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  1. I'm overcompensating dammit! 😜
  2. This is loud, you might want to turn down your volume. And NSFW lyrics.
  3. The way he positions himself is like tai chi.
  4. I'm not sure if comparing tennis purses to golf for the majors is a one to one equivalence, in tennis, both men and women play the same event at the same time at the majors, the Australian, French, Wimbledon and USO. You can't really differentiate who is bringing in the ticket sales. The women's finals and semi-finals are sandwiched between the men's semis and finals, so maybe they're getting some coattails ratings or maybe the men are getting coattail ratings from the women, who knows, it's hard to tell, I think most people watch the men's and women's finals because it's more people are watch
  5. I guess to capture the clubhead at impact? Is it one of those phantom cameras?
  6. I was going to post I would guess he had the procedure between the dad son tournament and Christmas, honest, but that was kind of Captain Obvious, so didn't. Anyways, he had it done on the 23rd and was on his feet the next day according to McIlroy. Tiger Woods’ back surgery: Rory McIlroy projects Masters return According to Rory McIlroy, Tiger Woods underwent his latest surgical procedure to his troublesome back on Dec. 23 and should be ready to...
  7. He didn't just have it, he's already hitting balls. I would guess they stagger the announcement with a reasonable buffer, I dunno, so the paparazzi don't go looking for him at the hospitals? Tiger Woods has another back surgery Tiger Woods has undergone his fifth back surgery and will miss at least two tournaments, with the rest of his schedule being an unknown. But...
  8. Come on Mother, give me one unseasonably warm day. Gawd.
  9. Maybe one day, there will be the option for rfid tags, like your Tile, to be sewn into your headcover.
  10. So TikTok has been a thing for awhile now, and of course there are many golf TikToks, so why not share the good ones here? For instance (for maximum effect, turn up the volume):
  11. I don't know much about endorsements, but despite that bit on the bottom, I don't think Thomas will be signing with Ralph Lauren again.
  12. So it's possible a decision could come as soon as Monday. Here is Geoff Shackelford speculating which course the PGA of America might pick. PGA's Big Decision: Should The Other 2022 Major Venues Matter? - The Quadrilateral With St Andrews And The Country Club Set To Host In 2022, Will Course Cachet Influence The PGA of America's Board? At the bottom of the post below, is a table of betting odds on which course: "A Different Order Of Magnitude" - The Quadrilateral R&A And PGA of America Sever Ties With "Gutted" Donald Tr
  13. What it's like hitting out of a frozen bunker
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