway
  6. SI Cover Tiger roars again: In red, in green, and at Augusta Tiger’s stunning comeback win at Augusta wasn’t just a golfer finding his way. It was about a 43-year-old man becoming the person he wanted to be—and all of us soaking in the glory.
  7. I regressed a bit adding speed, Key #4 got real bad, the extension piece was doing without turning. So now while swinging harder, better able to shallow hard from A4 and turn AND extend post impact, while arms not collapsing at A4. Got a little inspired by Tiger Woods.
  8. Many guessing Wells Fargo as well. I'm guessing he's still by himself, as far as swing instruction goes? Or maybe texting Chris Como? I kind of wish someone asked him this in the post interview.
  9. So according to this reddit post - the quote sounds like something the phone reservation line recording would say, that's just my guess, I couldn't find this text on the parks website - May 25th Black opens back up. Pretty quick turnaround.
  10. Masters pro shop gross sales around 50 million dollars.
  11. Cool. I see people using a smaller version of this in the city. The range for the smaller model is just on the cusp of traveling distance for 18 holes. I guess i'd definitely charge it at the turn, but some courses don't go back to the clubhouse at 10. Would definitely go for the bigger one just in case or read up on some real world battery life tests.
  12. I noticed an Instagram account I follow is posting Australian courses. The links won't embed, so you'll have to open them. https://www.instagram.com/p/BwTf5CRFZo9pnTG6VUCMYnbzPEtYwpj2LinFEw0/ https://www.instagram.com/p/BwVxuSGFKnpt9yYOfEVnDiN1fZVOJ0gMW9UanQ0/
  13. Dude won a major from behind. Now nothing is impossible! 😜
  14. It was weird for a bit there, he went for that TaylorMade with the funny looking head.
  15. I love how that threw the expert announcers for a loop.
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