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  1. I took a lesson at Sleepy Hollow. I’m sure I found some reviews of that as it’s pretty well known. I’ll try to get to those.
  2. Is it me? The announcers keep cutting each other off. I get Strange is working remotely though.
  3. Hey, I actually saw graffiti on a live golf broadcast and it wasn’t some art exhibit. Is this major one where the course is closest to an actual city? You can hear a lot of city noises.
  4. If there are no spectators, why are there still so many tents? And I see some stands around the greens?
  5. I didn’t have any music on my old iPhone, as it wasn’t my primary smartphone but had a lot of white noise audio files, recordings of background noise of coffee shops. Ironic, listening to crowd noise (albeit hard to hear a particular conversation), to block out golf range crowd noise. But it worked and I think I had a more focused session as opposed to having to listen to keep your head downs.
  6. Subscribed to ESPN+ to watch. It's weird using my Disney+ login. Yeah, I know, same company, it's just weird.
  7. The trail elbow seems really high as well?
  8. It took me a couple of videos to get a feel for what it does, it seems there are multiple ways to use it, but as far as I can tell, one of them is it gets you to compress into/cover/eat the ball, open hips, right side bend, while bowing lead wrist. Maybe Key #1, head still.
  9. Experimented with pool noodle. Tried it behind hands parallel to target line and I didn't like it although could see the benefit. The same way I don't like the alignment stick to make me "go under", it makes my takeaway low and then I pick up the club and go across the line at 4. Placed noodle at a 45 degree angle and it didn't make me think about the takeaway while giving me a visual cue to "go under" the plane.
  10. Some very chatty people recently and hate overhearing people talking swing thoughts, so put on earbuds the other day. Don't do this often and the muted effect of not hearing your strike in full is weird. Is this something you get used to? I'm using something similar to Apple's AirPods.
  11. The sticks are helping I think.
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